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Sorry for bothering you again, but do you maybe have tips for what would be the best way to practice anatomy? I'm having extreme difficulties to draw persons in motion or even just laying against a tree. The tips I find the most are to learn all the muscles and to learn how to draw in perspective. But all of that is so overhelming and I have no idea where to even start.

For me, I found my Life Drawing classes to be very helpful in practicing anatomy, we had a model pose for us and we drew a lot of gestures, we were told the most important part was to use a line of action, and using shapes to our advantage.

I didn’t draw these ^ I found them on google images, but they show you what gestures are, these were most likely done in 30 second rounds, maybe a minute

these below are mine v

I started doodling the poses in familiar characters on the corner of my pages when I was in class.

If you can’t do life drawing classes, look up picture references on google images, there are a lot of poses people do that you can look at for practice just to get the hang of anatomy 

A story about Rob James-Collier and the Nobel Prize in Literature

So today the Swedish Academy announced that Kazuo Ishiguro won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature and that’s all well and good (I haven’t read any of his books don’t judge me). Also this is all over twitter because The Nobel Prize is obvs a really big thing in Sweden. So I’m scrolling through my twitter feed and see that someone has posted the Swedish cover of one of Kazuo Ishiguro’s books (The Remains of the Day) and I just stop because:

And internally I’m screaming because I KNOW THIS PICTURE! I know that jaw and those lips and that one pixel of a cheekbone!!! The hand is not wearing a glove though, so I decide to google Thomas Barrow season 1 (I felt like my deduction skills were on POINT). (Also there is something to be said about a footman not wearing gloves at all, but let’s just leave it.)

Anyway, here’s what I found: 

(If you’re anything like me you’ve definitely seen this photo on tumblr before, more than once.)

Apparently a Swedish artist called Jon Holm used this photo as a reference for one of his paintings, which later was used for the cover of this novel.

Long story short: Rob James-Collier as Thomas Barrow is on the cover of a Nobel Prize winning author’s novel and I’m furious I didn’t know about this book cover sooner. 

Okay, I can’t remember if I mentioned this at the time or not, but I did a presentation in one of my lectures on disability as a social division and I had a section on ableist language where I talked about the use of autism as an insult.

And I was specifically looking for a reference for that time an American politician used it as an insult…

Yeah, I had to get through three other pages of Google search results of politicians using it as an insult to get to that one example.

Like, I found it had been used as an insult for the Prime Minister of Israel more than once…

And one time a French politician used it to insult the Tories, and while I’m usually all for insulting the Tories…

Honestly, it was kind of ridiculous that I came away with a whole list when the only parameters were “politician uses autism as an insult”.

So, yeah, I have a list if anyone ever needs blatant evidence of politicians being jackasses towards autistic people.

I can’t even sometimes…

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Would you be able to direct me to any old videos of Rikyako during her idol days/acting clips/modelling photos if you are aware of the whereabouts of these? I love Rikyako a lot so I'd love to know more about her past, I've searched for old footage under the names Momoi Rikako and Itou Rikako many times but can't seem to find anything, can you help? Don't worry if you don't have any details on this, thank you anyway :)

If you were a true fan, you’d go through the same countless hours of trial-and-error research and grueling work of translating pages of Japanese content like the rest of us. Get on our level!!!

…just kidding. I’ll help you out, Anon! (m9^ω’) Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and I’m happy to spread the seiyuu love.

Let me guess - you typed “momoi rikako” into Google and only found her Wikia pages? For future reference, if you’re looking for old seiyuu stuff you’re gonna have to do your searches in Japanese.

Momoi Rikako = 桃井梨花子

This is the stage name she first used, back in her idol days. Since her first idol group Marine☆Star barely did anything, the footage that’s scattered across the web is from the one DVD released by her second idol group, Jewel☆Hands. The keywords to search for would be “ファーストステップ ジュエル★ハンズ” (FIRST STEP Jewel☆Hands), the title of the DVD.

FYI, the video is really easy to find on YouTube. Just be prepared for the awkwardness of an indie DVD produced over a decade ago, from things like:

B-grade green screens!

