I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Six

Summary: You have to break the news to Jared and, later, Genevieve. At a convention, Jared lets slip some information that gets you into an uncomfortable situation.
Jared x Reader (mentioned Jared x Gen, Jared x Reader x Gen), Genevieve, Jensen, Kathryn Newton (brief Matt and Rich)
Words: 6.2k+
Warnings: pregnancy, hella drama/angst, self-deprecating reader, uncomfortable confrontations
Beta: @blacksiren

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You had to get through another four hours of filming before you would get a chance to talk to Jared alone.

You apologised to the make-up team when you went back into the trailer, your face blotchy from being sick and your make-up ruined from crying.

The whole time you were on set, your mind was elsewhere. Specifically, you were wondering how to tell Jared that you were carrying his illegitimate, unplanned child.

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King of the Lost Boys - Anthony Ramos x Reader (Chapter 3)

Summary: There are some new encounters with the other members of the Lost Boys, as well as an introduction to the local villainous gang. Noses are broken. 

Warnings: Quite a bit of swearing, blood and bruising mention. 

Words: 7,176 (can you tell that i’ve just stopped trying)

A/N: It’s really late where I am but I’m so excited for this?? What the heck. Anyway, just a little reminder that @alexanderhamllton and I have made matching aesthetics and playlists for the Lost Boys…coming soon to a tumblr near you…anyway, enjoy. Tags: @daveedsbra @myself-and-the-madman @clamilton @robotic-space @attackonmikaelson @pearltheartist @itsjaynebird

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The Pirates were a venomous crew of reptilian proportions, who didn’t play by the rules. They were of the privileged class, people who didn’t bother to think about their repercussions or the damage caused. Boredom is their motivation. Lives where everything is given to you, where money is not an issue, are lives that are awfully mundane. With a craving for possibility and the fire of resources at their fingertips, the Pirates seem to think themselves wonderfully immortal. They are the good ones gone wrong, a budding flower bitten at the stem by a poison with no antidote. In their blind want for something of substance, they chose to take as a method of getting what they want, but do not need. The local gas station cowers after a history of hold-ups. The department stores have lists of clients who are not allowed in; the Pirates are at the top.

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I’ve been hiding since you left
I’m building my walls back up
like clockwork
I hide behind layers of mascara and
clouds of smoke
food pushed across a plate and
smiles that don’t reach

I pretend not to recognize you
when I see you
and I know it seems so fucking cold
but there’s a wall between us

graffitied across

I love your goddamn freckles but
now I look away
without trying to count them all
in the back of my head

Not sure what happened
to all my defenses
but it felt like time
to hide again

—  Things I Can’t Tell You Anymore - Part I

POPE DENNIS: I can’t pretend to be the Pope anymore in this goddamn place. I’m out of here. I’m gonna go stay in a hotel. Where’s my suitcase, Cardinal McDonald?

POPE DENNIS begins to move toward RONALD CARDINAL MCDONALD’s closet.

CARDINAL MCDONALD: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Holy Father. Holy Father. Holy Fa-

Pope Dennis swings open the door of Cardinal McDonald’s closet; a tidal wave of beefcake magazines spills out. Pope Dennis turns to Cardinal McDonald, lifting an eyebrow.

POPE DENNIS: Tell me about the Church of Ireland’s commitment to the sanctity of heterosexual marriage.

CARDINAL MCDONALD: Okay, Holy Father, I can explain - 

POPE DENNIS: You’re pathetic.

CARDINAL MCDONALD: You’re the one impersonating the Pope! You’re the one that’s pathetic!

The doorbell of Cardinal McDonald’s suite rings.

POPE DENNIS: Oh. Well, that must be the Swiss Guard. Coming to see what all the fighting’s about. Well, why don’t we show them what all the fighting’s about? Why don’t we show them right now?

Pope Dennis reaches for a beefcake magazine and rolls it up into a baton.

CARDINAL MCDONALD: No! No, Holy Father! If the Swiss Guard finds out that you’ve been in my private suite, and they see all these sinful magazines lying about, they’ll think you’re trying to… to woo me!


Captured By The Game p.3

AN: Another part of my Nessian Escort AU. Thank you for all the lovely messages about this fic! It definitely prompted me to write this faster ;)

In this one, Cassian and Nesta spend some time by the seaside. Less porny and more on the feels side this time. Hope you like it!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Edit/Sneak Peek

Cassian can’t quite believe she’s here with him.

