Leaked scene from the next X-Men film
  • Charles:CEREBRO CEREBRO on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
  • Charles:lol look it's me
  • Peter:I don't think so
  • Charles:Peter, listen to your father
  • Peter:
  • Erik:it's true he is the fairest
  • Charles:
  • Peter:
  • Erik:and sexiest

My dad had his birthday tonight and WHOOPS family bonding took up the entire evening. SO HERE’S A CUTE FILLER OF SOMBRA AND DADBRA i mean his dad iron forged. Regular updates will continue on Friday wooo!

If Jungkook was a University Student

Originally posted by jengkook

- Studies Design in Photography and Situated Media
- Focus on street photography/people rather than landscapes
- Beanies, a casual shirt with jacket, and ripped jeans to early morning lectures along with his usual boots and a backpack ^like above gif :’)
- Earphones in anywhere he goes and anytime he goes to class even if it take 50 seconds
- The one who is always at the back of the lecture hall or in the back corner of the classroom
- Difficulties with socialising as a first-year student
- Finds it more comfortable to do individual work rather than group projects
- The one that girls would silently gossip about
- Lunch is always bought at the university campus and rarely packed from home
- Prefers to be outside rather than in the library during breaks between lectures/classes
- The type to prefer hand-in work rather than exams
- Awkward “haha hi” when a stranger decides to sit beside him during lectures/classes
- Emails the teacher a question rather than asking face-to-face
- Twirling of the pen in his hand
- Not in many clubs
- But always invited to parties
- Prefers to do homework/study at places other than home
- Visits the dance studio occasionally on weekends as a stress-reliever/hobby
- Has the type of friends to greet him by either slapping his butt or throwing an arm around his shoulders
- Nibbles on his lower lip with a slight frown when he is focused on his laptop or phone
- The type to have a youtube tab open alongside the essay document
- Watches things like, “CSI”, “Sherlock” or “Hannibal”
- Would attend Anime Conventions with his mates
- Has a few fandom badges on his bag /cough/BigBang/cough/
- The guy who buys a blueberry muffin or croissants and bottle of juice in the morning if he didn’t have breakfast
- Slouching in his chair with legs parted and arms crossed when the teacher is being an ass
- Long drawn out sighs through the nose when he is slightly irritated because of work
- Part-time working at music stores (JB Hi-Fi?) 
- Doesn’t date until maybe 3rd year of University

Should I Do MORE?

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