top 15 rwby duos - as voted by my followers

#14. Blake Belladonna + Weiss Schnee


Now, I have just watched and enjoyed another Cards Against Humanity video from Mark, with Ethan and Tyler. Now here are a number of things I took note of:

> After around 13 minutes, Tyler begins to laugh at some cards that are funny for whatever reason, something relatively normal with this game right? When he has this laughing fit not only does the background music cut out but both Mark and Ethan look slightly puzzled/disturbed. This not only makes it seem slightly more scary, but also more…real. Well, he sort of goes into another laughing fit after a brief moment of composure after the first, and the shot soon cuts away…but instead of the video moving on normally, the screen of whatever you’re watching the video on goes crimson. Just plain crimson. The regular light music continues on in the background whilst that colour persists for 20-30 seconds. Then, the video continues as normal, with no acknowledgment of any issues. Now, this could be an editing issue that they just didn’t notice when putting it together; but I think that is HIGHLY unlikely. So, it may transpire that something or even someone has corrupted that part of the video; but that isn’t the part that concerns me. I am worried, because it happened just after Tyler had an ever so slightly irregular laughing fit. So it really does beg the question: Did something or someone corrupt Tyler momentarily? I hope not.

> The other ‘thing’ that seemed a little odd in this particular video of Mark’s is the very end. Traditionally at the end of a Markiplier video there will be a little repeated visual of something that looked funny in the video, accompanied by his happy outro theme. However, this time it was a little strange. Firstly, the clip itself wasn’t all that unique since it was just Mark looking down and then up. That was it. Except, he didn’t just look up…he glitched up. You see it for just a brief moment but it’s there, and Mark is seemingly emotionless during the minimal transition. We all know that glitching full stop is a sign that there is something irregular happening, but the lack of added effects or editing interests me because on this occasion it’s been done very simply and without too much finesse. So, what exactly is it?

> This final point links in with the previous since it concerns the ending clip. When I first saw it I perceived that Mark was relatively emotionless, but now I’m not so sure. Looking at it now it’s clear that Mark is in fact smiling when he’s facing the camera, but this smile doesn’t feel as charming as usual. The smile is there but for me it doesn’t really feel that Mark is there with it, if you get what I mean. Combined with the glitching, I don’t think that this ‘happy’ expression is all it seems.

To conclude, there is some video manipulation like what we usually look for but this seems more elegant and professional. It doesn’t have the madness of Warfstache or the intensity of Dark. It’s more methodical and organised which would, from my perspective, suggest Google. You see when Dark has intervened there’s the telltale audio disturbance as well as intense visuals, and with Warstache he makes it into a whole spectacle. Markiplier TV proved that.

Perhaps after Google’s update he wanted to prove ‘how useful’ he could be? However the suggestion that he could have an influence over Mark and Tyler could imply that he wasn’t working alone. So I guess what I’m really asking is….

@markiplier should we be concerned?


zen accuses jumin of being an alcoholic, and points out how he keeps uploading pictures of alcohol on the messenger. cue seven’s comment, which suggests that jumin is posting a lot of pictures. seven is messing around, but just for fun, let’s do the math.

(note: this assumes pricing is the same as our universe. everything calculated on Oct 10, 2017)

seven owns a herrari, which is the mysme universe’s version of a ferrari. since we don’t know the exact details, let’s be very conservative and go with the cheapest ferrari model, which is around ₩227,331,116.59 or $200,000.

since jumin loves wine, let’s look at how much each bottle costs. jumin says the price for a single bottle of wine is ‎₩200,000 or about $175.84. we can use this as the average price of the premium, expensive wines he’s buying.

ultimately, jumin would be uploading at least 1,137 bottles of expensive wine to match the price of seven’s car. this is assuming seven has the cheapest car on the market, which he probably doesn’t. 

seven’s exaggerating to make a point about how many pictures jumin’s uploading, so the math is just for fun. but even if he hasn’t uploaded over a thousand bottles of wine in total, i think seven and zen might have a point about his drinking. jumin, are you okay?