He’s not exactly sure what he expected when he invited Nesta to spend a week away with him but as always, she managed to surprise him.

She said yes.

The elevation he feels, this euphoric flutter in his stomach gets crushed as soon as he realizes it must’ve been an offer too lucrative to refuse.

But then again, why does he care?

He’s never been one for attachments, Rhys and Az the only family he’s ever needed - and those two are a handful already.

But then Nesta Archeron waltzed into his office, all heels and trench coat, and only bare skin underneath. In the most glorious cosmic mix-up to ever grace his life, she barged in and shrugged off her Burberry frock, rendering Cassian mute and his jaw dropped during an important business call. A strangled shriek escaped her mouth as she realized her mistake and she fled from his office as promptly as she appeared, a subtle scent of her exotic perfume lingering in the air.

Naturally, he went after her. And Nesta faced with him her head held high, her composure steel and unwavering as if he hadn’t just seen her naked. Unimpressed with his easy jokes and his confident (although she’d probably call it cocky) demeanor, she proved to be a worthy opponent right from the start.

No feelings, no strings attached, no sharing of their personal lives. The rules were simple enough - the deal was struck.

Only a few months have passed since that moment.

And instead of meeting Nesta in some fancy hotel room as per their rules, he’s taking her to his summerhouse in Maine.

Well, shit.

Perhaps he’s lost his goddamn mind.

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  • nico is Uncomfortable with pda when he and will first start dating
  • like holding hands and smol kisses here and there are the best he can do when not in private
  • cus u know hes still shy and still tryna get used to the fact that someone actually likes him
  • but flash forward a couple of years or smth when nicos much more comfortable with himself and his relationship…
  • he and will make it their LIFE MISSION to make everyone else uncomfortable with their own pda
  • LIKE… theyll purposefully be obnoxiously schmoopy at each other and ppl are just like (sweats)
  • or theyll toss innuendos around and shit
  • bc listen to me nico di angelo is a literal fucking troll on the inside
  • and he likes to see his guy friends squirm bc hes a sassy snarky lil shit
  • will always goes along with it bc he finds it hilarious
  • usually percy and leo are his victims but also jason (frank is spared bc he is too good, too pure)
  • their respective gfs are 100% Team Nico
  • GODDAMNIT DI ANGELO is frequently heard around the camp
  • also this happens regularly with him and will:
    • one of them says something super sappy
    • “gay”
    • “yes, i am”
  • they make kissy noises at jason and percy when their bromance reaches critical mass
  • and ofc they still bicker all the time like thats honestly the basis of their entire relationship tbh
  • sometimes it gets so heated that theyll do the thing where they just stare at each other for a moment before making out right then and there
  • nico is a sass machine
  • will is a sass machine
  • and they are goddamn perf i will fight every last one of you on this one

Road Trip

s u m m a r y // based off the au  “We were on miniature road trip together when my car broke down in the middle of nowhere. The heater isn’t working now and we’re both freezing because it’s rainy out, so we’re forced to huddle under a blanket in the backseat and share body heat (and oh my god this wasn’t meant to be romantic but if you keep looking at me like that I am going to kiss the shit out of you).”

You slipped on your denim ripped shorts that came just an inch below your ass. You were wearing a color corset top and some black sandals, your toes painted a pretty peach color. You hair was in a big ponytail a few pieces left out to frame your face. You and your best friend Justin were going on a mini road trip to Arizona—don’t ask why because you really didn’t know either. He called you yesterday asking if you wanted to do something today and suggested you go on a little rode trip to the four corners. The four corners was the only play you could stand in four states all at once, it’s a point where Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona meet. You would only be gone for about a day since Arizona was right next to California. You tightened your ponytail a little bit checking your outfit on last time when your phone started to vibrate.

From: J to the B

On my way are you ready?

To: J to the B


You grabbed your black studded backpack starting to stuff things in it. You put your laptop inside with some random movies, your charger, your portable charging Starbucks cup (it’s real I swear and they’re cute), some random lip gloss, ear phones, your wallet, your sunglasses, and your camera—leaving your phone out to carry. You pursed your lips together thinking of anything else you might need but you couldn’t think of anything else. You closed the bag hearing the doorbell ring already. You walked over to the door twisting the smooth knob to reveal Justin leaning against your cherry wood door.

“Hi,” You smiled, your eyes observing his outfit.

He was wearing one of his fedora hats, a white shirt, some jeans and sneakers. You couldn’t see his hair through his hat but knowing him, he only put it on because he didn’t feel like gelling it. He had sunglasses on, a watch and his Cartier bracelets as usual.

