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i'm buying some books and idk what to buy. i've read tfc, and like trc and books like that. but i'm buying pjo and idk what else

ummm i read a ton of different genres so i’m not sure exactly you’re looking for but here are my all time favorites:

  • vicious v.e. schwab (sci-fi, adult, series) 
  • shades of magic v.e. schwab (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • i’ll give you the sun jandy nelson (complementary, ya lit, standalone)
  • the song of achilles madeline miller (historical, ya lit, standalone) 
  • the book thief markus zusak (historical, ya lit, standalone) 
  • aerial ethereal krista & becca ritchie (complementary, na lit, series)
  • aristotle & dante discover the secrets of the universe benjamin alire sáenz (complementary, ya lit, series)

and some underrated/books that have stuck with me/books i really liked:

  • monsters of verity v.e. schwab (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • carry on rainbow rowell (fantasy, ya lit, standalone) 
  • addicted krista & becca ritchie (complementary, na lit, series)
  • artemis fowl eoin colfer (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • an ember in the ashes sabaa tahir (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • the rest of us just live here patrick ness (complementary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • timekeeper tara sim (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • the alchemyst michael scott (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • legend marie lu (sci-fi, ya lit, series) 
  • history is all you left me adam silvera (complementary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • more happy than not adam silvera (complementary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • blood of eden julie kagawa (fantasy & supernatural, ya lit, series) 
  • ruby red kerstin gier (sci-fi, ya lit, series) 
TWG AU Masterlist!

We all know how much fun Death Day was.  Hopefully this time won’t hurt as much!  Enjoy, and make sure to reblog and leave comments in the tag, we need it more than you know. <3

The Room by @itcouldbendoritcouldbreak

What Happens When I Don’t Let Go by @beep-beep-trashmouth

Notches by @elevenknope

Oh No by @stevemossington

In a world of dungeons and dragons… by @theamiableanachronism

The Figure on the Road by @themikewheelers

Right Before My Eyes by @ghost-grantaire

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your opinion on the all hate Ishida gets from "fans" lately.

i have multiple problems with the hate. 

  • don’t ever be that ungrateful towards creators
  • ishida’s choices have nothing to do with you/your ships
  • even if you think it’s being grossly heteronormative, sending hate is not okay
  • just on principle, don’t send death threats to people
  • you’re reading leaked illegal scans, it’s already rude to remind mangaka that western fandoms are illegally reading early
  • on the spoiler note, stop ruining things for japanese fans

it costs nothing to be decent human being and honestly costs less energy than sending hate to creators. if you think that it’s fair to tweet spoilers to ishida or other mangaka and send them hate, block me now. 

“your opinion on ______”

[Drabble] - Numbing

[[ I only add a fore-warning simply due to the dismal nature of this drabble, as it touches on Viktor’s depression. It’s nothing terribly serious, but if you don’t want a negative read, then perhaps skip this. ]]

               Soft hues of green and yellow sprinkled through the large window panes, casting colour across the dismal and withdrawn, dark room. The hues drifted lazily over the grey sheets and bed banisters, the old walnut dull and almost grey-scale save for the sudden flashes of light coming from the lively city outside.

               Such a contrast to be seen; flashes of gold, greens and yellows cascading between fogs and mists from the busy city state, painting their tinge across a grey, cold room, giving a temporary pigment to the withdrawn space. It was beautiful in a way, like a stain-glass window giving an eye onto a room made specifically to bolster its beauty with its deliberately drab colours, but that was far from the case.

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Rivers ‘til I Reach You by Embodied

pairing: Harry / Louis
rating: Explicit
word count: 29k

Louis can’t begin to understand how he’s always this close and still can’t manage to make Harry his. He stands up and gets another beer. 

AU. louis studies astronomy, harry studies louis. they spend their summers on the water and it shouldn’t be complicated. (spoiler: it is.)

For the @1dbigbang round 5, written by @southerngothicau

An entire city in the Philippines is being controlled by ISIS-linked group. Please pray, like seriously pray for the city of Marawi and its people being held hostage.

Me: *pointing at a black hole* I wonder what’s in there

Alien Friend: Death.

Me: But what apart from death? There used to be death in caves and trees and in the ground and in the sky and beyond it, and now there isn’t. There’s wonderful, beautiful, amazing things there, apart from death. It just took us a while to get there. 

Me: And so I wonder; what’s in there, apart from death?