Thrilled as i am about this kiss, i’m also feeling slightly uneasy about it. Nicole is very proud of her job and is always professional, and of course Waverly is supportive of her and “ loves watching her work”, that’s evident, but i also think she sometimes doesn’t take Nicole’s job seriously or gives her the respect her position deserves, especially while being in uniform. Nicole is feeling pretty deflated because of the recent un- deputizing, so i think she’s holding a lot to herself atm to prove to whomever and  even herself what a great cop she really is, that she isn’t just “ Waverly’s Girlfriend” ( that said, i’m so happy we get some backstory and this season is exactly about that, Nicole being her own person and not just attached to the “ girlfriend” position)..

I’m just worried if Waverly putting moves on her ( more then just a quick kiss or hug) in a public setting, while in uniform is going to turn out so well. 

Of course in the scene Nicole could be totally on-board with any public display like that, and i’d be wrong, but just some words of thought.

Listen, you can’t be mad at Scott for dating Stiles’ ex but be completely okay with Lydia dating Malia’s ex. Either you’re okay with friends dating each other’s exes or you aren’t. You don’t get to pick and choose when to have a “bro-code”.

SideM Song List

Since the release of episode 0 of the SideM anime, I have received several messages and asks about the series, specifically its music.

Due to this, I have compiled a list of songs we may see performed within the series. If you’re new to the franchise, or would just like a refresher beforehand, I’d recommend checking this list out!

The units listed below are those promoted as being the main cast, let me know if you’d like me to add the others!


Alice or Guilty

Koi wo Hajimeyou


Planet scape



Kaleidoscope TOURHYTHM (performed with W)

Touma Amagase



Hokuto Ijuuin

Kesshou~Crystal Dust~


Shouta Mitarai

On Sunday






MOON NIGHT no Sei ni Shite

Yozora o Kirameku Hoshi no You ni (performed with High×Joker)

Teru Tendo


Kaoru Sakuraba


Tsubasa Kashiwagi

Yakusoku wa Dreaming Flight





OUR SONG -Sore wa Sekai de Hitotsu Dake-

Yozora o Kirameku Hoshi no You ni (performed with DRAMATIC STARS)

Shiki Iseya

Saikoo COUNT UP!

Haruna Wakazato

Seishun! Satisfaction

Jun Fuyumi

Genuine Feelings

Natsuki Sakaki

Natsuzora Records

Hayato Akiyama

No released image songs.


Smile Engage



Fun! Fun! Festa!

Eureka Diary (performed with S.E.M)


No released image songs.

Minori Watanabe


Kyoji Takajo

Flying Hawk


∞ Possibilities

Study Equal Magic!


Sa-yo-na-ra Summer Holiday

Eureka Diary (performed with Beit)

Rui Maita

No released image songs.

Jiro Yamashita

GOLD ~No.79 ~

Michio Hazama

Learning Message 



Pleasure Forever…



Kaleidoscope TOURHYTHM (performed with Jupiter)

Kyosuke Aoi

“W"onderful Tactics!

Yusuke Aoi

No released image songs. 

I just need to put this out there…I keep seeing all this stuff about “Kensi choosing the job over Deeks, blah blah blah”

I don’t think that’s the case at all, and more importantly, I don’t think Deeks sees it that way either.  They know what is expected of them in this job and I don’t for one second think Deeks could have walked about if he had been in Kensi’s shoes, just like I don’t believe Deeks actually expected Kensi to walk either (and not because she doesn’t love him as much as the job, but because it’s just what they (as LEOs) do. 

I think Deeks was feeling helpless and scared - especially not being with her like they’re used to - and all he could think about was begging Kensi to not go through with it.  And his “anger” in that end scene was still mostly out of fear…not actual anger that she didn’t do what he asked her to.

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