hello my name is tony stark and today i’ll be using my anxiety to design a suit made to withstand every possible worst-case-scenario i can come up with

Curse Removing Wash 💧

From an ask I received (here). 


  • Basil (protection)
  • Sage (protection + banishing)
  • Rosemary (protection + banishing)
  • Chamomile (banishing + peace)
  • Sea salt (protection + banishing)
  • Distilled water (less impurities than tap water; lasts longer if you choose to store it for later use)


  1. Mix ingredients into a bottle and use on yourself in the shower and/or use when cleaning your home as a floor/window wash
  2. After you use the wash on yourself or in your home, proceed to shower or clean up as usual
  3. Store in a cool, dark place for later use
Proof That Jughead is Aromantic - Masterpost

*so we know he’s asexual in canon. but he could still feel romantic attraction!!1!1

what’s this? a screenshot from the writer’s twitter??? doesn’t prove anything. that’s just one comic. i’ll put an asterisk next to the comics by this guy to prove he’s the only one writing Juggie as aro.

i’m not convinced. that’s pretty open to interpretation; he’s probably interested

well… maybe that could mean he’s aro?

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Humans Are Weird: Repellent

What if Earth wasn’t the only planet with mosquitos? Mosquitos are like a scourge to aliens, drinking blood and swarming around. Not to mention the possible diseases you can contract. So most planets with mosquitos were labeled uninhabitable and forgotten about, as they are nearly impossible to completely purge from a planet. That is, until humans come and start exploring all those “uninhabitable” planets that are perfect for them.

The Sentinel was a C-class explorer star ship, one of the first to explore the Beta Quadrant. It was part of the new Inter-Human Inclusion Program to help integrate humans into alien societies and familiarize species with one another. As such the Sentinel’s crew was roughly half and half, half human and half other aliens.

Today they were exploring planet S-00202B74, an organic planet with life and an atmosphere reliant on oxygen. The human crew had taken to nick-naming the planet Soo, saying the previous name was too long. The excursion crew contained two humans, Anna and Martin, and three aliens, Ja'rin, Urt'arg, and Kyr.

Soo was a swampy planet, 92 percent water but filled with life. Less than a minute after being on the planets porous surface, Anna suddenly smacked her arm angrily. “Why did you do that?!” Kyr exclaimed. A red handprint was forming on the woman’s bicep, but she smiled smugly. “Not to worry, just got a bloodsucker is all.” She wiped her palm on her leg. Ja'rin looked up fearfully, “A what now?” Martin waved his hand, “You know, mosquitos. I figured after leaving Earth I’d never have to see one again… .” He grimaced as he thought about it.

Ja'rin frantically looked at their exposed tentacles, “Oh no, we have to go back! These things eat you alive!” Anna came up to him, “Hey relax buddy, it’ll be fine! All we need is some bug spray.”

“Some what?”

“Insect repellant. You know, this stuff,” She said as she dug a small bottle out of her back pack. She uncapped it and sprayed the contents over her clothes, arms, and legs. “Pass it here,” Martin called. He repeated the strange ablutions. The normally quiet Urt'arg watched closely with their six blue eyes. “What is that?” they snorted. Martin replied, “It’s a chemical that repels bugs, makes it so they don’t want to bite you.”

Quite quickly for an alien with tentacles and not legs, Ja'rin was at the human’s side, “Could I borrow some? Please?” Martin resisted laughing, “Sure sure, but, hmm,” he looked at Ja'rin’s purplish tentacles, “maybe don’t use it directly on your skin. You absorb stuff really easily, and this might hurt you if you absorb too much.” Ja'rin hesitated now, “Hurt me? Why would that hurt me?”

Anna piped up, “I mean, it is poison after all. I think if you just put it on your uniform you’ll be okay.” Urt'arg’s globular eyes turned yellow and they garbled, “You- You put poison, just, all over you? To keep bugs off? Are you insane!?” Anna shrugged, “Hey, it’s a common thing on Earth. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want.”

None of the aliens took the offer to use the spray, but instead grabbed special suits from the ship. Oddly they didn’t touch either human until they returned to the Sentinel and washed.

