It feels like sitting alone and you’ll remember how stupid is your decision, It’s like you can see the effect of what you’ve decided wasn’t right, yet you’ll see yourself working to make it right, not because you have no choice, it’s because you want to improve yourself, and that makes you understand that things ain’t going on your own way, but you can make it circle all over your own hands.



Can anyone else picture Garnet using her future vision to help random humans every once in a while? Like

Garnet: Don’t worry, everything will be all right.

Random person: … But I wasn’t even-

Garnet: Here, take this fish.

Random person: Waitwhat?!?

Garnet: You’re welcome. *trademark visor flash*

I sometimes fear…

I sometimes fear that people might think that fascism arrives in fancy dress worn by grotesques and monsters as played out in endless re-runs of the Nazis. Fascism arrives as your friend. It will restore your honour, make you feel proud, protect your house, give you a job, clean up the neighbourhood, remind you of how great you once were, clear out the venal and the corrupt, remove anything you feel is unlike you… It doesn’t walk in saying, ‘Our programme means militias, mass imprisonments, transportations, war and persecution.’

—  Michael Rosen, ‘I sometimes fear…’ Wednesday, 23 April 2014.

Difficult one here. Go for the full frame shots or get it over with quickly? All is good. (x)