spaceensignglow  asked:

Okay so, to clarify: SNK's original author is a neo-Imperialist who idolizes pre-WW2 Japan. The character of Dot Pixis is based on an Imperial general who organized the slaughter of at least tens but more likely hundreds of thousands of Koreans. The titans are used as a stand-in for America, which is supposedly keeping Japan hemmed in from the greatness it deserves. The majority of the characters being German is because the author also idolizes Nazi Germany.

Well SHIT, I noticed the high density of German characters but I didn’t think Naziism was involved (I’m not one to jump to conclusions) in the show in any way. I’ve enjoyed the show for a while but I’m not really sure how I feel now, especially considering I’m Polish and my own grandfather had to hide from actual Nazis as a kid. This is really weird for me and I’m gonna need some time to process this completely, thanks for letting me know about this :^(