“Hey,” He said returning the smile and giving you a hug. Pulling away, he looked at your outfit, “Nice shorts.” He chuckled tugging on them a little bit.

“Thanks,” You replied, feeling your heart flutter at his small compliment. You stared into his hazel brown eyes for a moment seeing him lick his lips as you stood in silence with a smile on your face.

Justin cleared his throat a little awkwardly when he realized you were staring at each other for quite some time, “You ready?” He asked scratching the back his head.

“Uh, yeah just let me get my bag real quick.” You coughed, turning on your heal to go get your backpack.

You grabbed it off your bed and turned off the lamp grabbing your house keys; wouldn’t want to forget those again. Turning off the bedroom light, you turned off the rest of the lights in your house walking over to Justin and leaving shutting the door.

You walked to his car side by side and he walked over to the passenger side opening the door for you. You hummed a small thank you as you got in and he shut the door after you then went over to his side hopping into the car. You set your bag in the back seat behind you putting your phone in your lap as  he put on his seat belt then started the car.

You took the aux cord hooking it up to your phone then scrolled through trying to a song you felt like listening to. Justin backed out of your drive way his eyes on the road. Kicking your feet up onto his dash, you decided on Come My Way (feat. Drake) by Fetty Wap, your current obsession—drakes part especially made you hype. Justin’s turned up the song bobbing his head a little making you laugh, as he looked over at you all comfortable in his car.

“All I gotta do is put my mind to this shit

Cancel out my ex, I put a line through that bitch”

You and Justin rapped in unison making you burst into laughter. You weirdly danced in your seat, Justin glancing over to you every once and a while to chuckle at your horrible attempt at dancing.

“Put your seat belt on.” Justin stated looking at you with a little worry in his eyes.

You listened to him, buckling it across your body. Looking out the window of his car you admired the beautiful palm trees in your sight. Your unbuckled your seat belt for a moment reaching in the back to get you camera out of your bag. Your ass was kind of next to Justin’s face and your heard him cough awkwardly as you sat back down in your seat.

You put your seat belt on then snapped some pictures of the palm trees. You took a picture of your feet; the front of Justin’s car, the rearview mirror then looked over at Justin. Pointing the camera towards him, you took a picture of him with his one hand on the steering wheel and the other rested on his lap. Justin’s head snapped in your direction when the flash went off grinning you as you took another of him.

“Take your hat off.” You winked subtly. He shook his head at you no licking his chapped lips. “Please.” You pouted at him sticking you bottom lip out.

He playfully rolled his eyes at you moving his hand that was on his lap to take it off then placed it on your head. You shrugged your shoulders not really minding it. Pointing the camera towards him again, you snapped a few more picture as you came to a red light. Justin’s hand left the steering reel and he grabbed the camera from your hands.

“Pose,” He said, giving you a slow and sexy smile.

You giggled putting up a peace sign the flash going off, you stuck out your tongue and crossed your eyes making a silly face the flash going off again, you titled your head and smiling, Justin took one last picture. He brought the camera from his face looking at the picture he just took of you.

“Beautiful.” A smile dangled on the corner of his lips as he stared down at the photo. You bit on your bottom lip glancing away. Justin looked up at you then set the camera down on your lap as the light turned green.

You sat straight in your chair, your lips pressed together. You didn’t know why you always got so flushed when Justin complemented you, you two were best friends and have been for a very long time—things like this never used to bother you but now it made you feel something you didn’t really know how to explain.

Fumbling with your fingers you looked over at Justin his messy hair on his head as he tapped his fingers against his seat. You crossed your legs together tapping the air with your foot as leaned your head back on the car seat.

“You tired?” Justin asked, turning his head to look over at you.

“A little bit,” You responded, batting your eyes at him a yawn escaping your mouth.

“Go to sleep,” He replied, turning a sharp corner making you see sunset through his window.

“—but I need a pillow.” You whined, hoping he would stop the car and offer his shoulder for a moment.

Instead when stopped at a stop sign he unbuckled his seat belt tugging his shirt off his body balling it up and handing it to you. You hid the smile that was trying to creep on your face as your eyes stared down at his tone chest. You felt your mouth water wondering when the hell he started working out again. He looked good shirtless all the time but (Beyoncé voice) goddamn. You found yourself staring at his defined abs wanting to just reach your hand out and rub your hands down them—or kiss them—or both.

“Y/N, hey.” He said waving his hand in front of your face snapping you out of your daydream.

