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he probably did hurt himself. He DID NOT HIT the girl, if you slow down the video it’s clearly visable that his hand doesn’t even touch her. So yes, I think jimin hurt himself somehow.

I read this theory on twitter earlier and I’m blown away by it, I kinda have a strong feel that it’s true

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Hello! I'm starting to think that Hoseok's girl is his own illusion, referring to his wings mama short film, he has munchausen’s syndrome plus it's clear now that he suffers from trauma due to a lack of maternal affection after being abandoned by his mother. It seems to me there's only him and Jimin, yet he made the girl up. So really only Jimin fell and then followed an hallucinating Hoseok under the rain. There's no girl, just him running alone, trying to keep 'her' from leaving him too 😥😫😭

I do feel like the girls symbolizes something other than like a girlfriend/friend/sister. And the members have different levels of dealing with what the girls represent.

Namjoon chooses to leave on his own.
For Jungkook, it just suddenly disappeared/When he started looking for it it’s gone.
Taehyung tries to keep protecting it and eventually sacrifices himself.
Jhope keeps holding on to it and won’t let go.
Jimin accepts that it’s no longer there but is unable to help Jhope realize the same thing.
Suga keeps pushing it away.
Seokjin had it taken away from him suddenly.

So whatever it is, the boys symbolizes different situations on how to deal with it or something? I am not particularly sure if the girls represent Love in itself or something else~ We’ll know a little? bit maybe in the next video bcoz the next one will be the ‘End’.

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Believe it or not, there are actually very few smutty Jon/Danny-only fanfics. There are actually more multi-character orgy fics than anything.

that’s outrageous. WE GOTTA FIX THIS. we should have a smut day, like, have the fandom celebrate jonerys smut bc why the fuck not. have a bunch of new smutty fics, we deserve it.

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Honestly big hit should just make like a 2 hour video explaining everything in this storyline and sell it. Because idk about you but I would buy it

I would too!! But having a conclusion to everything kind of takes away the part where we’re able to interpret things according to how we understand them. Making things confusing kinda is one of the engaging part of it~

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Andrew seems like the type of person who would low key like The Neighborhood because they've got lyrics like "Pretty isn't everything, you punk ass" and "I don't like you, fuck you anyway" as well as a song about how they went along with something sketchy just because their S/O asked them to.

🤔🤔🤔 i’ll have to listen to them more often

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Hi! I adore your art! Do you mind it if people reblog and add inspired ficlets to your work?

Hey! I haven’t yet been given a reason to mind- in fact so far only good things have come of this? 

So yeah totally feel free????

All I ask is this: Please message me with it so that I can read it!!!! ( in case I miss the notification)

(i’m incredibly flattered thank you so much omg It’s so touching to read things that my work has inspired??????)

(examples of aforementioned good things, if it’s not too uhhh bold? to list)
Soft Jack by @whoacanada
Soft Bitty by @ticktockclockwork
Holsom parenting by @halfabreath
TransJack & Bob Tenderness  by @angryspace-ravenclaw

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I think they accidentally hit other while dancing. It could be figurative as well, like the way their roles in jhope's life rival each other.

Anonymous said: I think jimin scraped himself on a nail in the floor

Anonymous said: i think he was washin his arm vigorously because of something that happened to him before. he probably felt the same fear inside him

3 different interpretations of that scene here and all can be true honest. But I think it’s a figurative in this third highlight reel

but then Jimin in inu and this picture… tattoo on forearm, I don’t think this pic was taken solely for an aesthetic purpose

bathtub + hurt arm… I don’t want to jump to a conclusion right away and also relying on that theory I linked in previous ask, I think you can see what I’m trying to say. 

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Hc where Kaneki and Touka share one room (and one bed) and Kaneki wakes up late and needs to go to some meeting and accidentally wakes up Touka, but before Kaneki can get up Touka sits on top of him and fucks him right there as a punishment for waking her up. He arrived even later and all messy

t-that’s… very intense 😂

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this is disgusting i mean....??? you know she's his aunt right? You're shipping a woman with her brother's SON :// what's next do you ship Jaime and Cersei too?

ommmmg no way, you just changed my complete perception on that ship, man! i had no idea! obviously i’m gonna follow your good hearted advice and stop shipping them immediately, i’m forever grateful you saved me from shipping two fictional people in period based show. you’re an angel! i don’t know what i’d do without you!

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Hi ! Do you remember the day where kyungsoo watched jongin dance and looked after that sexually flustered? I can't find it anywhere :(

Hi anon! 

Yes I remember, it was on 150817~

He wasn’t exactly subtle with that thirst :————-) 

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ummm do you take requests?? because it'd be real cool if you could draw one thing for me? :) i saw anons ask about this earlier and i just can't get it out of my mind!! so please PLEASE can you draw andrew and neil with really flowy mullets?? thanks a bunch!!1! :)

technically, he does, he’s just not wearing it

for all my endearment and affection towards his curly hair, it makes him look somewhat silly when he’s wearing the mask, like something is amiss. his vest is nice but I kinda miss the hooded goth neo longcoat he used to wear, it was such a Look