Regular Avengers -

J. G. Quinloki

“Oh wait, that wasn’t weed. It was acid!“

Thats right. Who better to be the trickster god than the creator of Regular Show JG Quintel. Design based on  his original demo reel "2 in the AM PM” Also wallpaper.

What are those cards he’s holding….???

Agent Don Coulson

Captain Mordecai

Benson Fury

Black Muscle & Hawkeye Ghost

The Incredible Skips

Pops the God of Thunder


Regular Avengers

‘If we can’t save the world, then by God we’ll make it regular.’

*Killed for stupid pun* Yeah, These are the doodles I did today of the Regular Avengers and what not. :) I really like how they came out. I promise they look better in real life. haha, I will most defiantly do more.

This concept does NOT belong to me, it belongs to the userCanofsketch.

Regular Avengers Follow-Up

Hello to everyone who follows me or who has liked the Regular Avengers set that I did!

Just wanted to do a follow up and answer some questions that may be out there about my choices or who was who. Also some possible upcoming characters as well.

Captain America & Mordecai
It felt obvious that Mordecai should be the Captain. He’s a good guy at heart, always has feelings for a certain lady, and he’s blue! Also his dynamic with Rigby would be perfect for going in tandem with the Cap and Iron Man.

Iron Rigby
Again, another obvious choice. He’s got the swag, the charm with the ladies and an inferiority complex towards Mordecai. Just like Tony Stark!

Incredible Skips
Hulk is the strongest and smartest of the group, so is the Hulk and Bruce Banner.
‘Nuff said. 

Pops the God of Thunder
A man who speaks in an old-timey fashion, doesn’t understand the modern world and is amused by simple things. Also his father is a very powerful man. Pops is perfect for Thor!

Benson Fury
In charge of a gaggle of misfit,s desperate to get them to work together, and always shouting. Also they both have a smooth dome head.

Black Muscle & Hawkeye Ghost
This was a tricky choice, but in the end I felt it was appropriate. First, Muscle Man and HFGhost are always a combo rarely ever seen apart. That dynamic plays well with Black Widows and Hawkeye’s. Plus its really funny to see Muscle Man in a skintight suit with his man-boobs flailing about. Gut Model.

Agent Don Coulson
I wanted to include Agent Coulson in the lineup cause he holds a special lace in my heart. All of the FEELS. I chose Rigby’s brother Don because Rigby always had a problem with him until it mattered, just like Tony Stark and Coulson. Plus they are both just overall great guys!

JG Quinloki
Now not an obvious choice, and thats what I wanted. Most of the Regular show “villains” just weren’t solid enough for me. Most only show up once and some show up 3 times. One person suggested that Otter that tried to steal Rigby’s identity, and I’ll admit that was a good one. In the end I felt choosing the creator of the show would be a good choice to play a mad trickster god.

OK! Now for some extra stuff! 

Mr. Maellard = Odin father of Thor and Loki
Obvious choice.

Margaret  = Pepper Pots 
Yeah yeah, probably no what you want to hear. Redhead, takin in by Rigby/Tony’s swag. This would also give Mordecai another reason to but heads with Rigby. 

Eileen = The How I met your Mother lady on the SHILED cruiser.

Death = the Chitari Leader in space.

Susan = the Chitari Army

AAAAAAnd thats all I got! Feel free to make suggestions! If they are awesome I might do them!