Here’s the thing: I know how painful it is to be told to shut up about something you’re passionate about. So if someone talks to me about their interests and I see how much it means to them, I will always urge them to keep going.

charles is listening to surface thoughts. the mundane little thoughts that filter through to the top of the pile – what day it is, what someone is having for dinner. it’s all easy when it’s right there. five minutes (and that’s only because he’s endlessly rechecking) he knows it’s friday, the year is 2016 and he’ll figure that out later, and that this town is called stonefield.

immediate questions answered, and he has so many more, but it’s only a presence that knocks him from from his little trance. “i apologise, i do believe i was in your way,” he offers.

I’ve been watching the French dub of Steven Universe here. We Need To Talk aired yesterday (uncensored!) and it contains my favourite bit of localisation.

When Greg asks Rose “How’d you end up with Harpo, Groucho, and Chico?” here instead he asks about “Athos, Porthos, and Aramis”.

Now I really need Which Gem Is Which Musketeer discussions to go with the Which Gem Is Which Marx Brother ones (IIRC the most common take back during that Steven Bomb was that Garnet was Harpo, Pearl was Groucho, and Amethyst was Chico?).

Unrelated, an interesting thing about their dub of Rose’s Scabbard is that this is the first one I’ve seen where Pearl’s hologram of Rose is actually dubbed by Rose’s voice actress, instead of just Pearl saying her lines. So in this case it becomes clear that the final exchange is

Rose: My Pearl…
Pearl: You’re wonderful.

as opposed to Rose saying both, which is a thing I’ve been wondering about for quite some time.

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he definitely doesn't say boyfriend ones he says "boyfriend" "lou-louis' boyfriend" and louis goes "uh ahhhh we're gonna have to take that bit out"


Liam: Yeah, me and Louis have both girlfriends. We’re the only… um…

Harry: Boyfriend ones.

Liam: … Guys with girlfriends and the rest of them are all single.

Louis: And the rest of them all have got boyfriends!

Interviewer: Alright!

Harry: We’re all each other’s boyfriend.

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In your "If Eret will be a pro-dragon missionary in HTTYD3" thing, you mentioned that Eret has an entire musical theme written after him, and I was wondering what you meant by that? Did you mean like a part of the score was his theme, and if so what part? Or did you mean something completely different?

Thanks so much for asking! It’s fun to talk about music, and I downright adore John Powell’s HTTYD 2 soundtrack besides. They’re incredible!

Whenever I talk about musical themes (I also call them “leitmotifs” and “motives”), I’m talking about specific melodies. These melodies recur throughout the score in various places. The melodies are varied in terms of instrumentation, emotion, expression, and more, but you can still tell it’s the same melody. These melodies are symbolic and represent a specific character or idea within the movie, and the melodies play in the background whenever that idea/character is shown on screen. For instance, Astrid has a theme that repeats throughout the first and second HTTYD movie, and it’s played in the background whenever there’s an important moment regarding her in the storyline on screen. I have compiled all incidences of Astrid’s theme in this post along with a happy analysis.

The HTTYD soundtracks are rich in themes. In fact, the HTTYD soundtracks have more themes, symbolism, and meaning than any other soundtrack I have ever heard. I’ve analyzed some of them like I’ve done with Astrid’s theme, but I’m nowhere close to being finished. Someday I hope to finish my analyses/compilations of all the different themes in the movie because there is just so much amazing content within them, and I really could talk about it forever. Anymore, tumblr’s music copyright bot will not led me upload sound clip compilations, and I really don’t want to put myself in any potential trouble there. Otherwise, I would show you now audially where the theme occurs. 

HTTYD Theme 6: Eret’s Theme

  • Toothless Lost 0:00-0:25 (HTTYD 2 Soundtrack) / Eret Has Visitors (HTTYD 2 Expanded Soundtrack)
  • Get ‘Em You Son of Eret (HTTYD Expanded Soundtrack)

Eret’s theme is not as frequently reiterated as some other themes in the How to Train Your Dragon 2 soundtrack. In fact, I think I have only found two straightforward iterations of the theme (I could always be missing something, of course). Despite its sparsity, it still is audibly present, highly recognizable, repeated multiple times throughout the score, and notably connected with the character. I imagine this theme will recur in the third movie to further connect this motive with Eret son of Eret.

