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if you did drunk history, what would you want to talk about? (it can't be Hamilton)

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I would want to talk about las Hermanas Mirabal (the Mirabal Sisters). They were 4 Dominican sisters who opposed Rafael Trujillo (the dictator of the Dominican Republic at the time). They were brave enough to oppose his rule and, for three of them, this bravery led to their assassinations. They deserve more attention than they receive.

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The Dominican Republic is preparing to deport 200,000 residents of Haitian decent, including some born in the Dominican Republic. The unprecedented mass deportation ranks as one of the greatest current human rights violations currently underway in the Western Hemisphere. Although the Dominican Republic had long recognized individuals born in-country as citizens, a 2013 ruling from the Dominican Republic Constitutional Court retroactively denied Dominican nationality to anyone born after 1929 who does not have at least one parent of Dominican blood, even those with a Dominican Republic birth certificate or whose families had resided in the Dominican Republic for generations. 

As the Dominican Republic prepares to deport 200,000 people, few Westerners are aware of the outrage

Please pray for Haitian-Dominicans and the country of Haiti

I know that a lot of people do not know about this but in the Dominican Republic right now the government is deporting Dominicans of Haitian ancestry who entered the country going all the way back to 1929. The majority of the people being effected by this are not “illegal immigrants” but children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren of Haitians. The Dominican Republic is even planning to deport those with valid birth certificates. These people will be sent to Haiti, an already struggling country with about 10 million people, without knowledge of the culture, language, family ties, and agencies to assist them. This is not the first time that the Dominican Republic has tried to forcibly remove Haitians, in 1937, the Dominican government killed thousands(some reports are as high as 60,000) Haitians, Afro-Dominicans, and Dominicans who tried to help Haitians, over a border dispute. X X X X X X X X

To everyone who has re-blogged this, the 1937 massacre involves layers upon layers of history going back to Spanish and French slavery and it cannot be just accurately explained in a sentence. For anyone who want to get a deeper and clearer story of Haitian and Dominican history I implore you to do deeper research. Haitian History is a wonderful tumblr with an abundance of information on Haiti and the relationship with the DR. X Here are some interesting sources that I have found. X X X X X X X X X X X X

Here is a post from the DR about how the Haitian government is planning on solving the situation. X

1. What’s happening, as we speak, in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Beginning today, the Dominican Republic is planning to deport more than 100,000 people to Haiti. These people were born in the Dominican Republic, and are being asked to leave on the basis that they are the descendants of undocumented migrant workers whose forbearers came into the country in the early 1900s to work in sugar plantations. They are almost all poor workers who never legalized their residency status.

Critics of the government say that this is an anti-black policy rooted in the desire to preserve a non-Black national identity, couched under the pretense of immigration policy change. Further, many of those deported will become stateless migrants, having no family or connections in Haiti, and would not be eligible for Haitian citizenship. Currently, the Dominican government (having come under considerable fire for it’s xenophobia and racist treatment of Haitians) is leveraging their military to pick up anyone who looks Haitian (read: dark-skinned/Black) and drop them off on the Haitian side of the border.

2. Texas’ Detention Centers

Not that racist, anti-immigrant policies are solely the purview of other countries.

Six women, new mothers who are undocumented immigrants not born in the United States, have filed a lawsuit against Texas Department of State Health Services alleging that the department has an undeclared policy preventing its employees from issuing birth certificates to their children because of their own documentation status. This, despite the fact that children born on American soil to undocumented immigrants are indeed legal U.S. citizens.

3. Kenlissia Jones

On the topic of violence against women and children, last week in Georgia, 23-year-old Kenlissia Jones was arrested and held without bond, facing a possible charge of “malice murder,” a crime punishable by the death penalty. Her “crime?” That she allegedly used misoprostol, a medication that induces uterine contractions and cervical dilation, to end her own pregnancy.

On the heels of cases like Purvi Patel’s and Bei Bei Shuai’s in Indiana, this case brings up some crucial questions about prosecuting women, thus far only women of color, for having a miscarriage, self-terminating their pregnancies, or in the case of Shuai, attempting suicide while pregnant.  The race of the women targeted by feticide legislation is noteworthy in light of a study conducted by National Advocates for Pregnant Women which found that low-income women and women of color are disproportionately arrested under feticide laws. Notably, Black women are significantly more likely to be reported to authorities by hospital staff under suspicion that they harmed their unborn children.

4. McKinney, Texas. Remember McKinney?

On Monday, the Texas Rangers were asked to perform an independent investigationinto the Craig Ranch pool party incident that occurred on June 5 in McKinney, Texas. Recorded by an onlooker, a video shows that the officer violently threw a black teenager to the ground, sat down on her and then drew his firearm on two young men in the area.

Greg Willis, the county DA stated, “I have full confidence in the good men and women of the McKinney Police Department and their ability to fully investigate this matter. At the same time, an independent investigation of this incident will add an important layer of transparency to the process.”

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