This god damn anime is ruining my life as well as representing something that needed to be done for so long and break down every barrier that blocked the way.

Finally, for once, we’re being given an accurate (well you know) representation of a healthy, normal, and not sexualitized lgbt+ relationship and it’s so…it’s so realistic that it just takes your breath away. It’s not dancing or the skating that caught our eyes or the hearts of its watchers….it’s the characters, their realistic struggles and triumphs, the relationships it’s portraying, the real world life styles! We’re all here now because finally we’re being given something we can relate to and scream over for the right reasons. For once we aren’t a sexualized tag or somethubg to be shamed on. We’re being normal- not set on a pedestal, highlighted, tagged…just…normal. As we SHOULD be.

Yuri on Ice single handedly knocked down so many preset barriers that, with every episode, it’s become a part of us in various aways. It’s encouraging others to do good things for themselves and for others. I swear if you look around, THIS is the purest fandom around. Because that’s what we’re bring given. A pure, healthy, story with a pure and healthy relationship.

Don’t let this ever change, not now, not later, not even it’s long after its ended.

Let YOI’s legend live on and be the domino that sets off the line. Keep posting, show support, freak pray for a season two, and stay positive.

“Avrei anche potuto accontentarmi, ma è così che si diventa infelici.”

— Charles Bukowski


I attended my first protest today against alt-right speaker, Richard Spencer. This white supremacist and racist is appalling, and I’m proud to say I demonstrated against him. 

His beliefs are so extreme and he is a true neo-nazi, the hatred and ignorance he brought to Texas A&M does not reperesent our campus. His right to speak is protected under the 1st amendment, but this is HATE speech. This is more extreme than Donald Trumps rhetoric…

Things he has said:

  • “Let’s party like it’s 1933″
  • “There needs to be more trolling and humor in this world, even making fun of people with autism”
  • “I don’t think we can all live together in the same country if there’s going to be happiness”
  • “I am not the cause of racial divisions in the United States.”
  • “It’s not good to be a minority. That’s why I don’t want my children to be minorities.”
  • Spencer on whites: “We can make our own beds. We can mow our own God damn laws.”
  • “This country does belong to white people – culturally, socially and politically.”
  • “Texas is a wonderful place to live and there are a lot of white men’s bones in the ground to make that happen.”
  • "We need to be a little outlandish. We need to trigger the world.”
  • “America at the end of the day belongs to white men.”
Yo cambiaría todo lo que tengo, todo lo que tendré, incluso mi propia existencia en este mundo, para que mi Mama construya un mejor futuro para ella, no importa que no vuelva a existir, solo quiero que sea mucho más feliz de lo que es ahora.

Un Chico Escribiendo.