Eret’s theme is a brazen melody. It’s energetic, bold, confident, and cocky just like he is. It is always played with high energy and a sense of gallivanting excitingness. The swinging, bouncing rhythm is what creates this energy, and the instrumentation always selects loud, high-energy instruments like the strings or especially brass to carry the melody. Of all the melodies, this is by far the brassiest in HTTYD 2 – a perfect characterization of his equally brassy character.

Eret’s theme is first in its full uninhibited glory and energy when Hiccup returns to Eret’s ship and flies down to meet him. This moment is 0:00-0:25 of “Toothless Lost” in the official HTTYD 2 soundtrack, and has the separate name and track “Eret Has Visitors” in the expanded soundtrack. While I have included only the first twenty-five seconds of this track here, the following section might have some incredibly subtle interactions of the melody inside the following section when Hiccup is wandering around Eret’s ship and surrendering himself to the trappers. Eret’s theme returns when he tells Astrid to “duck,” fights off Drago’s men, and helps the Hooligan youths escape their bonds.

An hour later and they were in position, in wait, for the trap to go off. In the forest of Fire County, the nine of them were in formation.

Ino in the centre of the path, and around her the other eight in a wishbone shape, with Sai and Chouji hanging a hundred yards back in the furthest point from the origin of their targets, at Ino’s six. They were not to engage in combat, as Sai was an unknown variable, and Chouji, physically the strongest amongst them, was their last line of defence. It was a bit grim, but she also trusted him most to survive.

Everyone else was ready to act.

To counter Hoshigake Kisame, there was Shikamaru at her three, with Kiba and Akamaru flanking him as support, twenty yards away. At her two was Tenten, at twenty five yards. Also twenty five yards away, across from Tenten, there was Shino at her ten o'clock. Ino would draw Itachi out in front, leaving Shikamaru to use his binding technique in the blind spot of the sharingan. Also in the blind would be Shino’s insects, moving underground to Kisame’s position to drain his chakra. Shikamaru would have the Mist nin withdraw his sword, drop it to the ground, and leave it clear for Tenten to move in and seal.

On Ino’s left there was Neji at her seven, fifteen yards away, and also fifteen yards away, was Rock Lee at her four. They were her immediate back up against Itachi. Rock Lee had a weakness against nin- and genjutsu, but his taijutsu was second only to his sensei. Neji, on the other hand, had superb awareness of his chakra coils and was strong against genjutsu, and capable of stopping Itachi’s jutsu from its source.

They were all in position, ready to fight.

Ready to…

Ready for…

Oh. Oh no. What if she were wrong?

Ino stumbled in her lopsided gait as she moved to her mark. She didn’t have to fake the way her legs gave out under her, and the hissing wince as her right knee hit the ground was sincere.

What if she were wrong in thinking Itachi wouldn’t immediately kill her? Kill everyone she had coerced into joining her and the fanciful, righteous crusade she was campaigning?

There were mysterious, unidentified deaths in the shinobi ranks outside the village; Itachi could have been the reason behind any number of them. He was a prodigy capable of actions incomprehensible to Ino.

She could have led her team mates to a slaughter.

If she fell right away, would they listen to her order to disengage and retreat?

Ino had thought herself so clever, held felt so much that she was in the right that she had failed to appreciate how wrong everything could go.

She placed her hands over her mouth, tried to keep in the sounds there, something suspiciously like crying.

Her eyes were stinging, and when she saw Uchiha Itachi in front of her it was through the veil of her tears.

As tumultuous as she was, he was searing.

Itachi was there like a burn in her vision. He looked furious in his quiet approach and she knew then it was over before it had started.

The black of his sclera around the glaring red of his sharingan.

Panic. She had to warn them. A weak plea from behind trembling fingers. “Get – get out of here. Please, get out of here.”

“Ino-chan,” and Itachi was leaning down to her level, reaching out to wipe the wet lines from her cheek.

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