Josh paying tribute to John Lennon by singing “Watching the Wheels.” His voice is so beautiful and fits the song so well…

video credit: ilovejoshklinghoffer on instagram

I need help pls

There’s this one story called “a josh klinghoffer fanfiction - peeling the onion” and it’s the funniest piece of literature ever written. It’s the theory behind Josh’s lack of nudity on stage and in general. It’s about this girl/boy idk can’t remember trying to “peel” off Josh’s clothes after a gig but as he/she removes one layer, another one magically appears underneath.
The thing is I can’t find it anymore and I remember it being on tumblr a while ago. If u know anything about this story and where I can find it again pls let me know cuz it’s so fucking hilarious and i wanna show it to my friend. Thanks