“Huh?” You muttered, looking up at his eyes making a small chuckle leave his lips.

“I said I’ll wake you up when we stop for gas.” He repeated and you nodded you head.

Justin put his seat belt on as you turned laying on your side and shutting your eyes drifting off to the sound of him humming the every song that played.

You felt someone shake your shoulder making you groan and wake up from your lovely dream. Your dream was about Justin and oddly it wasn’t the first time—this time it was about something that was not so appropriate but it felt so real.

“Y/N, wake up before I pour water on you.” You heard Justin groan and the sound of a door shutting.

You opened your eyes the bright lights of the gas station hitting your eyes making you cover them. You cleared your throat taking off your seat belt and sitting up to see Justin not in the car. You looked around seeing him stand there pumping gas into the car, shirtless. There wasn’t anyone really outside just one or two cars; they were parked though. You opened the car door stretching out your tired legs as Justin looked over at you putting the gas things bag where it belonged.

“Hey sleepy head.” He breathed in a husky voice.

“Yeah, do you want your shirt back? It’s kind of cold out here.” You pressed, shivering yourself starting to run your hands up and down arms, goosebumps forming.

He nodded his head laughing as you opened the car back up tossing him his shirt. He pulled it over his head motion for you to follow him into seven eleven. You walked a little faster to catch up to him, his tattooed arm wrapping around your shoulder and pulling you closer to him. A roar of thunder made you stop in your tracks and jump. Justin looked up at the sky for a moment before you two continued walking.

When you stepped into the shop a small ding echoed and the gas station attendant greeting you with a hello, which you and Justin greeted back. You tried to drift away from Justin to go towards the candy isle but he pulled you back to him, his arm dropping to go around your waist.

“Justin, I want candy.” You laughed trying to get away from him. He pinched your side looking down at you since you were much shorter than him.

“You can get anything you want.” He said, giving you his famous smirk.

“Anything I want?”

“Anything.” You shyly crossed your arms around your chest walking towards the back where the drinks were. Looking through them you opened the glass door picking up a Half ‘N Half Snapple. “You want one?” You asked Justin as you held the door open just in case.

“Nah, I’ll get a Gatorade though.” He replied nodding his at it.

You picked it up handing the cold bottle to him and he grabbed it. You shut the door, as your hands were now freezing cold. Justin leaned against one of the other doors playing with the bottle in his hand. You smiled to yourself stepping up to him only for his eyes to meet yours. You bit your lower lip as he leaned in a little your lips brushing against his. Having to ruin the moment because you were just that kind of person, you put your cold hand onto his cheek making him groan.

“Ugh, shit that’s cold.” He grumbled taking your hands off his cheeks.

You laughed as he scrunched his nose up at you and you kissed it making him smile a little. You don’t know what was up with the two of you lately but you liked it. Justin held onto your cold hands bringing them down and rubbing his thumbs against the back of your hands.

“We should get some food.” You murmured, looking up at him. He nodded in response nothing saying anything.

He let go of one of your hands holding on to the other as you walked towards the candy. Justin interlaced his fingers with yours, your cheeks beginning to get hot—you didn’t mind at all. You looked through the chocolate not knowing which one to get; they were all so good.

“Which one should I get?” You asked sadly letting go his hand to hold a Twix in one hand and a Milky Way in the other.

“Just get both.” He shrugged his shoulder stuffing his hands in his pocket.

You mentally sighed knowing you probably shouldn’t have let go. He was probably thinking you didn’t want to hold his hand now but you wanted to, you really did.

“Alright.” You faked a smile.

Justin grabbed a bag of chips and took the stuff from your hand walking to the counter to pay for everything. He pulled his wallet out of his jean pockets swiping his card when the total came to $12.37. Grabbing the plastic bag, he held it in his hands telling the lady at the counter thank you. You walked out the station the air smelling like it was going to rain. You both got into the car starting to see small drips of waterfall from the sky. Justin dug into the bag handing you your stuff.

“Thanks.” You muttered, setting your drink down in the cup holder. You opened the mirrored sun visor seeing you hair was complete mess and you shirked. “Justin why didn’t you tell me my hair looked horrible.”

He looked over at you looking at it for a moment reply, “It looks fine, what are you talking about?”

“Do you not see this?” You raised your eyebrows at your frizzy hair.

“Here I’ll fix it.” He said reaching over to you. He grabbed ahold of the elastic pulling it down to let your hair loose. He flicked the hair tie somewhere.

