"5sos doesn’t need to thank one direction" lol ok yeah, they don’t need to thank one direction, the biggest band on the planet, for discovering them on youtube. they don’t need to thank them for all the promo. they don’t need to thank them for bringing them out on not one, but TWO massive sold out 1D world tours… tours that helped grow their fanbase exponentially which is why they were even able to get to the AMAs and win a fan-voted award…

anonymous asked:

Can iiregardless and regardless be used interchangeably?

Regardless is a legitimate word that every single person on earth acknowledges as a valid word.

Irregardless, on the other hand, is an informal variant of regardless. It can be viewed as the illegitimate child of irrespective and regardless

If you use irregardless (especially in your writing), you will incur the wrath of many people who will be more than happy to point out that irregardless is an “uneducated” word. (Some people even put irregardless on the same level of formality and legitimacy as ain’t, i.e., not very high.)

So again, the answer to your question is a resounding 

Simply use regardless or irrespective, look smart, and move on.


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     Holy shit. I never thought I’d get this far with Momo, I honestly thought
     maybe 10-20 people would follow this blog, but that numbers grown all
     the way to 400 !! It’s insane ! I never imagined that so many people 
     would like my portrayal of Momo, or even want to rp with me. I’m so 
     shocked, in honesty. Thank you all, and I hope that I can continue on
     pouring out headcanons, rps and threads !! 

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            I sincerely apologize if I missed anyone !! I know I must’ve, but there’s
            so many that my eyes are beginning to hurt @n@ 
            Regardless, thank you so much for following, and I look forward to the
            future.  .  . ! But, before that—-there’s one more person that gets his
            own lil special spot on this list. He helped me actually get into rping, 
            over skype first, then on tumblr! Not only that, but we’ve been close 
            buds for almost four years now .  .  . !
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