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The 100 Boys | How You Met (Preference)

Bellamy Blake

You were apart of Trikru when you and Bellamy met.  You two met half an hour after the whole A.L.I.E situation ended. You were mourning the lost of your friends when he came over to comfort you.

John Murphy

You met Murphy on the ark, your parents were friends with his so immediately you two became close, not long after you two became each others best and pretty much only friend. The following years you called him “John”, even after you two were sent to the ground.

Jasper Jordan

You met Jasper at the Unity Day Masquerade Dance. He watched you dance with your friends as he tried to make his way over to you.. Which ended up with him backing out and slowly walking away with his head low, it was at this point when he bumped into someone. It was you, you two got talking after he made some witty reference to an old movie he watched.

Monty Green

You and Monty met on farm station. You were working when you saw him and his best friend, Jasper, stealing a particular herb that keeps on going missing. You confronted the boys, catching them in the act, but to their surprise you asked to join them with what they were using the herbs for….


Lincoln was meeting up with Luna from Floukru when he met you. You were accompanying Luna when you got talking to Lincoln. He began meeting with just you, starting your relationship from there.

(Not my gifs - Found on Google Images)

True story
  • Me: [decides to take a shower]
  • [gets back 30 minutes later]
  • Sherlock Fandom: "OMG! Derren Brown and Mark Gatiss are FRIENDS! You remember how Sue confirmed there were 4 extra minutes and then TFP didn't show anything new? BUT THE PURE DRAMA TRAILER WAS EXACTLY 4 MINUTES LONG! It's part of the show! They are using subliminal messages on us! OMG OMG OMG!"
  • [stops for half a second]
  • "Also, I googled kemp and now I've found all these sheep references."
  • "Steve Thompson is fake!"
  • Me: [blinks] "I've missed something while I was in the shower haven't I?"

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How would you recommend writing a British girl? I know idioms and some specific words are important but my novel is not in english yet and I'd like to know if there are some distinguish things in the behavior I could write that could help the readers understand that my character is British (except stereotypes such as drinking tea of course)

Well, to start at the top, “British” generally refers to someone from Great Britain, though may also refer to someone from the British Isles. Great Britain has more than one country in it:

The first thing you’ll have to do is decide where she’ll actually be from. The second thing is that you’ll have to decide if the character can communicate effectively with the other characters. (By that, I mean “does she speak the same language”). Also, tea is a big part of their culture, so it would be really weird for her to not drink it.

After you decide those two things, all that’s left is research. I’ll give you some sources to look into, but because your ask wasn’t terribly specific, that’s all I can really do.

Online Articles:

Ten British habits Americans will never understand by BBC

Strange British habits that confuse the rest of the world by Business Insider UK

13 Things British People Do That Americans Will Never Understand by Thought Catalog

You can also find more with google using quick keyword searches. These were found using “habits British people have”. Once you decide where you want her to be from, you can do much more specific searches.

As for books, there’s always How to Speak Brit, which you should remember to check your local library for before deciding if you want to purchase.

rodentmancy replied to your post “it was kind of weird to people saying that rose christo was…”

never heard the word before, getting the info on that out would be good

I have seen Pretendian used a few times for other people who were also faking being native american – medievalpoc, andrea smith, ward churchill and others. It seems to be a very obnoxious phenomenon.

Ethnic fraud was a term we had not seen until we used it ourselves, although when we googled it, we found that other people were using it already to refer to the exact thing we were referring to, which makes sense to us as it is a very straightforward term to use to describe such a thing.

Thinking about such people as rose christo and dolezal, we wonder if this is in fact an example of fetishism – that is, these people in question imagining the identities they are fabricating to possess mystical qualities they do not actually have.

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I know you say you use inspo pictures a lot. Were you referencing something with those town homes, because they are so amazingly beautiful and I'm just wondering where you got your inspiration! Thanks

Yep! As (almost) always, I was looking at a reference picture. I found this one by Googling something like “Chicago brownstone,” since I knew there were lots of homes with the look I wanted in Chicago (I stalked lots of them last time I visited!). Fun fact: one of the homes in this picture was purchased by some rich bastard for two million dollars; you can look at the real estate listing here and see more pictures of the beautiful interior.

