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You post so many great quotes and I often want to search out the original poems. Do you have any websites or links to share where we can read more? Anything you could tell us would be so great! Thank you!! 💜

Thank you. <3 

I link a substantial percentage of the books and poetry I quote from in the post ‘source’. I unfortunately can’t link put small press/lit journal links within the post due to Tumblr’s strict rules regarding links.

On the permalink/quote page on desktop you should be able to find the link to the original poem/book if it’s not explicitly linked within the post.

On your dash and on my blog in mobile if not linked within the post it should be linked in the source.
Crimson Haze: Chapter 7 - Good Evening Gentlemen
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 7 is up and I’m sorry it’s a week late ^^;;

Rosy @sometimesrosy, when I got your notification, I got the above message: “baby, what say you, @abazethe100“. And, I was like, “wow, rosy, didn’t realize we were so intimate that you’d start calling me “baby’”? lol. 

Then, I saw the whole message and just laughed. Notifications and mind connections are so misleading ;-) lol. 


ninoir week day 5: cosplay

i was considering doing something for @siderealsandman‘s au fic [read it if u haven’t!!], but then frickin’ abbey broke me with her day 5 prompt last night [read it read it read it!!!]  and i am a huge a sucker for angst, so i needed to draw for it… mostly the last pic, but the others, i imagine that’s how things went lmao.

11 aug 2017 • friday

🎶 but not for me - chet baker quartet

12/100 days of productivity

back from my (very) short hiatus!! i looked through my assigned reading while having breakfast this morning and took some notes in the margins~

uni starts this coming monday omg yikess

Portugal is on fire... again

For my followers who want to know here’s what’s going on in my country:

  • As of this Monday, 7 pm: 36 dead, one of them a pregnant 19 year-old girl and another a month old baby; 7 people are missing, 55 are injured and 15 of those are in critical state;
  • Over 300 fires started this weekend in our small country;
  • This has been declared the worst day of the year in wildfires in our country (and if you remember, in June we had the biggest tragedy in human lives due to wildfires too);
  • Schools have been closed down all over the county, classes cancelled, people aren’t able to go to work because many roads are closed;
  • It was expected rain but so far we haven’t been lucky;
  • It’s October 16 and yet we’ve been dealing with temperatures of over 30ºC (hopefully it’s going down soon);
  • It’s believed that most of those fires were started by humans and worsened by unclean forests, high temperatures, no rain and very strong winds;
  • 46 fires are still going, 3611 people are on the field;
  • People are gathering in the center of their towns, escaping the fires and looking for shelter after losing everything;
  • 20 active fires and 20 of the mortal victims are from my district so I’m currently keeping watch along with everyone in my village because a fire is closing in on us. If you could spread this I’d appreciate it. Firefighters are exhausted, we don’t have enough means to put down all these fires. If the rain doesn’t come to help we might need help from other countries so we need to spread the news;
  • EDIT: injured is now 63, 16 in critical state.

Saturday Detention

by @suddenclarityharry (FallingLikeThis)

“You see us as you want to see us—in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…a princess…and a criminal. Does that answer your question?”

or The Breakfast Club Au that was dying to be written.