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I’m biased to no end, but I always did get a weird vibe from Peridot whenever we had a barn episode with Lapis. Sudden change in personality? Too much smiles? Too happy-go-lucky? Too much fanon cutesy gremlin peridot feel? I always thought I was just too attached to my own mental interpretation of Peridot and blind to actual canon Peridot, but now I can finally pin point my issue. 

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okay full offense and i know this wont make complete sense but im honestly disgusted that episode 7 has the lowest rating of season 2 and the scathing article GQ wrote about Kali and her “murder teen crew” as they called it. 

they literally said that the episode offered nothing towards eleven’s development like??????? its a standalone episode where for once Eleven isn’t focusing all of her energy on Mike or following Hopper’s rules like she gets guilty and ultimately comes home we KNOW that but there has been such little information about who Eleven TRULY is and what exactly happened to her and what everything represents like ??? hell fuckin yeah episode 7 was necessary for her character development.

like im so sorry that the little girl isnt thinking about her puppy love but is instead actually learning to “grow up” as Hopper said and take matters into her own hands and figure out just who she is (because a hero’s journey cant exactly be complete or consistent if they don’t eventually find their sense of self!!!)

ALSO Kali’s character is fucking necessary for eleven because she stands as her foil, a parallel character who reflects the anger and raw energy that eleven is afraid to tap into (ringing any bells about a certain scene in ep 7????) and the murder “teen” crew wasn’t even a teen crew to begin with like these were grown ass adults who were misfits, people used and chewed up and spit out by society that ultimately chose to fight back. Everything about Kali’s character and her group symbolizes an untamed resistance that most CERTAINLY existed in the 80′s, and isn’t anything that shouldn’t be touched on in the show. 

Eleven is never going to be the cute little girl carrying around a box of eggos with her torn pink dress forever. she has to shed that image and grow into the adult and hero she was destined to become, and if it means the “””””””””rebellious””””””””” teen phase with smudged eyeliner and slicked back hair and a band of misfits beside her then all right i’ll take it, but don’t suggest that episode 7 wasn’t important to her development 

there is SO MUCH MORE to eleven that we need to discover and the fact that they treated episode 7 like it was trash is so fucking insulting (and don’t think for a second that i’m not gonna pull the race card too! if kali had been a feisty doe-eyed white brunette with the SAME exact hair and outfit yall would be MUCH MORE VOCAL about episode 7) 

Peridot, and Nurturing

(Or, bellsingur re-examines her unconscious beliefs)

SO through a quick skim of Ao3 College AU, I found that a majority of people would headcanon Peridot as a Engineering Major (Electrical, Biological, Mechanical, etc), and to a lesser extent, a Computer Science Major. 

Makes sense. When we first see Peridot, she’s got all these cool tech things. She has cool artificial limbs. She does cool tech things. She builds and fixes things.

So most of us immediately categorize her as a typical science and math minded nerd. Peridot’s smart, she’s logical and analytical, she’s a technician. 

The more we know about her, like once we find out she’s a Kindergartener, we modify our perception of her a bit, but it remains the mostly the same. 

(Assuming everyone had the same thought process as me, sorry)

But here’s the thing: Though Peridot might be good at, yeah, engineering and technology, it seems her passion is nurturing things. Nurturing life, making gems, planting. She relates her job as a Kindergartener to farming, probably in that it both requires growing things. 

She would actually likely be an Agricultural Sciences major (imagine her social media full of farming memes lol), maybe even Obstetrics or Child Development Psychology. 

And I love that. 

When we think of nurturing, we think of children and mothering and all these soft and gentle emotions. Characteristics like kind and affectionate. We think of Rose and Steven (plant superpowers too), of Pearl. Delicate and more on the feminine side of things. When we think of plant-lovers, they’re loving of all life and caring. Balls of sunshine. 

Peridot…is not. She’s brash and arrogant, she’s all logic and rationality, she’s grumpy, she seems to tend towards the more hard science side of things. When I - shallowly, without much consideration - think of her as a Child Development Psychologist, it’s like…will she act just like the kids, or will she make them cry? She’s not maternal, she’s not feminine in the way we think of Pearl and Rose, say. (Again, assuming most everyone fell into the same mental trap I did).

Tvtropes lists this trope for Peridot:

But the actual trope name is Caring Gardener


Peridot is nothing if not a very serious and hard worker. She’s determined and she takes lots of pride in her job and doing it right. She was very committed to the Kindergartens, which she once saw as the generator of life. She cultivates a whole plot of farmland and those plants look very healthy and fresh. She wants to protect all life to the point of defecting her Homeworld. 