“You just made it worse.” You whimpered, trying to fix it.

“Y/N, it looks fine. You still look as beautiful as ever.” He complemented opening his bags of chips. “You want some?”

You nodded your head and he handed the bag to you chewing as he grabbed his eyes out of his pocket. He put them into the ignition starting it then putting his seat belt on. You chewed on the tasty chips in your mouth doing the same. You pushed the button on the side of the seat leaning you chair back a little so you could get comfortable. Justin backed up, leaving the gas station and turning into a road surrounded by trees and dirt. He reached over to you grabbing a chip from the bag and putting it in his mouth.

“Can you open that?” He questioned, pointing towards his drink.

You grabbed his drink twisting the cap off and handing in to him. He drank a few gulps then handed it back to you. You put the cap back on and set it down back into the cup holder. Another clap of thunder sounded starting to make you a little scared, as it got cold in Justin’s car.

“Can you turn on the heat or something?” You posed starting to feel goosebumps on your arms.

“It’s actually broken right now. Damn, I didn’t even think about it before we left.” He cursed looking over at you shiver. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright, I think I’ll manage.” You said opening the Twix bar that you previously had placed on your lap.

“There might be a blanket back there that I left one day.” He mentioned, taking a quick glance back to see.

You unbuckled your seat belt reaching back to get the blanket setting it in your lap as you sat back down. Justin turned on his windshield whippers driving down the road. You wrapped you self in the warm blanket looking over at Justin.

“You cold?”

“A little bit, I think I’ll manage.” He chuckled mocking you from earlier. It was silent for a moment until he spoke up again. “You know, I think you were moaning in your sleep.”

“What?” You asked in sort of a question, narrowing you eyes at him as you took another bite of your Twix.

“I think you were moaning in your sleep.” He repeated looking over at you and you could tell he was trying to hold back the smirk on his face.

You didn’t say anything your mouth just hung open your eyes focused ahead of you not knowing how to respond to that. What were you suppose to say? Like yeah Justin I was and it wa because I was dreaming about you—damn you never should’ve took his shirt and he shouldn’t have took it off.

“So who were you dreaming about?” He posed, taking your Twix out of you hand for a moment to take a bite.

“No one.” You said simply even though you knew he was going to think you were lying.

“Oh, come on it was about someone.”

“No it wasn’t it, it wasn’t about anyone at all.” You lied, rolling you head still not making any eye contact with him.

“Then look at me.” He said, a pit of nervousness settling in your stomach.

Just as you were about to say something else the rain started to pour harder and Justin’s car slowly came to a halt. You looked at him seeing a confused look knowing that it wasn’t on purpose. He slowly turned the steering wheel and it stopped on the side of the road.

“I think there’s something wrong with engine or something.” He huffed. “Great, we’re in the middle of nowhere and it’s cold.”

He was pretty right you guys wouldn’t be able to fix anything until the rain stopped. “At least we’re together.” You stated seeing Justin shiver.

You looked towards the back not knowing if you should take a chance of not. You decided to, taking your seat belt off you threw the blanket into the back. Justin looked at you as you climbed back there.

“Come on,” You said, waving your hand for him to lay with you.

He opened his mouth like he was about to say something then closed it slipping off his shoes then climbing in the back with you. You sat up straight for a moment taking off you sandals as he made himself comfortable against side of the car. He patted his lap so you scooted over sitting on top him then spreading the cover over the both of you. His cold hands touched you waist making you shiver a little bit.

“Oh, I have my laptop do you want to watch a movie?” You asked looking at him behind you. He nodded his head so you leaned down grabbing your laptop out your bag and the five movies you stuffed in there. “I have Monster in Law, Stepbrothers, Bride Wars, Mean Girls, and Divergent.”

“You brought a whole bunch of chick movies.” He chuckled, hid breath against your neck.

“—Well I didn’t think we’d watch them they were just in case.”

“You pick.”

You picked Bride Wards since it was funny and romantic, also you haven’t seen in a while. You opened you laptop the screen flashing a picture of you and Justin. It was from your birthday party a few months ago. Justin was dressed nicely in a suit and you were in a low-cut black dress. You hand your arms wrapped around his neck and one of your legs of the ground in a cute way as Justin’s hands were on your waist and he was looking into your eyes.

“I remember that picture.” He said and you could hear the smile on your face. “That was the day your sister thought we were dating so I had to pretend to be your boyfriend.”

