It took me a while but I’m pretty sure that I understand Marx’s reasoning for theorizing that the rate of profit has a tendency to fall. The idea is that, as capital grows and expands, labor is divided increasingly and the means of production becomes increasingly expensive as technology is updated, while each move the capitalist makes is copied by his competitors until the price of the commodity produced falls below the cost of production- more machines, more workers, and more competition lead to lower profits for everyone involved as capitalists scramble to undersell each other to cover their costs.


Before anyone gets the idea that this is my fault, somehow, let me be clear: this is a company-wide liquidation and has nothing to do with my performance as a technician. We are all losing our jobs. Again.
The company I work for is being absorbed by its parent company, and those of us who don’t wish to relocate are being laid off.
This bothers me not just for what it is, but because it is essentially punishment for something I didn’t do wrong. People tell me I don’t deserve this, but you have to realize that I have been punished for things I didn’t do ever since I was a child. And harshly.
After a while, it gets harder not to internalize it. It gets harder to find any logic or reason behind it. Attempting to rob me of a future I’ve struggled so long for is a harsh punishment. I don’t know why it has to happen, but it has been happening all my life. It’s not logical for me to think that I must deserve this somehow, but then again, what part of this *even is* logical??
I’m rational minded. Inclined to skepticism. But I can’t find a thread of logic to cling to anymore.
I’ve decided to just lose it.

These gifs may be used in so many situations...

When you enter the class…

… and you see your friends writing test which about you forgot.

When you are going to buy something…

… and then you see long queue.

When you come into living room in pajamas…

… and you see your elder brother’s friends.

When you find something awesome in shop… 

… and then you look at the price.

When you stare at someone on the street… 

… and this person notes you.