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Never rely on someone else to tell you which is the right direction, you’ll often find right to them is left to you.
—  Jennifer Ratcliffe, A fleeting Thought, A fleeting thought, see how they run
"modern life is neither"

we recognize our social media profiles
radiating as reflections
on the drink coolers
in the sheetz off of I-70.

I can’t tell the difference
between me & what I say I am.
there is, right?

other versions of us in the night,
other visions we have
of other lives we aren’t living,
shipwrecked & isolated
once living, forever living.

median islands on the interstate
are grass & clovers & the stars
reflect on oil, turning into slow
decay rainbows.


More doodles of the Little Red au  ( ✿ ´ ▽ ` )
Ain’t no soap messes with Dean

Hi everyone! Here’s the deal: recently, there has been a lot of things being said about how booklr is exclusive and somewhat of a clique, with the ‘popular’ blogs doing their thing and excluding everyone else. It has come to the point where some blogs, books-and-cookies and myself for example, have been getting pointed messages about this after we apologized for any inconvenience we might have caused. Booklr is an amazing community, and I hate the thought of people feeling left out from it, hence this post. As a follow up to my initial answer to this, here’s a little PSA about everything that’s going on. I am by no means the most popular blog on booklr, so I might not be the best person to clarify some of this stuff. Also, this isn’t meant to target anyone in particular or to insult anyone, I’m truly sorry if it does. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Let’s go over the basics:

  • Booklr is a community on tumblr, and it represents the thousands of book blogs big and small that use this platform to share their love for literature of all kinds. 
  • Any blog who posts mostly bookish things is considered a booklr, regardless of how many followers they have, regardless of whether all they do is reblog stuff. 
  • There are some booklrs with more followers than others, and that’s cool. 
  • There are some booklrs with little to no followers, and that’s cool. 
  • Booklr is a pretty sweet and kind community, where a lot of us fangirl/boy about our favorite novels. Most people are really nice to each other, and a lot of people have made friends here. We’re all a sort of big, cozy, nerdy family. 

Now, let’s get some debunking done on the ‘popular’ blogs: 

  • Like I mentioned above, some booklrs have a lot of followers, usually several thousands, and are deemed ‘popular’ by the community. These blogs tend to have a very crowded activity feed. They get lots of asks and all that jazz, and have been seen as intimidating or exclusive by some. 
  • There is a belief that all the popular booklrs are best friends and gang up together. It is false. Yes, most of the popular blogs know each other in passing, but I can guarantee you that no one is best friends with everyone. Most of us are only close with a handful of people.
  • One of the characteristics of booklr is how nice and supportive of each other everyone is, which is why many booklrs jump up then their mutuals get hate. We may not be best friends with all of them, but we do have respect for these people. So yes, we will talk about them and we will give them love and we will reblog their selfies and we will snap at people who are rude to them for no apparent reason. It’s only normal. 
  • Some people tend to forget that tumblr is *sadly* not a popular booklr’s job or anything. It’s a hobby. Many of us are students or moms and dads and people with busy lives. Running a popular tumblr takes time and dedication, two things we don’t always have the room for in our daily lives. We set up queues and try our best to answer everyone’s asks and do all the tags, but it’s overwhelming for us. We have friends and school and homework and jobs and families who need our time too. 
  • We are not purposely ignoring you. I cannot stress this enough. As I said before, we don’t have the luxury of spending our days blogging, as much as we love it, and can’t always answer every ask and do every tag game and check everyone’s blogs out. We try really, really hard, but there is so much to do and never enough time. Sorry, we’re human. 
  • Because of the reasons stated above, it’s sometimes hard for us to make the first step. Please, don’t every be afraid of sending us asks if you want to chat or if you want us to check out your blog. We’re all thrilled that people actually want to get to know us, and that people take the time to show us their blogs and so on. 
  • We all had no followers once. If you ever feel excluded from the community, please remember this. All the amazing, popular blogs were once nobodies with a note a day and two followers. We worked our way up, and we’re so happy to be where we are now, but we haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be the tiny little blog on tumblr. tilly-and-her-books, thebookhangover, thebooker, theboywhocriedbooks, bluestockingbookworm, bookdrunkinlove, bookmad, books-and-cookies, library-heaven, pollyandbooks, thewizardthatreads, beckisbookshelf, mariesbookblog and so many more amazing people were once little fetuses on tumblr. We know what it’s like, so please don’t feel like you aren’t famous enough, good enough, or known enough to interact with us. 
  • The ‘popular’ blogs are less scary than a newborn kitten. They’re literally all sweet little munchkins with a fiery love for reading and adorkable personalities. (Yes–adorkable.)

Okay, debunking done! Finally, here’s a reminder to every single blog out there, because this is truly the source of the problem and people need to understand this:

The popular booklrs never purposely exclude others from the community. If they do so, it’s purely accidental. A lot of people have placed us on a sort of pedestal as Bec so kindly pointed out. We have been put in an area that might seem unattainable and elitist by some people. We adore every single one of our followers, and love the support everyone here gives us, but I’d just like to remind you: we never asked to be considered a clique. We never knew tumblr would come so far for us. A lot of us don’t even understand why we are considered ‘popular’. We try so hard to get back at everyone, and we try so hard to make sure not a single person is left hanging. It’s time we take from our lives to make these blogs work the way they do, hard work we’ve all put into our photography, our themes, our posts, our giveaways. And you know what’s worse? Some of us try to figure out what the problem is, apologize for making the community seem this way, and we get all the blame, with snobby anons telling us we should try harder. We do our best. You also have to reach out, or else we’re not excluding you, but you’re excluding yourself.

So please, for fuck’s sake, don’t blame us if we can’t reach out to you. I’ve told you know, our feed is too crowded and messy for us to do that with everyone. We’re not scary people, and we really love talking to all of you, whether it’s about your problems, a book, your pet wyvern, whatever! You never, ever bother us guys, remember that. We are so thankful for all of you, for the support you give all of us, and for the unfailing kindness you have added to this community. Thank you. 

This has been a PSA.