For RGB’s sake, I hope his plan works out. I have my concerns though. For starters, there’s the chance this plan won’t work and he might just kill himself. If it does work, there might be a chance that the train will notice and come after them. If it somehow doesn’t, there is the problem of them not knowing where they are. They previously had the ocean at their backs to tell them their direction. Now for all they know that train could’ve taken them way off course! Finally, RGB’s attitude is worrisome. Whenever faced with a topic he doesn’t want to discuss, he waves it off and changes the subject. Hero still seems to be concerned, however. I hope she learns to interpret RGB’s positivity as being unsettled. I also hope despite what is about to happen, that Hero pursues RGB on his wellbeing.


‘so when you say RGB is gonna have an outfit based on the pan flag like how subtle are we talking’

oh yeah it’s. real subtle.

(drawn an absolute age ago but we’re gonna get there soon and it’s pride so have this sneak preview)