You thought back on that day, it was a great and it was true. She kept pressuring you about not dating anyone so it kind of slipped that you were dating Justin so he went along with it. Putting the disk inside the laptop rested on your lap as you leaned your head back into Justin’s chest his fingers starting to trace little circles on your hips. You could hear the sound of the rain against the car as the movie started. You felt Justin’s eyes on you so you couldn’t help but turn your head to look at him—he was looking back.

You stared at each other being able to glimpse part of each other’s face from the light of your laptop. You bit your lip from nervousness his eyes flickering down from your eyes to your lips. You wanted to kiss him, really bad. His soft lips brushed against your plump ones making you let out a small breath. His lips stayed there for a moment as if he was contemplating if he should kiss you or not.

“Kiss me.” You whispered.

Not having to ask twice his lips pressed against yours making you shot of ecstasy go through your body. You didn’t notice until now how bad you wanted it to happen—you were glad it was. You slowly kissed him back wanting to savor the moment as one of hands reached up to your face. He tucked some of your hair behind your ear cupping your cheek to keep your lips against his.

This felt right and hoped it felt right to him too. He pulled away from the kiss biting your bottom lip lightly in the process, smiling down at you. You smiled back not knowing what to say so you just turned your attention back to the movie. Justin fingers starting to play with your hair as you played that moment over and over again in your head.

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So it's not friday yet but I have this one image of them having sex and Scully giving him a boob job and rubbing her nipple around the tip of his penis while making eye contact the whole time. He goes to reach her face and she takes his pointer and middle finger into her mouth and sucks on them until she lets them go and licks her tip every time his dick moves through her breasts. And Mulder is in heaven.

Goddamn y'all

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GOM and kagami being taken cared of by their s/o after being injured during a basketball game or practice, please :)

Ehh, I made it less about the injuries and more about… well, you’ll see. Hopefully you like it! I’m putting it under the cut for the length.

– Lena

Kuroko: “There you go,” you said with a smile, as you held out a handbag full of sweets, fruit and chocolate, and in your left hand, shook the vanilla milkshake. “I hope you get well soon.”

“Thank you for your concern, ____-san. I’m not sick, however. It’s just ankle sprain.”

“Oh shut up. At least let me coddle you a little from time to time. It’s gotta hurt.”

For a moment, he looked like he wanted to argue, lips opening, but voice not coming out. Then he smiled. It was undoubtedly the sign of your victory.

Grinning, you dropped the goods in his lap. “Good boy,” you said, then leaned in and kissed him on the forehead. “I’ll go make you some soup, before you gobble down all of those. I also heard about some herbal mixtures that could help the recovery process. Don’t worry, you’ll be back on the court in no-time.”

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Dude, I'm a Kaylor and I'm just gonna say you're one of the reasons why we get so much shit from everyone. If someone doesn't believe in Kaylor who the f*ck cares? We might be right, we might be wrong, we won't know for sure until it's out in the open but for now let's all just mind our own goddamn business and let everyone else have their own opinions. It shouldn't bother you... spread love x

Pal, I’d like to talk to you if you’re up for it. How exactly I am one of the reasons why we get some shit if I didn’t go to antis’ blogs insulting them, neither in their tags? I saw that post under kaylor tags and it bothered me, especially that comment about cancer. I try to be reasonable and not reach most of the time, they can believe in whatever they want but I’m not gonna sit quietly when I see hate and lies, I’m sorry. The gals didn’t come out, that’s true, but they didn’t say “hey guys we’re straight!!” either, like some celebs that are in same sex non canon ships. Patience is the key, all we have to do is support them singularly and together and live our lives xo

Monster AU Part II: The Frogs

Part of the Monster Haus AU

Part One Here

AHHHH thank you everyone who indulged my stupid monster AU!!! You’re all a delight. I know some people asked me for more Kitchen Witch Bitty and Jötunn Jack and there were more questions and I’ll get to that BUT I wanna introduce the whole team before I get into real shenanigans so HERE THEY ARE. THE FROGS…and tadpoles.  

Once again, thank you @midnitedancer for all of your beautiful ideas and contributions. 

A summary: Chowder is adorable and is just happy to be here. The Demonic D-Men are both in need of some serious help. One is a pain in the neck, and the other has a pain in his neck. They are unrelated occurrences.  

Also featuring appearances from Accidental HBIC Farmer, Trying His Best Tango, and Whiskey the Mystery. 

