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Like no offense but unless you had something to do with rcdart is it necessary for you to join the lynch mob? I get your post was those rare polite ones giving good critique for them/him/her (dunno) but looking how many death threats there is and posts begging someone to give him/her/them address and job and real name just.... is it necessary give people driving others to suicide a fuel to do it harder?


The pics you see above were taken from a Twitter hashtag called the #kyliejennerchallenge Funny how black people were caricatured for having big lips & now Kylie Jenner is doing it so its “trendy” kind of like the same way Zendaya’s faux locs smelled like patchouli oil & weed until Kylie started doing it. So go ahead and say it isnt about race…

Reblog this & dont stop until everyone has seen this. Stop fucking praising white girls for the SAME THINGS y'all shame black women for!

So we got these pictures.

I am probably the same size, height as her and I am telling you one thing.

There was NO WAY I could hold the baby carrier with 1 arm while I had a phone in my hand. No way. NO WAY. That carrier itself weighs a few kilograms, and ours was 4 kg (and in the market that is a very light weight one). Then add the at least 3 kg-s of a newborn baby, that is 7 now. She is literally just caressing that handle, she has no firm grip at all.

So allow me to call this bullshit out because I am constantly asked to be a responsible blogger and make sure my young followers understand what is going on.



So let me get this straight, an old white man can hold hostages at a planned parenthood, murder 2 civilians and injure 4 more, shoot 6 police officers and kill one of them, and he is escorted off the premises peacefully and in handcuffs? And yet black people are murdered on almost a daily basis now just for looking “suspicious”. But keep saying racism is dead and white privilege isn’t a thing.