I’ve had enough of poor salty men wasting my time then calling me just a ‘stupid slut’ when I refuse to meet with them for 2 hours of sex for £80.

They’re on a sugar daddy website and are looking for escorts! They just want sex, heck I’ve come across a man on there boasting how he’s never paid out because 'there’s girls just wanting to be fucked on here’ !!!!

Please can we team together as a force and say something to SA!
We need to be given the option to have them kicked of the site for wasting everyone’s time if they get so many complaints/votes against them!

Please can we at least try cause it’s really grinding me down atm. I feel like I’m just going on there to argue.

Hayden takes a lot of flak, you know, for what he did, what he didn’t do in his performance…but the one thing that I will always love about Hayden’s performance as Anakin/Vader is…there’s a vulnerability there. And I think that’s one of the reasons why George cast him. George was looking for a James Dean-style actor that could be vulnerable, could be sensitive. And there’s this moment as he’s laying there on the table, and that mask is lowering and it’s JUST about to go on his face–there’s this panicked look in his eyes at what’s about to happen to him. That scene just kept playing over and over in my mind.
—  Jason Swank, on the ‘Revenge of the Sith’ 10th anniversary and what scene kept him up the night he saw the film