9 December = What inferences can you draw?

First Page

I really should have taken the time to build a bowler hat for reference, too. On the other hand, no matter what shape I draw it would always been recognized as an old, worn, repellent, misshaped hat… 
It takes me 2,5 - 3 hours to finish each page, btw, and I am finishing the page for tomorrow right now. So I don’t know that much more than you guys, I read this thing just one page ahead of you. xD

anonymous asked:

Does the king play Pokemon? (I only asked because for a second I thought the king was smashing the ---- out of a Zubat and I just happened to be playing Pokemon, exploring a cave and forgot to buy repels so I had to encounter all these suckers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


The Future is Now!

“With this I’ll be able to gauge which way the wind is going and have the cat-packs,” her alternative name for their suits jet packs, “adjust accordingly so we don’t get blown away while repelling down cliffs! Nothing like getting smashed into a wall to inspire a correction. Now if only I could focus on it.” Pidge loudly cleared her throat and looked back at her intruding company. “Can I help you with something?”

Repel the thought, for if you don’t, it becomes an idea. So repel the idea; for if you don’t it will become a desire. So fight against that (desire), for if you don’t, it will become a determination and a passion. And if you don’t repel that, it will become an action. And if you don’t replace it with its opposite, it will become a constant habit. So at that point, it will be difficult for you to change it.
—  Ibn Al Qayyim
Creating banishing Stones

Create banishing stones:

Many people and energies pass through your home, create and use these stones to help banish and keep away evils from passing through your doorstep.

Items needed:

Flat stones, enough to place one on each side of your doors where people enter from the outside.

White paint

Black paint (optional to paint warding symbols onto the stones)

Find your stones and wash them off of any dirt.  Now paint them white, be sure to paint it completely.

After the white paint has dried, paint one warding symbol onto each stone.

once finished painting you can walk around your house and place the stones one on each side of the entrance to the doors.

As you place the say:

“Ward away all that can harm

stones by my door protect and ward.

Banish all spirits that come through my yard.”


Have you ever been out in the bug filled world and think “WOW WHAT WOULDNT I GIVE TO HAVE A REPEL RIGHT ABOUT NOW” 



Every Pokemon Trainer on the go ALWAYS Needs to pack the essentials! And with my special REPEL soap, an aspiring Pokemon Master can go Insect Free for 4-6 hours!! Every Batch is made with love and the power of Friendship! Now go out there and be the GREATEST POKEMON MASTER YOU CAN BE!!!


(Finally Added A New Soap to the Shop~)

Please be aware that this soap does contain Nepeta Cataria Oil also known as CATNIP, so please keep it out of a pets reach or in a place they cannot get to!! The last thing we need is a cat trying to eat soap and possibly getting sick!!!

With all aromatherapy soap, we issue the same warning that the human body can be allergic to anything, including things that many things that help the body. ALWAYS TEST THE SOAP ON THE BACK OF YOUR HAND BEFORE USING IT ON THE MORE SENSITIVE PARTS OF THE BODY TO BE SURE OF ANY ALLERGIC REACTIONS. PLEASE ALWAYS BE SAFE!

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