1st photo: John Frusciante, Eddie Vedder, Flea

2nd photo: Lux Interior, John Frusciante, Eddie Vedder


Mother’s Milk Era. - 1989.

I think one of the most beautiful things about live music is that, for the period of time those people are in the place, assuming that all people came there because they love music, they’re all generally feeling the same thing. They’re all feeling good at the same time, they’ve all put all their thoughts about their everyday life out of their head, all their worries, they’re just not on their mind. The power of music has joined all their consciousnesses into one thing, you know? They’re literally functioning as one organism.

  • John Frusciante during a concert from “Mother’s Milk” era. - 1989.
How to sing like Anthony Kiedis:

1. “Looooo”

2. “California”

3.“Laaa” instead of “ i ”

4. Random gibberish in midst of a song

5. “California rest your teeth”

6. Lyrics? Who needs lyrics

7. Make sure to stay out of key for tiny parts of songs

8. Have you mentioned California at least thrice in one line?

Final step: always remember songs from 20 years ago but forget the lyrics to californication