I’ve gotten used to plants everywhere. Bugs and breeze and sunshine…

The definition of ‘nurturing’ is just: “care for and encourage the growth or development of”. Peridot might not act in the image of what we think ‘caring’ looks like (but that might speak deeper about how we as a society views acceptable expressions of ‘caring’), but she’s exactly that. Caring and encouraging of growth. A nurturer. And a good, dedicated one at that. 

She’s the true mom of the show. 

I feel victim to a lot of stereotypes, ones indirectly, but at its one of its cores, about gender roles and traits. I thought ‘logical and calculating’ = technology and hard sciences, masculine, and in the opposite side of things, ‘emotions and caring’ = caregiving and soft sciences, feminine. “Haha, Peridot is a Kindergartener, what a silly name; Peridot is a farmer, what a weird hobby. Haha, Peridot is a mechanic, not a midwife.”

She’s both. That’s who she is, all that and more, a complex individual with distinct personality, worldview, hobbies, passions, that needn’t to align with the categories we construct in our minds. 

Thank you, Steven Universe, and Rebecca Sugar, for exploring the possibilities. 

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Ahhh, hello! Ive never talked to you, but i really love stardew valley too! Im in my second year and I've decided to romance Emily. She decided to dance with me @ the Flower Dance and now its the day after and! In the mail! Perrie tells me about the bouquet, Emily sent me the letter for her 8 heart event, and Demetrius (my closest friend in game) sent me an amethyst, one of Emily's favorite gifts!! It feels like Perrie and Demetri are playing as my wingmen and I'm so excited about this!!

THIS … IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST i am 100% in favour of top wingmen pierre and demetrius ……. demetri getting all emotional about his best friend’s blossoming relationship …. pierre delighted that the farmer is really finding a home in the community ……………….

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Okay but i swear to you i will sacrifice my entire being for someone to write that pens!bitty fic or one shot. I need like air

(Alright, you monsters, I did this one, but I’m not great with RPF so this is probs it for Pens!Bitty <3  tw for concussion)

A sprained ankle here, a blown ACL there, and Bitty’s on the Penguins starting line flanking Sidney Crosby like it’s nothing. Like it’s no big deal he’s racking up assists left and right for the man who is going to displace two of Bad Bob’s career records this season. Like Eric didn’t have a debilitating fear of physical contact less than five years ago and is now playing for a team defending a championship title.

From behind, Sid looks like Jack. Or at least he has Jack’s ass, which is a hell of a thing to realize after being slammed into the boards. He’s disoriented enough to ask, “Jack?” when his captain skates up to check on him.

“Bittle, you okay?“

Eric blinks and the illusion is gone. No Jack, no Samwell, just the Pittsburgh Penguins beating the snot out of the New Jersey Devils. And the Devils beating the snot out of Eric.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Eric says, pulling himself to his feet and blinking through a blossoming headache. “You know you look a lot like Jack Zimmermann from behind?”

“Better not be a crack about my ass, Bittle,” Crosby elbows him lightly, herding him back to the bench.

Aboot,” Eric echoes, “I wouldn’t joke about your ass, Captain. Special kind of cheek meat.“ 

That didn’t come out right…and why are the lights so bright? Are they always this bright?

Crosby slides to a stop and Eric bumps right into him. “You sure you aren’t concussed?” Though he’s asking, Eric can clearly see Sid waving over a trainer. Eric takes a moment to reflect on his situation, what he’s just said to his teammate.

“No, but you really look like my boyfriend.”

“You just said I look like Zimmermann.”

“I know. Jack Zimmermann looks like my boyfriend.”

Crosby connects invisible dots in midair with his finger. “I look like Jack Zimmermann, who looks like your boyfriend, who looks like me.”

“Yes. No?”  That sounds right. Kinda.

“Bittle. Do I look like your boyfriend from behind?”

Eric nods, even though the motion makes his world tilt sideways.

“I look like your boyfriend, Jack Zimmermann, from behind.”

“Yes.” Wait. That’s a secret. “Shit, that’s a secret.”

“Fuck, yeah, you’re sitting this period out, buddy.”

Malkin slides up beside Crosby and gives Eric a once over. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Got his bell rung, thinks I’m his boyfriend.” Crosby slaps the rail twice with his glove and shoots Eric a wink. A couple of the boys whistle and holler while the trainer shines a light in Eric’s eyes. The part of Eric’s brain still functioning properly is probably really upset right now.

“I don’t think it’s a concussion, he’s just dazed.”

“I’m ready to go in, coach, just give me a chance.” Eric jokes, though no one laughs. “Ace Ventura? No?”

The arena turns sideways along with Eric’s stomach and he burps wetly. Sullivan makes a face and says something to the trainer and just like that Eric is being directed to the locker room for further examination.

Eric hopes this makes for a really funny story later.