After a struggle with the Warlock, William, Talia Moore lost her life in the forests of Arcadia with her boyfriend, Theodore Matthews, by her side. 

Her friends and family have been informed of her death and the funeral is arranged to go ahead during this week some time. 

Talia Moore 1997-2017
Beloved friend.

(The role of Talia Moore is now marked as deceased, no longer will she be available to be played from here on)

So upsetting to hear about the death of Talia Castellano. What a brave, beautiful soul. 13 years old… there are no words to describe the heavy heart myself and so many others have after hearing this news. “What am I going to do, be depressed?” This is what she said when told she seemed positive despite the fact that she was living with leukemia. This is so inspiring to me. So many people take life for granted and are so ungrateful for what they have, and there are people out there like Talia, who are, plainly put, dying, and yet they still are positive, thankful for the life they’ve had and are so happy. We could all take a leaf out of this beautiful little girl’s book and start living everyday like it’s our last, and we should do it for her. Rest in peace Talia, my thoughts are with you family and friends.