8 Days and 3 Shoots Later...

The past eight days have been rather busy for myself. My first shoot of 2011 saw me 2nd AC'ing on a Spec Trailer for a film. It allowed me to use and experience a new camera, the Sony F900 - the digital cine camera used to shoot ‘Star Wars: Episode II’. 

Following on from that shoot was the crown jewel of the week, when I was fortunate enough to be a Camera Trainee for a commercial. Sadly I can’t mention anymore details about it as I was made to sign a non-disclosure agreement, however, I can say that we shot on the Arri Alexa! I finally managed to get my hands on her!

The Arri Alexa is a wonderfully simple and intuitive camera to use. It was a pleasure to work with on set, even if it is still lacking features that other digital cine cameras have, such as built in playback. We shot on a set of Cooke S4’s, which I had been keen to see in action. 

The third and final shoot, was a book trailer over the weekend, shot partly on location and at the NFTS Studios. For that I was the Grip.

I was teamed up once again with a crew I have worked with before, whom I regard highly, and it was a pleasure working with them again. Shooting on the RED One with MX sensor, we used a Ronford Baker slider, which sat atop of the sticks to add some movement to the scenes. I also got to use a custom made extending tongue and dutch head, which was a bit of a novelty for me. 

All in all, not a bad start to 2011. 


Raphael Saadiq - Good Man

Directed by Isaiah Serett, Cinematography by Matthew Lloyd

Production Co. - Doomsday Entertainment

Red MX, Cooke Speed Pancros



good stuff


El Sportivo & The Blooz - “Clover”

Director:  Claire Cottrell

Cinematographer:  Paul Laufer

My Position: First AC

(it’s suppose to be soft)


“Why do you eat chicken at the sea…?”