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hey^^ could u make a rec of ur fave chanbaek fics? :3

Hi anon~ yas ofccccc 

Not Intended (Arranged marriage!au + maid!au + ceo!au. Chaptered. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are put in an arranged marriage together, but Baek has no idea that it’s Yeol he’s supposed to marry, cuz Baek runs away. Baek then starts working as a maid for Yeol, still not knowing that it’s his husband to be.. xD Without a doubt, one of my favorite fics EVER!!)

We Are Tonight (Frenemies with benefits!au. Baek hasn’t had seeexx in a long time so he asks Yeol, his enemy of sorts, to sleep with him to get himself out of the rut. But then they start sleeping together on daily basis and maybe Yeol isn’t so bad after all, Baek thinks..)

Night Stands (Friends with benefits!au. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are sleeping together, but they’re not in a relationship. It turns domestic quick tho.) 

If I Stay (Mpreg!au + Friends to lovers!au. So Baek and Yeol are friends and slept with each other one night, and then Baek finds himself pregnant but he’s reluctant to tell Yeol..) 

Following The Broken Road Back To You (Farm!au + Breakup!au. Baek used to live on the countryside, but then moved to the city to become a model. His father gets injured tho, resulting in Baek having to return to his old home at the farm, where he meets his ex-fiance, Yeol, again..)

Undefined (+ Sequel: Awkwardly In Lust) (Best friends to lovers!au. Baek and Yeol are best friends, but Baek thinks that it would be a super good idea to practise kissing. And then he thinks it’s a super good idea to have seeexxx xD)

The Outsider (wolf!au + mpreg!au. Baek’s mate and pack gets killed by Yeol’s pack, and then they take Baek in but he’s not treated that well and stuff happens. This is a lil angsty tbh.) 

Straight Boys Kiss (Best friends to lovers!au. Baek wants to know what kissing someone feels like, so Yeol volunteers for the job. And then Baek realizes he kinda likes kissing his best friend..)  

Awkward (Best friends to lovers!au. Baekhyun has a crush on someone, and freaks out, cuz he’s got not experience with intimacy. So he asks his best friend, Chanyeol, to sleep with him.. But Yeol has a crush on Baek sobs)

You Were Always The One For Me (Best friends to lovers!au + friends with benefits!au. Baek and Yeol are best friends who kisses each other a lot, and sometimes do a little bit more. But every time Yeol gets a gf it gets hella complicated :/ This is only marked as slight!angst, but my heart hurt a lot) 

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I can't agree there's no romantic Tou/ken signs. To me they're everywhere, people overlook it. Ishida draws them so often I have no doubt he ships them. Me too but I read your post, bless you for talking about Hidekane like that! Can we hear more of your thoughts on them? You have an interesting perspective, love the comparison to Kaneki's parents. Can you talk more about the yin/yang and the cards you named and what that means for them? You make me hopeful for them but knowing Ishida. Thankss

Hi there, anon. Thank ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I can’t agree there’s no romantic Tou/ken signs.

Touka -> Kaneki certainly exists, but Kaneki -> Touka doesn’t. He often treats her like a child. I mean, Amon/Akira existed, too. And it was heavily paralleled to Kaneki/Touka with those keychain gifts. But Amon rejected Akira’s advances because he didn’t see her that way and wasn’t over his old love Harima yet. Wouldn’t surpise me if we got a Kaneki/Touka parallel like that, too.


To me it seems like she’s pretty much child-zoned. Why else would Ishida-sensei draw this comparison?

Ishida draws them so often I have no doubt he ships them. 

Don’t you find it strange he almost never draws Hide with Kaneki? If they were just friends he’d do it. But it’s because they’re separated that there is “romantic tension”. Kaneki/Touka lacks that sort of star-crossed lovers feeling. And as I said they’re tkg’s poster children, it’s natural they’re drawn a lot together.

You’re disregarding that Kaneki planned to commit suicide all because of Hide. Just like in the anime he was going to fuck off with Hide and abandon everybody else because it’ll always be Hide >>>>> everybody else in terms of importance to Kaneki. And he only stopped because of Hide. It’s die because of Hide or live because of Hide. Losing him completely breaks Kaneki. I don’t see how there’s any room for Touka since Ishida-sensei already established that Kaneki would always prefer the Hide.

As for Yin and Yang

It fits to a T, doesn’t it? Kaneki and Hide start out as seeming opposites but then you get things like Hide who, out of loneliness, read the books Kaneki likes and Kaneki who develops a sharp mind just like Hide. They learn from one another and gradually become like each other. In this way they reach completion.

Yin is associated with femininity (Kaneki) and Yang with masculinity (Hide). Yin with winter (Kaneki’s birthday) and Yang with summer (Hide’s birthday), Yin with the night and moon, Yang with the day and sun, etc. etc. This relationship doesn’t stop here but also shows up in their respective tarot cards, The Magician (1) and High Priestess (2) (see 12/12 of the tkg calendar aka PITCHER and CATCHER)

The High Priestess is the feminine principle that balances the masculine force of the Magician.

