Once Upon a Summer Camp

This is a birthday present for the awesome and supportive @icecubelotr44 who puts up with my insanity on a near-daily basis, is an amazing friend, and the evillest cheerleader.  Thank you for coming to my message box all those months ago to tell me how little you trusted me with a certain minor character who shall not be named, I’m so happy I got a chance to get to know you.  Here’s to co-writing more pain in the future!

A/N:  All events and persons are the authors own imagination, any resemblance to persons both real and imagined are purely coincidental.  I promise.  Don’t kill me, Cube…

Summary:  Emma thought summer camp that year couldn’t get any worse, but she hadn’t counted on the new lifeguard making things so much more… interesting.  CS fluffy AU (no, really, it’s fluff, really)

Word count: ~3,400 (yeah, I’m in shock)


“If I have to listen to the Evil Queen give another speech about how we’re not doing our jobs properly, I’m going to lost it,” Elsa grumbled, slipping onto the bench.  She plunked down two ice-cold water bottles onto the table, careful to keep them away from the paperwork spread out across it.

“Evil Queen?” Emma asked, distractedly grabbing one and downing half of it in a few gulps.  She’d been trying to work out a schedule for the next week of camp but with so many staffers out with a mysterious virus, she was having too much trouble covering the required ratios.  At least Elsa was still fine, and Mary Margaret - without the head counsellor and the arts and crafts leader they’d really be lost.

“Yeah, that’s what all the staff is calling Regina this year.  She’s lost it, Swan, totally gone off the deep end.  Even Robin says he’s pretty sure she’s got a split personality.”  Elsa twisted open the cap of her bottle and took a long drink.  Robin, the sports director, was usually pretty laid back, especially when it came to Regina.  The two had just started going out a few months back, and it seemed to be going well.  Except for her being totally evil while on camp duty.

“Speaking of deep end,” Emma looked up, pen hovering over the stack of paperwork, “did you manage to find any lifeguards for Tuesday and Wednesday?”

Elsa nodded.  “Yeah, one.  A neighbour of mine, really needs the job, his brother basically begged me to take him.  He can do both days, and he’s got all the qualifications.  Overqualified, come to think of it.”

Emma raised an eyebrow at her friend.  “Really?  Come on, Frozen, don’t tell me I’m going to have to be locked in a power struggle with some hot-shot beach boy with a hero complex for the rest of the summer like last year.”  It had been a disaster the previous summer, the new lifeguard, Neal, thinking he ran the beach simply because he couldn’t stand the idea of Emma being in charge of him.

“Nah,” Elsa winked as she stood.  “This one’s actually good-looking.”

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You say that larries have fun making fun of antis... You realize it's the same for antis making fun of larries, right? Some antis are in it to debunk your theories, and some are just in it for the entertainment value.

Uhm, it’s not the same at all..? Neither I or any of the friends I follow have ever purposefully gone to check an anti’s blog to make fun of their posts or wasted hours making stupid games about them. I couldn’t ignore them more if I tried, I can’t even tell you a couple of their URLs, becaase I just can’t find it in myself to be bothered by their existence. And I’m not even one of those lovely people who are like ooh, poor antis, one day their world will crumble, it’ll be awful, it’s not really their fault, no I have no pity, no sympathy, no interest. The only reason I have to deal with them is when their vile or silly posts cross our corner of the fandom or they keep sending me shameful asks.

“Some antis are in it to debunk your theories, and some are just in it for the entertainment value”, they barely know what irony, self irony, and enterntainment is, they can’t even tell sarcasm from serious sentences, so do me a favor. And I’m not even touching the debunking theories because I’m a decent person and when I have only very rude things to say, I prefer to shut up. So should you. I’ve been nice enough to address antis as they instead of you, but nobody is fooled here, you know. 

2 years… 2 years ago I opened this blog and I made a lot of experiences and I met a lot of people. They have been the best year and this blog is a blog where I put a lot of emotion and passion to make it works. I want to thank you…

Thank you!

For making my days sunny, for enjoy the roleplaying with me, for talking with me! I’m sorry of the fact that some blogs now are deactivated: for example venenatis-mordeo! I met her in a convention of my city and I took a photo with her! Now I’m searching her on FB, and I want to find her. I roleplayed also with two Miu from Project Zero 5, and they deactivated both…
Guys, you are really important to me, and I want to thank you for everything!

I would like to thanks the people who followed me from the beginning (the italiacized nicknames are those followers who now are deactivated, in hiatus or moved…) With some of them I still RP:

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When it’s been a while since you’ve opened your own WIP and need to go back and reread to figure out where you were going…

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Please let there be no major misspellings, please let there be no major misspellings, please let there be no major misspellings…

* Viewing the response in “I (me) will literally cry if Mary is Moran“  of @jawnsigningpotato *

…Rah.This mania for Mary = antagonist
God. No. So yes, she did horrible things and we may know what, logic. But Moran be? Moran was with Moriarty. Why after the death of Sherlock, “Moran” would have married John??? She really loves John. Mary will be helpful. She can not stay in his corner. She will do as TAB. (And by the way die if she will)

But Mary = Moran? No.
The characters are respected. It would be illogical and disappointing. And disappointing as a fan, not for MorMor. But doubly disappointing because of Mormor, of course.

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Your hard work and dedication is what makes you my favorite writer. The way you keep trying to improve and accept criticisms from school and from fans and just keep trying to get better withouy giving up even though you feel like it makes you a role model in my eyes. To us who don't know much about writing you are all ready amazing and you keep getting more amazing. We believe in you carly.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. 

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