RIP Cory Monteith

Remembering Cory, One Year Later

July 13th with mark one year since we lost our dear friend Cory Monteith. Last year, a large group of us met outside of Paramount for a candlelight vigil to remember his life and mourn his loss together. Now a year later, we want to celebrate his life and come together once more in the same place. 

HostsMyself and Sammi (if you have any questions)

Date: July 13, 2014

Time: 7:30pm PST

Location: Outside the Melrose Gates to Paramount Studios in Hollywood

Everyone is invited! Please bring your own candle. We will not be leaving anything behind this time so if you are bringing things to show, make sure you bring them back with you. We need to be respectful to Paramount and their property. You don’t have to talk but if you have a story about Cory or how he has effected your life, we would love for you to share it. 

We said goodbye to Finn and Cory but this never really was the end because he will live on in every one of his fans. Let’s celebrate his life and not about how he was taken from us because our love for him never wavered. Please spread the word and if you can not physically be here with us, please light a candle for him where ever you happen to be.