The issue of gun control in America has been keeping me up at night

I’m always thinking about gun control for America. Massacres that occur (the church and Christina Gimme particularly hurt me the most) , they don’t stop anti gun control people from changing their views. That’s something I can never understand because when will it sink in ? When it’s their mother , their neighbour , their son , their sister or their friend ? Why does it have to come to that ? Honestly it’s so easy to get a gun in America that the probability of a person getting shot every time they leave the house is high. It’s a simply thing. Don’t practically hand out the thing that simplifies killing someone into the slight jerk of a finger. I’m so sick of hearing ‘guns don’t kill people , people kill people’. It’s the dumbest thing because yes guns do kill people ! A man could never kill 50 people in a night club without a gun ! He would never be able to. Guns make it so easy to take away life ! Guns literally decrease the value of human lives. Doesn’t that scare you ? Isn’t it devastating? HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT SEE ! How can people lack any compassion or empathy ! The moment you say you are against gun control you are saying that you are willing to put children , houses of faith , POC , women and men everywhere into the way of a bullet.

Cretaceous Fossil Praying Mantis

Class Insecta, Order Mantodea
Geological Time: Late Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage (about 100 million years ago)
Fossil Site: Hukawng Valley, Kachin State, Myanmar

From some 35 million years before dinosaurs went extinct. Mantis fossils  of any age are rare, with this one some 60 million years older than any Baltic material and some 75 million years older than the few from the Dominican Republic. The oldest known amber is some 135 million years old. Insect Order Mantodea is believed to have appeared some 145 million years ago at the start of the Cretaceous period.