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The s/o of Rin/Haru/Daichi/Kageyama wants to wear a couple look with the boys. How do they react? <3


If you outright ask him, the li’l shark is high key embarrassed, though he’ll try desperately not to show it. Still, you can tell. But there’s a trick to this: if you can somehow get Rin to think it was his idea to wear the costumes, he’ll do it. So maybe leave around little hints for a couple weeks, see if he comes up with the idea on his own.


Haru is up for whatever. There’s very little that he’ll say no to. He doesn’t even care if it’s a pretty revealing costume (when it comes to yours, as least; he’s probably not gonna wear anything too sexy haha). He’s pretty much game for whatever you want.


Daichi is also pretty low key about it. He thinks your enthusiasm is cute, and you can usually convince him with a few kisses behind his ear (his weak spot). He might be a little leery if yours is super revealing. He won’t tell you not to wear it, but he’ll be keeping a close eye on you throughout the entire night.


Again with the yelling, Kageyama. It’s what he does when he’s embarrassed, and now is no exception. You know better than to think he’s actually mad. And honestly, if it’s not too outlandish of a costume (like a police uniform or something pretty normal), you’ll be able to talk him into it. But he’ll still be embarrassed.


Twitter icons of Sousuke to celebrate the Free! official twitter’s 300k followers.

“It’s so like him.” - High☆Speed Free! Starting Days movie’s last scene when Haru reads Rin’s letter that was actually addressed to Sousuke, and Sousuke says that it’s so Rin to send the letter to him instead of Haru because he was too embarrassed to send it directly.

“If I told you, I knew you would cry.” - Free! Eternal Summer Episode 10

All of Sousuke’s icons involve him thinking about Rin or looking at Rin LOL GDI

Ah-ha! Last December I drew chibis versions of the cuties from Free! to make into small charms - er, fancy materials aren’t to be found where I am at the moment, so I just printed them onto slightly thicker white paper, cut them out, glued them together and made sure to sandwich a ribbon inbetween. It turned out suprisingly well! It was originally intended to have multiple characters from multiple fandoms but Free! took over my life. Also I ran out of super-thin ribbon. I’ll post a photo of the physical charms later, maybe.
I did the animal mascots for the characters too. Except Kisumi, seeing as he’s not a swimmer, gets a basketball. Seijuro, for whatever reason, doesn’t have an animal mascot? I just gave him a swordfish - though a lobster would be pretty neat too!

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What do you head-canon the Style 5 boys's texting styles to be like? Grammar, spelling, emoji s and frequency of use, etc.

I feel like Haru would abbreviate a lot of words, but his grammar would be good, and I don’t think he’d use emojis.

I think Makoto’s spelling and grammar would be near perfect, and I think he’d use smiley face emojis a lot.

Rei would have perfect grammar and spelling, and would probably use emojis sometimes.

Nagisa would use loads of emojis and exclamation marks, but his grammar and spelling would be pretty good.

Rin would have pretty good grammar, but would abbreviate a lot, and would probably only use emojis to show how pissed/sarcastic he is.

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Okay but how did the Free! figures at WonFes stack up against your Rin? (¬ω¬)

You mean to this sexy b’?

This figure has got a lot going for it. I think they did a nice job with the wet shirt (would’ve LOVED to see something like this tho), and his pose is about as provocative as it gets for male figs (excluding Native Aoba, obv’ X3). However, the pose is very similar to Sousuke in the same line, making them a bit boring to display together. The price points between Alter Rin and Toy’s Works Rin are extremely similar, which makes me want to compare sculpt quality. Alter’s figures look like they have literally jumped out of the anime. Toy’s Works? I have minimal experience with. I’ll wait ‘til Sousuke’s release next month and look at some photos from MFC members for an idea.

And let me just say, this scene was so good in the OVA. (* >ω<)