  • Bitty gets used to his new friends. Jack isn’t half as scary as he was before, he’s actually not really scary at all now. And kind of cute, in his own Frost Giant way, BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT RIGHT NOW. 
  • He carries salt packets around for Lardo just in case, he learned to make a few new all vegetarian dishes just for Holster, and in one truly memorable bonding experience - he helped shave Ransom’s back. 
  • But now there’s a whole new batch of creatures boys coming in and he’s going to have to readjust. He’s excited…but a little terrified. 
  • He saw the roster after all, this year might be a little rougher. 
  • But then of course he meets Chowder and takes everything back. 
  • Chowder is a Chinese Demi-God from southern California, and a literal ray of sunshine. Well, actually he’s a literal rain cloud, but he’s doing his best. 
  • He is descended from the Thunder God Lei Gong on his mother’s side. 
  • Despite his relation to an all powerful thunder dragon, Chowder himself looks rather human, and no one is quite sure if he’s constantly holding back his powers, or if they are really just that mild. 
  • As it is, Chowder really causes small breezes and the occasional light rain when he’s particularly upset. As the goalie, there is somewhat of a worry that he might use his powers to move the puck, but he swears on his mother’s life he would never. He actually claims he can’t even use his powers when he’s so worked up over a game. There have been disputes. 
  • He’s sweet and gentle and Bitty adores him like his own son. But his son is calling the two new defensemen his brothers - so Bitty thinks he might need to get used to them as well. No matter how much they frighten him.
  • His tiny storm cloud son and the two Demonic Defensemen. 

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Don’t Touch My Babies

Based on Anon Prompt: “Imagine if the reader and Owen catch someone abusing the raptors, cue Alpha/Daddy!Owen being protective if his girls and the reader is like “yeah don’t mess with Owen’s girls” and then they take care of the raptors Btw I love your stories!”

You get to work early, excited to see Owen. Last night was the first time you slept at his place, but you didn’t want to do the walk of shame in the morning so you left around 5. There’s not many people at the paddock, mainly just a few people from night crew, when Owen pulls up on his motorcycle. You turn to face away from him to hide the huge grin across your face, but he comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your shoulder.

“You left early,” he accuses rather than asks and you shrug your shoulders.

“Had to get my stuff.” You laugh as you try to pull away from him and he refuses to let you go. He lens down to kiss you but just as his lips touch yours, you both freeze. You heard it, and you’re sure he did too. It was one of the raptors for sure, but it wasn’t one of their usual noises. She sounded like she was in pain.

You take off running after Owen as he heads towards the safety cage but you stop dead in your tracks, almost crashing into him. One of the men from the night crew is in the cage, with Charlie strapped into her restraint, and he’s holding a taser stick. He didn’t hear you approach so he laughs and reaches it out towards the side of her face and Owen pushes through the door.

The poor man barely has time to turn around before Owen punches him square in the jaw. He falls to the ground, clearly disoriented, and can’t get back to his feet. You run over to Charlie and undo all the holdings, letting her run back out into the foliage. You turn to see the man cowering at Owen’s feet.

All he says is, “If you ever so much as look at one of my girls wrong again, I will lock you in the goddamned paddock and watch them tear your limbs off.”

The seriousness and fury in his voice makes you shiver, but the man on the floor is in worse condition; it almost looks like he’s crying. He apologizes profusely and begs Owen not to hurt him. He’s not so tough without his taser stick, is he?

Owen turns to walk out of the cage without saying another word, but you walk over to the asshole. You’re not as tall and looming as Owen, but you look down at him with disgust.

“You’re lucky to be alive right now.” You bend down and reach for the taser and hold it out towards him. “If I was as bad as you,” you say stretching out your arm so the sparks fly just beside his neck, “I would do it. But I’m not.” You turn it off and turn to leave. “Only dead men mess with Owen’s girls.”

Mysteries are Not to be Solved

He plucks the cigarette from your hand, twirls it between his lithe fingers and brings it to his mouth. A long drawn out breath, his vacancy begs for fulfillment. You watch his ribs open like flower petals. 

“You should stop smoking,” he tells you and smiles ironically at the withered cig still dangling off the ridge of his knee. “It’s bad for you.”

“Why do you do it?”

Sehun holds the stick between his teeth, leans over, ruffling your hair, laughing when you scowl. “Little girls shouldn’t be asking questions.”

“Stop treating me like I’m ten. I’m only two years younger than you.”

“Which makes you practically a fetus.”

“Please,” you reach over and pull it from his teeth, extracting an impatient sigh. “I’m not going to listen to you.”