The crew made their report to the Captain, Eisa and Muir, but Kyr stayed behind. “Captain, I have a report to add to the Human Manual. When in a hostile environment, more specifically one with aggressive insects, instead of fleeing or even putting on protective gear, humans will cover their bodies in poisonous chemicals to protect themselves.” Eisa blinked, and Muir asked, “I’m sorry, but what?” Kyr nodded, “On the mission, the planet had mosquitos! Instead of turning back, they just pulled out bottles of poison, like it was normal, and covered themselves in it. I guess it worked, they didn’t get bit after that, but I can’t believe they’d do that. It seems dangerous,” Eisa-Muir stood up with a sigh, their two heads having a silent conversation and sharing a look. “Thank you for the report,” Muir said. “You are dismissed,” said Eisa.

After Kyr left, Muir thought to Eisa, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

(If anyone wants to, you can add to this. I know my writing is below par, sorry)

sam cant actually fly, hes just so annoying the earth repels him

…Wait, this didn’t happen in Chapter 191? [Part 1]

I thought Han Solo’s famous quote is very fitting in this sort of situation! XD

Oh, forgot to say this! Just to clarify, Jian Yi is actually meant to be crying tears of joy because his confession has been acknowledged! :D

I designed this spell to repel various specific persons. It is not a general spell to keep people away from you, though. It targets a single person. 

It will cause them to avoid you. It is best used in situations where you’ve no other way of getting the person to leave you alone. It’s good for unwanted suitors and other such folks.

First, you must discover something that the target fears or finds disgusting or distasteful. General gross or frightening things won’t work, and risk repelling everyone. It must be something that the target themselves personally detests. 

For some folks, it’ll be something simple like spiders. For others, it may be a more complex thing, like a famous person they dislike or something similar. You may have to be creative in finding this out. And yes, interacting with the person to find it out is unfortunately going to be necessary.

Once you’ve discovered what it is the target hates the most, you can begin the spell! Find a representation of it. For most things, a simple photograph or visual representation printed on a slip of paper will do. 

You can get creative! Choose something very evocative that represents the person’s fear/disgust. Then, consecrate it. You can do this by holding it and imagining the target reacting with disgust or fear when presented with it. You could also enchant the object/image with words, by saying,

<Target> hates you and all you are.
Keep <Target> away, and always very far.

Then, stash the object/image somewhere discreet on your person. I usually tuck it into a pocket or into my purse when I use this spell. Once you’ve done this, the target of the spell will drift away from you. 

They may even seem to avoid you on purpose! It’s unlikely they’ll know why, and usually, they’ll rationalize it to themselves in some way. Still, you’ll be rid of them.

A few caveats, though. Don’t use this on someone you need to be in contact with, no matter how loathsome they are! This spell could backfire and cause major problems if that’s the case. 

You must also be very careful to tie the object/image to the target. Otherwise, other people with the same fear/disgust might begin to avoid you as well.

I’ve used this several times with good results. In most cases, the focal point of the spell was a picture of the thing in question. Once, though, I used an actual dead spider I found, tucked it into a very small bottle, and stashed it in my pocket. 

This was especially effective against a person I was trying to avoid who hated spiders. Still, I wouldn’t say that a picture is any less effective. It all depends on how much focus and intent you put into this.

The Sin of Hubris, and the Dangerous Myth of the Mighty Skywalker Bloodline

For many years, there was balance and then I saw Ben. My nephew with that mighty Skywalker blood. And in my hubris, I thought I could train him, I could pass on my strengths.

The Last Jedi is full of parallels and, in particular, parallel characters. You have Rey and Kylo Ren at the forefront, but you also have the pair of Luke and Snoke looming behind them. And while Luke may merely be bitter and tormented while Snoke is twisted and malevolent, both masters have walked shockingly similar paths with regards to Ben Solo. Luke openly admits to the sin of hubris - excessive pride or self-confidence - and is painfully aware of his failings. Snoke, by contrast, is all-too guilty of hubris but trips up by failing to be mindful of his pride. This lack of self-awareness is what, with delicious inevitability, results in his destruction. Luke is forced to confront his own hubris and pride when Ben Solo turns on him and destroys his temple, whereas Snoke receives no such lesson until it is too late - Kylo’s betrayal ends him definitively, and leaves no room for the reflection that Luke was permitted by his survival.

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