@chainedintimacy a réagi à votre billet “i wanna do one last drawing for the night to destroy my wrist nice and…”

Some gayness possibly? Though don’t hurt your wrist too much! If it does hurt, you should ice it after! ;w;

My hand is beyond the icing point rn

* I took this after my pacifist playthrough.

* I wouldn’t make a mistake like that lmao

* I make them up, sadly.

* I’d love to have half the clothes I draw him in lmao

* Nice colourful clothes are so hard to get nowadays

* Bring back the 80s tbh.

* Thanks! <:

* Yes, my inner thoughts are written on my soul, as I think a lot of cool clever things in real life but I never say them due to my anxiety.

* I wanted to represent myself accurately in the comic, but I also want to seem cool so I came up with that concept!

* That’s a secret. 

* But my HP is never full because art college.

* Thank you! 

* I completely base my interpretation on the pacifist run Sans <:

* Tbh I partially created this blog because I kinda got tired of seeing so much angsty Sans art and I just, wanted to get more positivity into the fandom lmao

* I just want to make happy things //sob

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(prt 1)i agree w/ the anti tony anon but id like to add that while tony should find coping methods/support, he doesn't have any right now. he doesn't know how to admit that he needs help. he was abused since he was very very young, and he honestly feels like if he asks for help he will be punished. i think it's just as important to recognize that tony stark has an "ugly" mental illness. a mental illness that affects other people negatively and can hurt other people w/o treatment. im tired of ppl

(prt 2) acting like tony starks mental illness should be pretty and treated. there are a lot of ppl who identify w/ tony because he doesnt have coping methods/cant ask for help. and i would love to see a tony arc that showed him getting help, but i think it’s also important that people recognize this stage of his illness.

listen… i had an emotionally abusive mother. i also have ptsd from a traumatic experience i had when i was fourteen. in many ways, my illness mirrors tony stark’s, and that’s why i feel like i can say this -

having any mental illness does not allow you to hurt other people. tony definitely deserves help and understanding, no one is saying he doesn’t - but it’s not okay to give him a free pass at age 50 for things he went through when he was a child.

that’s not to say he should “get over” what he went through, but at some point, no matter what mental illness you have, it stops being a carte blanche to hurt people and starts being a crutch. you don’t get to hurt people because you’ve been hurt. that’s not how it works. 

he has been “at this stage” of his mental illness the entire time we’ve seen him in the mcu. the battle of ny gave him some more ptsd, but he’s been lashing out at the people closest to him this entire time. i am tired of letting this slide.

like it or not, tony stark is a grown man. we need to stop coddling him and give him the room to grow the fuck up.

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I have anxiety that sometimes impacts my behavior but as an adult I still have to be accountable for what I do. People can't just say "Tony doesn't know how to deal with things" as an excuse for his shit ass reactions to things. He's an adult with PTSD. He needs support. But he needs to acknowledge that he needs that support and help and he needs to own up to his shit and find a way to deal so that he's not HURTING PEOPLE.

thank you for putting this into words!

i don’t understand why people don’t see this, it’s common fucking sense

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I'm watching the office on project free tv and some episodes have scenes in them that Netflix didn't include which sucks because they were so good! I was watching season 6 episode 12? Maybe it's the Christmas episode where Philis is Santa and Michael is perpetual jesus was and some scenes I've never seen its like watching the episode for the first time I thought I'd share that. I currently don't have Netflix bc broke college life hopefully I'll get it back next month

Hey thanks for letting us know! I’d say they were the full extended episodes with deleted scenes left in. Also this is another good site I just discovered if you need to watch somewhere online: http://watchtheofficeonline.com/

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The tweets mention Jin, Namjoon, Jimin, and Jungkook. What about the other members? Are they not at ISAC?

Taehyung isn’t due to Hwarang filming, but the rest are there. Yoongi and Hoseok aren’t up until later I think so they are probably in the back resting.
- Kylie

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okay but what if he didnt rat you out and they just followed up on their threat to….deal with him

we’re defenders of the universe. that makes it our job to rescue all people from the galra empire. and you’re right, we still don’t know for sure if he’s the one who ratted us out… so i guess, hypothetically, we’d have to go save him, right? @lance-suggestion

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So i'm in my senior year of high school and I don't really want to buy a planner, but I do want to have some sort of planner. How do i do that?

you can maybe try bullet journaling if you don’t already do that? Or there are plenty of printables that you can use!

also fun fact: my cousin’s friend is friend’s with jun from seventeen!

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When are we going to see what happend at isac?

When it is broadcast during Chuseok~ Fans can only secretly take photos and videos (since its technically not allowed) and usually post them after ISAC finishes~
- Kylie