The Owyhee River flows through the 1,000-foot deep “Grand Canyon” of Oregon. Named for a trio of Hawaiian trappers exploring the uncharted river, the word Owyhee is derived from an earlier version of “Hawaii.” Today this river is well-known by rafters for its remote beauty and technically challenging rapids. It’s also a protected Wild & Scenic River to ensure its millions of years of history and archaeological value will be preserved for future generations. Photo by Bureau of Land Management.


Do your layers peel
like passionfruit: reluctant sticky
fructose-thick spongy crust
cradling sweet seedy core?

Do your layers peel
when catalyzed: will steam inspire
slow stable shedding of sheer
slips, spontaneous candy melting?

Do your layers peel
under cool erosion’s ebbing pressure,
waves taking and leaving fresh earth
silt wounds trading white blood cells?