So here’s the inspiration and my Sims version. I love the yellow one :D You can see that I swapped the position of that one, and that my first unit is actually the mirror image of the one second from left in the picture, along with a couple other changes, both necessary and aesthetic. But overall I stuck pretty close to my reference picture!

So, cause I’m bored and not really embracing my new uni life I drew this. When @ouch-thats-hot and I were discussing how we imagined Nagisa’s hair for ‘Best for Us’ we were very on the same page. Thus, sticking to the anime style as close as possible (the reference photo for Nagisa himself can easily found on a google search) and then messing with his hair. Did you guys imagine it like this when you were reading? Was it more fluffy? Shorter? Flat? Let us know! Personally I think it suits him and am not surprised that Karma would fall head over heels. 

And the new chapter is on track to be uploaded so keep your eyes peeled!

@legend-of-lonk you just gave me the best worst idea possible

what if you were a pokemon trainer/breeder and you wanted to be able to just hold the left d-pad down with a paperweight and hatch some fucking eggs on this stretch??

the first order of business is deciding how big a “tile” is in pokemon. since they are also referred to as “steps” in-game i figured i’d just use an average gait measurement and call it a step. for the sake of simplicity i’ll be using a measurement i found on google: 2.5 feet, or 0.762 m.

the length of the continuous strip of land above i also found on google, measuring 13,589.31 km. that’s a lot of meters, so let’s convert the 0.762 m from above to 0.000762 km so we have matching units.

so to find out how may steps total it would take to go from the left (Liberia) to the right (China), we need to divide that 13589.31 km by 0.000762 km.

that gives us a whopping 17,833,740.16 steps

but what kind of pokemon are we hatching? is it a baby pokemon? do we have a pokemon with a warm ability (i.e. Magma Armor) in our party? are we using O-Powers? did we hit up our magic egg hatching friend in our super secret base before we left?

out of morbid curiosity, let’s assume that we are hatching a legal (non-legendary, excluding Phione) pokemon with the absolute maximum base step count required to hatch. since there are a bunch that fit this description, let’s go with Happiny. we’re trying to breed ourselves a 6IV Happiny that will level up to be a great special wall someday. Happiny’s base step count is 10,280 steps in Gen VI. let’s also say we’re shitty breeders and we don’t have any O-Powers or Magma Armor/Flame Body pokemon.

finally, let’s assume we can carry as many eggs on us as we want via hammerspace, and that only one egg is counting steps at a time (i.e. every 10280 steps one egg hatches). now, how many Happiny would we hatch in a single trip across this stretch of land under these conditions?

17,833,740 / 10,280 = 1734 Happiny eggs hatched. gonna need a hell of a lot of pokeballs for those.

now let’s reverse these conditions. now we’re hatching Magikarp (1285 base steps) with a Flame Body pokemon and unlimited strong Hatching O-Powers, making the true step count ~322 per egg.

17,833,740 / 322 = 55,384 Magikarp.

good lord that’s pretty excessive

unfortunately, you now have 55,000+ Magikarp. but look on the bright side. even at the base probability of 1 / 4,096 as of Gen VI, you might have ~13 shiny golden Magikarp. maybe even more!

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Hi, Smithsonian tumblr team; A distant, grainy/ low-def image of James Smithsonian standing in front of a gigantic black bird ('Thunderbird' exhibit) image pops up on tumblr now + then but the source doesn't seem exactly reputable (not posted by "official" Smithsonian tumblr). Just curious if this is an actual exhibit and if so, where, when, etc...? If you have info (or a link) it would be great. It's posted on tumblr byamericanwizarding. (can't include image in my Q). Thanks, tuesday

Hi there, Tuesday! Thanks for asking. We did some Googling and found the photo you were referring to. First things first: That couldn’t be a photo of James Smithson. He died in 1829. The first cameras weren’t practical or useful until a few decades later. The suit and tie combo also would have been extremely fashion forward for the time.

The “Thunderbird” is a legendary animal in cryptozoology like Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. Just to be sure (and much to their enjoyment) we checked with Smithsonian Archives and this photo is not from our collections. We also never had any exhibition featuring a large bird like this. We’re not sure of the photo’s origins or why it has been attributed to the Smithsonian. 