  • Magician - acting consciously, thinking, the known and obvious
  • High Priestess - nonaction, intuition, accessing the unconscious

The Magician is the positive side. He represents the active, masculine power of creative impulse. He is also our conscious awareness. The Magician is the force that allows us to impact the world through a concentration of individual will and power. The High Priestess is the negative side. She is the mysterious unconscious. She provides the fertile ground in which creative events occur. The High Priestess is our unrealized potential waiting for an active principle to bring it to expression.

You see, opposites that attract each other. Kaneki likes novels, Hide likes manga. Kaneki is tone-deaf, Hide loves music and singing. Kaneki dislikes school festivals, Hide loves crowded events like that. Hell, even their bloody blood types. Kaneki has AB and can receive blood from anybody, Hide has 0 and can donate to anybody. Explain why Ishida-sensei did this. I know the reason.

Verdict: Fucking married.

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how do everyone in the audience manage to throw the poohs and flowers to yuzuru (or any skater) and not at someone else sitting in the audience

They don’t always manage to get the gifts onto the rink, haha. Sometimes the gifts hit other audience members or the judges/photographers. (I know from personal experience.) People are usually nice about helping out if a gift doesn’t quite make it, though.

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Can anyone give me a list of who said what?

I’m not sure of many of these, but please feel free to correct them if they’re wrong folks!

  • do you spice? -Scanlan
  • in the darkness i say “fuck” - Vax?
  • i encourage violence! - Tiberius
  • spice? do you spice it? spice? -Scanlan
  • i was born to shove things in holes - Probably Scanlan?
  • she’s got holes in all the right places
  • vex!!! mount trinket!!!! - Tiberius (I believe he was casting Fly on Trinket and she was riding him)
  • will you check the place for boobies?
  • i take a dump on the floor -Scanlan.
  • i take a dump on his bed - S c a n l a n.
  • kill him! kill him and shit on his bed! - Scanlan.
  • you got any spice? -S. c .a . n. l. a. n.
  • hope they’ve got flood insurance!! -Keyleth
  • we’ve got a lot of bling and a cursed horn, the sky’s the limit - Vex or Grog?
  • blue sparkly poo - Vex/Velora
  • pike yelling i’vE BEEN WAITING FIVE MINUTES!!! - Pike
  • see… kevdak… run - Grog/Travis?
  • i want to go inside the dragon - SCANLAN
  • DO YOU SPICE??? - S C A N L A N

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Tiny beans, I'm not feeling well lately. With the holidays upon us, I imagine most people are dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Can Kylo and anyone else who wants to please provide some tips? I would love you forevers and evers and evers.

Sure thing! Kylo and friends know it gets hard when the days are short and dark, kind of like being in space. They all do different things to help, and maybe they’ll help you too!

Tiny Phasma likes to keep journals. She tries to write down at least one positive thing that happens each day, whether it be something big like her Stormtroopers learning a new drill correctly, or something small like wearing some awesome lipstick under her helmet!

Tiny Hux gets a little more intense with things. He has a special sun-lamp he’ll sit under. He also finds that it’s helpful to keep his schedule very organized.

Tiny Kylo has tried everything from working out to aromatherapy to meditation, and he finds that different things work better depending on his mood.

Sometimes he and Phasma will go spar in the Finalizer’s gym. Working out with a buddy is more fun!

(I hope this is helpful and at least brings you a little cheer! I’m not qualified to actually help with any disorders, but I do know people with S.A.D. and a variety of other things. I’m always more than happy to make little posts like this whenever anyone needs one. I just want to bring some happiness to all of you through Tiny Kylo!)

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Do you personally still consider Hook a hero after season 5? And I don't really wanna hear the "his actions are dismissible b/c DARK ONE" when Emma was the dark one too and still avoided deliberately trying to hurt the people she loved for the hell of it and murdering anyone. Do you as his fan hold him accountable for his actions and think the story is fine rewarding him with his happy ending without addressing them?

Hello dear troll with character goggles when comparing Hook’s actions to your favorite’s actions:

No, I don’t think Hook’s actions are dismissible because he was the Dark One. No, you can’t compare how the darkness affected him to the way the darkness affected Emma and the show was very clear about it - he knew that, unlike Emma, he wouldn’t be able to fight it and that is why he preferred to DIE over having the darkness consume him. Despite all of this, he was still strong enough to stop the madness he created. Why? Because the real Hook’s love for Emma was stronger than the darkness and not even cursed with the darkest magic of all he could bear watching Emma and her loved ones suffer. Do you need to be a hero to do that? HELL YES. You need to be freaking strong, selfless and let love be the strongest magic of all. That’s pretty much the show’s motto and what establishes Hook as a hero. So yes, the story is more than fine rewarding him with a happy ending. Hope you enjoy the Captain Swan wedding soon!

tacos replied to your post “so…who’s going to write the Bodyguard Bawson AU?”

i would honestly die if i ever got this tbh

But like, a Bodyguard AU is so right there. Like, Mike, the gruff, grumpy bodyguard to Ginny Baker, world renown ingenue who doesn’t want the spotlight she just wants to work.


Close quarters, Mike having to curb her independence and her hating that, only Mike getting to see the personal, vulnerable side of her.