So I beat Pokemon Moon

and it was awesome, hell that’s an understatement

so here’s a sketch-ish thing of my team, who I love with all my heart haha

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My job gives me such bad anxiety I end up puking before my shifts and sometimes during my shifts. Every time I try giving my 2 weeks notice my boss rips up my letter and says I need to stay until the holidays are over.

Those gifs of Clark Gregg almost taking off his shirt make me want a fic where Phil is secretly RIPPED and no one knows about it. Clint catches a glimpse like we did in that gif, a line right at Phil’s hip bone which seems to suggest a well toned stomach, but he puts it out of his mind and thinks perhaps it was a trick of the light.

Then they go on a mission fraught with drama and tension and UST. When they finally get a moment alone, Clint undoes Phil’s buttons and reveals a sixpack that could rival Steve Freaking Rogers’.

“Holy fuck, you’re ripped, boss,” he says reverently, fingers dancing down Phil’s stomach. 

Phil’s breath catches when clint presses his thumbs into the grooves leading down to his cock. “What did you expect?” 


-         Little Kaito and Shinichi live in Namimori.

-         They form strange relationships with Hibari and Tsuna.

-         Hibari is the Bend Reality To My Will Disciplinarian Edition; Kaito is the Bend Reality To My Will Magician Edition; Shinichi is the Corpse Magnet; Tsuna is the Criminals Magnet.

-         RIP Namimori.

-         Both Hibari and Kaito are Cloud-Mists but they are more Clouds for their Skies (Tsuna and Shinichi respectively) than they are Mists.

-         Hibari and Kaito have a rivalry going on between them due to their different personalities. Shinichi and Tsuna are the Exasperated Duo who always roll their eyes at the other two’s antics.

-         With Tsuna’s luck, he manages to attract the attention of a BO member (probably Vermouth but knowing Tsuna it’s most likely Gin).

-         One thing leads to another and, in true Tsuna Fashion, he ends up being declared as Ano Kata’s successor.

-         RIP BO

-         The BO starts The Tsuna-Induced Redemption Process, which was inevitable the moment they made contact with Tsuna and entered his Repent Or Burn To Death Whichever Comes First sphere of influence.

-         The BO never stood a chance.

-         Hibari and Kaito discuss their Skies Magnetic Powers often.

-         Their Skies have many Magnetic Powers. None of them is of the conventional variety. But then again, Hibari and Kaito aren’t either.

-         Kaito successfully bribes Hibari to put protection detail around Shinichi because “you always run into trouble, Shin-chan. You’re too precious and need to be protected!” “Excuse me! I can protect myself! And what about Tsuna then?” “Shin-chan, Tsu-chan is scary. He’s already a mini-boss of a dangerous, secret gang!” “Hn.” “Eh? I’m what?” *Tsuna looks up from where he is braiding Gin’s hair* “I… see what you mean, Kai.”

-         TOICHI LIVES!!!

-         The four end up discovering Dying Will Flames and how to use them.

-         Tsuna stumbling over heirless gang bosses is as much of a running joke as Shinichi stumbling over dead bodies.

-         Vermouth-neechan likes to dress the four up. Kaito is excited, Shinichi is embarrassed and exasperated, Tsuna is curious and Hibari is indifferent.

-         Other BO members teach Tsuna how to shoot, use knives, hack into systems, steal, blackmail, disguise, make counterfeits, cook, sing and dance among many other things.

-         Gin has a special bond with Tsuna, okay?

-         Hibari doesn’t care, Kaito is impressed and Shinichi is having a crisis ‘half of those things are illegal!! But it’s Tsuna!! Illegal!! Tsuna!!’

-         In other words, This AU is built on the idea of Kaito and Shinichi wreaking havoc in Namimori and Tsuna wreaking havoc in the BO.

-         A few years later, Shinichi moves to Beika and Kaito to Ekoda among many tears from Tsuna and promises to keep in contact.

-         After DCMK canon rolls around, Things Change.

-         For obvious reasons (BO being wrapped around Tsuna’s little finger and Toichi not being killed) Shinichi isn’t Conan and Kaito isn’t KID.

-         *that fateful day at Tropical Land* Random businessman: this is the price you asked for. Vodka: and these are the security camera recordings of your company’s weapon smuggling, the chocolate better be up to standards or else… . Shinichi: … . Shinichi: Goddamnit Tsuna!. Gin finds Shinichi banging his head on the wall.

-         Welcome Chaos, My Old Friend.

-         Is what Shinichi thinks.

-         Akako and Hakuba still believe that Kaito is KID, much to his confusion (his luck, for once, wasn’t on his side: “How can I be KID when he’s there and I’m here?!” “That’s obviously your assistant.” “I swear to God Hakuba!"—"The only one who can’t resist my charm is Kaitou KID. So can you, which means that you are KID.” “I’m not a strictly logical person but even I can tell that your logic is faulty because what the hell? How does that even work?”).

-         “HELP ME SHINICHI!!” “I can’t do much  about your 'witch’ classmate but I’ll talk with Hakuba”

-         “So, how did it go?” “…” “Shin…?” “He accused me of being KID, too.”

-         No offense to you, Hakuba but your early self would have seen the similarities between the two and suspected them of being KID and assistant.

-         Tsuna comes to visit Kaito and Shinichi post-KHR canon with his entire KHR group.

-         Kaito’s reaction is a half-serious half-exasperated 'which heirless gang boss decided to make you heir now?’

-         Shinichi’s reaction is an apathetic 'which gang did you take over now?’

-         The people who were working to take down the BO are confused with its sudden change in work and ethics.

-         Toichi takes the opportunity to relax his KID schedule.

-         Shinichi fears that Tsuna may end up ruling the world one day.

-         The fact that Kaito recognizes Shinichi’s fear as a legitimate one makes it all the more terrifying.

-         Kaito and Shinichi get recruited into Tsuna’s BO.

-         They have no idea how that happened.

-         They are given a shared alcohol-based codename. It makes them suspicious.

-         Shinichi is assigned to work the cases where the people involved couldn’t afford to contact the police or a private investigator (due to suspicious connections, 'accidents’, or other reasons.).

-         Kaito is assigned to keep watch over thieves. Especially Kaitou KID. Tsuna doesn’t want him to steal something that’ll provoke anyone to plot mass genocide/world domination/achieving things beyond human comprehension/anything else that’ll land Tsuna with more paperwork.

-         I just really want some NotKID!Kaito vs. KID!Toichi with Kaito not knowing that KID is his father because of Reasons.

-         Kaito and Snake have a very strange relationship as colleagues.

-         On the other hand, Toichi would very much like to know why (and how) his son is involved in a shady organization.

-         Snake keeps on complaining about having Kaito being the one to always accompany him to confront KID. Kaito responds with “would you prefer Gin instead? You and I both know that he’ll end up killing you and no one will find your body. Except for Shin-chan, but he won’t so much find it as literally trip over it accidently so he doesn’t count.”

-         “but you know what boss said about needlessly shooting at KID, if- when he knows, he’ll give us that Disappointed Look and guilt-trip us to cover for him while he escapes his duties to go have cake and leave US to deal with Reborn-san’s retaliation as punishment.”

-         Snake listens to Kaito on this because he had that very same punishment sprung on him before and doesn’t doubt that it could be again.