At the end of the day, who everybody meets in the public eye, the public image, and myself are two different people in a way. It’s a very accessible version of me. I’m definitely more introverted. I’m definitely darker. I’m definitely more, at times, pessimistic in real life. I shouldn’t say pessimistic. That’s a little strong. I’m more pragmatic in real life because I come from a whole different body of experience.
- Cory Monteith


For all Cory all the time.

May 11, 1982 - July 13, 2013

The underlying problem was that I wasn’t ok with myself,” he said. “The drugs were symptomatic of me not being in a good place. Things got really bad, really ugly.

What is just one part of your story, paraphrased and taken out of context, can be a headline in someone else’s,” he said. “And everything that comes out of my mouth is gonna be repeated in two-sentence-long bites for the next years of my life. Certain words travel far and wide.” (x)

                                                      - Cory Monteith