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i have a question for the science side of tumblr: how is jensen so broad and yet so tiny

BRO I KNOW Jensen’s Broadness ruins me on a daily basis. Look at this shit. What the fuck.

And yet??? Somehow???? ALSO???? He smol????

Look at that waist!!!!! He’s practically trim what the fuck. WHAT rthe fuc k. I’m insulted.

Madd can tell you more about this than I can but Jensen’s weight definitely fluctuates so I think that has something to do with it? And I have no idea what his workout routine is like but his muscle mass changes.

When I hugged him at Seacon he was also quite broad. Square. But he was also SOFT. I touched definite love handle. There isn’t a lot of decorative muscle mass on Jensen, it’s all functional. Which is why he looks like this normally:

And THIS when he’s actually pushing himself for a role:

Brick shit house, man. Functional strength and workout cycles. Fuck me up.


@xpaintedladyx more than happy to, lov!!!!

@ichlovemgmt replied to your post “i’m just imagining that, after the ballon squad and Even make up…”

What if Even bring Isak with him?!??! 😍😍😍

even does ask, a lot. “don’t you want to come and join us?” but isak shakes his head, a little playful smile around his lips.

“no,” he just states, “i think. i think this is something that’s just for you.” he pulls even closer, kisses his forehead, his cheek, and shortly his lips. “but do say hi from me to all of them. tell them that maybe one day they’ll have to pay,” isak grins at even’s frown, then: “for wanting to have you over so much.”

even smiles. “i will,” a quick peck on the mouth, “and i promise i won’t be late.”

but isak? he just shakes his head again

because “it doesn’t matter, baby. come home when you’re done with your stupid shenanigans.”

because “i saw how happy they make you. i’ll be fine this one evening, maybe i’ll force jonas to come over, you know, since i have the whole flat for just myself.”

because “you’ve fought so hard for this. i don’t want to take it from you.”

because, he understands.

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Does Yuuri have a language kink too or not really? Does Viktor ask Yuuri to speak in Japanese during sex (before he becomes conversational in Japanese)?

Viktor replied back in the same language and Yuuri listened closely, admiring the way the words sounded coming from Viktor’s mouth. Despite being able to speak no Russian he could still admire the sound of the language and the way it rolled off Viktor’s tongue effortlessly. - umfb&mha chapter 11 

They are both dorks with a language kink and you can guarantee that at least 50% of the dirty talk in bed post chapter 14 of umfb&mha is not done in English  

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Привет, Дарья! Угадай, кто говорит по-русски? Это я! Является ли грамматика хорошей? Кстати, как вы произносите Roosje?

That’s absolutely hilarious when Nicky speaks Russian! It may be surprising but she tries to do this quite often xD So now she’s saying this: “Hi, Daria! Guess who’s speaking Russian? It’s me! Is my grammar being good? Btw, how do you pronounce Roosje?”. Answering you question, I pronounce it like this: “боль в заднице” xD xD xD

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Do you have any headcanons about child/teen Viktor? Either from your rivals universe or the just the anime

I always imagined that child Viktor was either an orphan or came from an unloved background which is why he is pretty lonely and doesn’t have the same family support structure as we see Yuuri having in the anime. I kind of picture him as very devoted to skating and constantly being the best and not really considering his future much as a child, just living in the moment and living for the next competition. I also kind HC him as latching onto Yakov as a sort of replacement parental figure but also not paying attention to what he says 99.9% of the time. I really hope we get more of his backstory in the anime though! 

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Hello! First of all I'd like to thank you sooooo much for running this blog. I just got into Figure Skating and didn't know where to look for resources so I'm forever grateful that your blog exists. You don't know how happy and relieved I was when I found your site <3 Bless your soul. Secondly, do you know whether elite skaters receive government funding or sponsors to help with their training fees? I read a couple of articles previously on how FS don't earn a lot and (1/2)

- have to take 2nd jobs to support their training fees (like Ashley Wagner working at a denim store). I read that when Javier first started training with Brian, he was on gov funding but got cut off later on. So yeah, do elite skaters get help for their training fees or what kind of arrangement usually exists? Thank you so much!

Thank you, glad you find our blog helpful! Federation/government funding varies by country. In some countries, sports organizations operate under/with the government, in others, they’re unrelated. For example, the Chinese government funds the skaters on the Chinese national team, but the government does not directly fund athletes in North America; skating federations there operate as separate entities. USFSA and Skate Canada offer their athletes a certain amount of funding based on their performances, and there are also scholarships that skaters can apply for. JSF operates similarly. I don’t know the exact details of how each federation/government supports their skaters as they all have their own policies.

Most skaters have to rely on family support or secondary jobs to cover their training costs. Some also raise money through crowdfunding sites. If the skater is popular/successful enough, they might attract sponsors as another source of income. The wealthiest skaters earn most of their income from sponsorships. Popular/successful skaters might also be invited to ice shows, which is another important source of income. Prize money is given at ISU competitions, but it’s a very small amount compared to skaters’ average training fees, and most skaters don’t place high enough at competitions to earn prize money anyway.

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Canon Yuuri is horrified by the umfb! universe... Intolerancia he finds out Viichan is still alive. Then he briefly reconsiders. Still horrified but kind of jealous too.

Vicchan being alive is the only thing in the Rivals universe that is more positive than canon. Something good had to come out of the mess they made of themselves for all those years! 

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And by his likes he's like a huge fan of Justin Bieber???

Every freaking hockey boy under the age of 25 is a fan of Justin Bieber for some reason

I remember when I was doing some reading for the 2016 draft, way before I knew anything about Nolan, I saw a pic of Kale Clague at a JBieber concert. And oh look, Kale’s teammate was there too

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Hi :) what placements would make a good lawyer?

hello~ the scales of justice reside in Libra and the 7th house, where there is Venusian equity and diplomacy fused with Saturn’s karmic law and authority. This blending of energies creates a lawyer, counselor, mediator or social worker type of trend where interpersonal and social intelligence is applied to implementing equilibrium and moral principles among the given public. I think Libra mars or mars in the 7th for example could hold a lawful nature.. mars shows what one fights for, where one’s energy is directed to with passion, these positions may fight or advocate for justice. 

Sagittarius / 9th house rules over law but it is not in the same disciplinary fashion as Saturn, it is more spiritual, cosmic, an internal and universal law referring to fundamental ethics and morals, like knowing with intuition “what is right, what is wrong” so in this sense there’s an acute eye for justice on a worldly level. I think Saturn here could lay down this law with the totality of wisdom, or Pluto in the 9th holds strong convictions and can tear apart any corruption of morals, maybe Uranus in a way, urging justice for liberation to build a progressive future. 

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So, how did Victor found out that Yuuri can play piano and sing like an angel?

He found out after they moved in together because he saw Yuuri playing on his keyboard and singing during a quiet evening