We also checked out the tumblr you mentioned.

And while we know we don’t have to explain there’s no secret Institute of Magical Knowledge that houses wizardry artifacts here, we do have a connection to one of the most famous wizards in popular culture.

It is true that our founder James Smithson was the illegitimate son of the Duke of Northumberland (he was not a half-blooded wizard, however). The residence of the Duke of Northumberland is Alnwick Castle, which was used as the Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter movies (reference ). 

Now excuse us while we consult the Library of Forbidden Books and cast a forgetting spell on all who read this. 

Okay I’m putting my foot down on all the Patricia Highsmith apologism on Tumblr. Like, literally alarm bells should go off when someone has a separate wikipedia section dedicated just to their anti-Semitism. What’s not mentioned there can be found through a 2-second google search:

Principally, it was anti-Semitism that clawed her … ‘Jew-hater’ is really the proper term for what Patricia Highsmith was. When she wasn’t calling the 'Holocaust’, 'Holocaust, Inc.’, she was referring to it as the 'semicaust’ - apparently because it had destroyed only half of world Jewry. 

She charmingly thought Jews, like Jews in my family, were trying to profit from their horrible deaths and traumas. Oh, and the fact that there’s so few of us left today because of the most devastating pogrom on our people is a pity, because we should be gone completely. And she wasn’t even original about it because this is literally what every precious neo-Nazi ever says, God love ‘em. I can’t be cute about this, I can’t be all “Well, we all have our problematic faves!” For the love of God, Montresor.

Something small but important I would like to bring to you folk’s attention in response to seeing my personal art studies reblogged and tagged as “art reference”; folks, do not use my studies as reference. It will NOT teach you what you need or want to know. What you see in my studies is artistic shorthand, “abbreviated” details that tell me exactly what I need to know / is supplemented by background understanding of the subject at hand. This will not read at all to you. In essence, you are seeing material that is on the surface a good 30% - 70% missing information. Human error and personal stylisation are also factors here. While I do my best to accurately replicate what I see in photographs for the sake of my own education, the end result will not match the original for the above reasons. Doing studies based off of someone else’s studies will only capitalise on these errors, stunting your learning process and reinforcing incorrect information as correct. Doing studies off of someone else’s work that isn’t expressly made for such use is also rather tactless on top of this. I do not post these studies for you to use as a resource; they were never meant and will never BE meant to be used in this fashion. I share these studies as a personal record and to encourage other, developing artists that follow my art to do their own studies to further their own art goals.

For the sake of your own artistic growth, do not use my studies as reference. Most studies I do are done with the combined help of the internet and my personal book collection. All the jerboas and skeletons presented in the recent study can be found on Wikipedia and through Google with a “jerboa” and “jerboa skeleton” image search. Reference the real thing, not someone else’s work. Formulate your own understanding! Attempting to learn someone else’s shorthand of anatomical understanding will only result in broken knowledge and a lot of frustration.

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Vatican cameos is a military code word meaning an intruder with a gun, so duck. Sherlock knows that John, being ex military, would automatically duck when he heard the words. Just google the words.

A fairly extensive internet search has led me to no such conclusions. I also have family friends in the military, none have never heard of any such code, historical or otherwise.

The only thing I found that seems to corroborate this claim is a tumblr post saying that “Vatican cameos” was a code used during WWII to indicate that someone is armed, but the post refers to no reliable source. In fact, it refers to no source at all. Even if it were true, John was not alive during WWII and is not a military historian.

Notably, Sherlock also said “Vatican cameos” in “The Sign of Three,” and John’s reaction was clearly not to duck, so it seems to be a personal code for “danger”.

“Vatican cameos” were mentioned in The Hound of the Baskervilles:

“I had observed some newspaper comment at the time, but I was exceedingly preoccupied by that little affair of the Vatican cameos, and in my anxiety to oblige the Pope I lost touch with several interesting English cases.”

Which was written in 1901, 38 years before the outbreak of WWII. As such, any connection between “Vatican cameos” and the military seems incredibly unlikely.