rings wade concivevably used to propose to peter

  • a ring pop
  • a half eaten ring pop
  • shitty dollar store ring with a huge ass plastic diamond that lights up
  • torn condom
  • plastic spiderman ring he stole from a cupcake at walmart
  • actual engagement ring still on a severed finger
  • plastic glow in the dark spider ring he got trick or treating
  • purity ring
  • birthday party pack of child sized hello kitty rings
  • mini doughnuts
  • blood covered diamond ring he stole from the jewelry store robbers they just beat up
  • toy ring in a capsule from a 50 cent toy dispenser
  • 5 y/o ugly class ring with the name scratched off, wade is 35
  • a cock ring

anonymous asked:

Zigzag... *gets down on one knee* I know that we haven't known each other for very long... But I feel like this is the right choice. *Takes out a small black box* Zigzag... *opens the box, revealing an opened Ring Pop* Will you please take this Ring Pop? I bought way too many so I'm giving them away because I don't want to eat all of them.

Wait…do you…have lots of these?

I…know someone who would like them…!