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Breakdown / Accent / Arc

To thank for the support for our film so far, we are posting some notes on animating originally made for our animation assistants. Breakdown is a very crucial technique of animating. It is a guideline of how every action should be acted out. It involves a thinking process of “hmm, I want my character to move in this way particularly, because of the context/situation/emotion/thought… etc” 

Last but not least, breakdowns are the playground for animators. If you find these notes useful, also check out our film We Have Plenty. It’s a 2D animated film created by the students of SCAD and RISD. Please support us on Kickstarter and help us spread the word! We will be back for more notes on animation! 


SKETCHY BEHAVIORS | Heather Benjamin (RH)

Through her dense and detailed packed line drawings to her more focused ink brush pieces, Rhode Island based artist Heather Benjamin’s work is visceral, cathartic, and autobiographical. It offers a completely unapologetic and unflinching look into an artists’ own struggles with life, body image, self confidence, and sexuality.  We find her and her art to be inspirational, honest and badass.

We recently ran into Heather at her booth at the LA Art Book Fair and caught up with her a few months later to ask about her art, her experiences at RISD, her influences, and her thoughts about her work and her life. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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Advice for Aspiring Animators

“I always tell people that in order to be successful in animation, you have to be open to collaboration. It may sound like a cliche but it’s so true. Hundreds of people make these movies and you get nowhere if you’re hesitant to share your work, accept critiques, and let other people into your process. It’s tough because so many animation artists - and artists in general - are introverts and would rather just do their work at their desk and let it speak for itself. But that’s so opposite to how the animation process works.

“For me as an artist, my lifelong pursuit is conquering fear. I tend to let my fear of judgment, criticism and comparison affect me and I am constantly trying to overcome it. I’m trying to get to a place where I can create with total freedom and fearlessness. There are moments when I can do it. Most of the time, it’s a struggle. Will I ever get to that point? Probably not. Is it a journey more than a destination? Probably so. So I guess that’s what I would say to others as well. Strive to create without fear. Remember when you were a child and art was fun and free? It was because you didn’t know there was a ‘right’ and 'wrong’ way to do things. You hadn’t been told about the do’s and don'ts yet. I wish and hope that all of us can reclaim that feeling of childhood creation.”

– Stephen J Anderson, director of Disney’s Meet the Robinsons (Via.)


Your parents sent you here to recover

The work will wear you out…

But the Word will build you up again!

They call it Camp Gadarene. We call it Devilsfarm. 

A story pitch for class about a conversion therapy church camp where the kids grow horns upon crossing the threshold. They make it through though, together.