With regards to Kuron, the fandom went so quickly from:



- wait,,,,, this means,,,, TWO Shiros,,, ok you’re my son too I hope things turn out good for you bby pls stay strong, ur a good egg and this isn’t your fault

and I think that’s incredibly pure and I’m so glad I joined the fandom in time to see it happen.


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Revolution in Love || Gubilles
  • Liz: After talking things over with her friend, Liz had came to say outlays what she really had known all along. She was in love with Matthew. Part of her knew that and it was the reason that she ran. They had been mistaken as a couple and just laughed it off saying something ridiculous but she spent most of her time with him, told him things no one else knew and he made her really happy. Not to mention the sex was amazing, everything that a couple would want for. But she had to go and fuck everything up. Not speaking to him the past week had been awful. She didn't want it to be like that. Leave her apartment she drove to his place, not bothering to call because she knew he wouldn't answer. When she got to his door she knock quickly, hoping that he was in and that he wouldn't slam the door in her face.

flowers 🌺 || rilaya au fanfiction

Riley Matthews loved flowers almost as much as she loved staring at the back of her crush’s head in math class. It was a simpler time then, where the girl she liked didn’t even know her name. The initially innocent crush eventually became pining and Riley had no idea what do with her all of her emotions. So, like any other rational person, she dealt with it by sending Maya flowers each week.

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