He turns toward you and—


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Mistletoe isn't for Just Kissing

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader
Prompt: hey there!! for a request can i have a cute thomas jefferson one where he and the reader get caught under the mistletoe but instead of kissing her he proposes instead :^0 (requested by @guyfierisnipples)
Word Count: 809
Notes: I had about half of it done before I got sick and everything, but here you guys go!! (It’s a bit late I know ;-;)

Thomas played with the velvet box in his pocket, his anxiety through the roof. He and his significant other, (Y/N) (L/N), were at a Christmas party that had fellow workers, family, and friends. And all of them, except for (Y/N), knew that Thomas was trying to ask a very important question.
A question that would change their lives for forever.

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anonymous asked:

That one strip of skin that shows when a person reaches up for something, or tongues battling for dominance (or they smelled like x and x and something else that was undefinably them)

did I ever tell you guys about the time I almost broke all the bones in my hand in college because I was hammering a nail and the Object of My Affections stretched and exposed that strip of skin and I lost my goddamn mind and also my grip on the hammer.

I think an extremely weathered sailor would have been impressed with the width of my vocabulary in that moment. There was a deep purple bruise on my index finger for weeks.

so like. that’s a real thing.

A Certain Georgian’s Sunshine

Okay, so, I don’t actually write fic, but I think I’d like to? So, a plot-bunny-turned-ridiculous-bullet-point-drabble for the Check, Please! fandom (go read it now, for absolutely zero dollars, here!). Enjoy this little bit of out-of-control Zimbits (including a slight choose-your-own-adventure component!) based on the “Lost in a random small town and you show me around AU” prompt from this post.


  • A “Jack doesn’t OD and goes first in the draft and gets the proper mental health support he needs” AU 
  • or an “Eric never went to Samwell” AU. 
  • Work with me here. 
  • Jack is in Georgia on a roadie to play the Atlanta Thrashers
  • (let’s pretend they still exist in the Check, Please! ‘verse) 
  • and he gets a few days off. 
  • He just needs to get away and, being the history nerd he is, looks for a small town within reasonable driving distance with enough historical landmarks to fill a day.
  • He picks a tiny town called Madison. Perfect.

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Prompt: Reader and Dean are living the apple pie life and have big plans for the future. That is until Dean comes home one night, and confesses something the reader never thought she would ever hear.

Character: Dean x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: Language, ANGST (or at least I tried), mentions of blood, mentions of alcohol use. if I missed anything, please let me know!

Part II // Part III

A/N: I had this idea floating around in my mind for a very long time now, and I just knew there was a story in there somewhere. It’s based on the first part of Usher’s Confessions, bc I adore him. BIG thanks to @balthazars-muse and @aprofoundbondwithdean for letting me babble on and on. You girls are simply amazing.


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Kitchen Sink

I wrote this the first time I ever heard the song Kitchen Sink by twenty one pilots, and it still resonates with me over six months later.

There are certain songs I can’t even listen to without feeling uncomfortable. Not because the song is bad; just the opposite, in fact. These songs make me feel like I’m being stripped down to the bone and examined from every angle. They dig deep and manage to drag up old memories that cause my body to tense up and my heart to beat ten times faster in my chest. My mind moves a mile a minute, reminiscing on all the times I’ve felt alone and unwanted. The tension and emotion in Tyler’s voice makes me feel like I’m not alone in feeling this. He’s reaching out for someone and begging them to leave him alone, then quickly switches gears and pleads with them to stay by his side. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt this way.

 This was the first time I had ever listened to it, and goddamn it did the interlude get to me. I wasn’t expecting to have such an emotional connection to a song that had been full of rapping up until a certain point. But the desperation in Tyler’s voice when he screamed “leave me alone, don’t leave me alone” broke me and got me to the point of tears. It’s one of the most powerful pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

Day 3 Prompt: Broken Wings

[for @rocketangelweek]

Summary: Fareeha loses her wings, her career, and her mother all in the span of a month. In the midst of the chaos that is the Overwatch UN inquiry, Angela is the only one to notice.

Notes: Hey remember that time that Blizzard told us that all of Fareeha’s limbs were real and not artificial? Yeah, me neither. Let’s get to it. (Written with this track on repeat, pretty much)

Everything that happened after the explosion was a blur.

As textbook as it may have sounded, Fareeha couldn’t distinguish one moment from the next for what seemed like ages. She remembered throwing herself across the transport vehicle as soon as the word “explosives” had been shouted, shoulder braced to ram open the rear door. She remembered barking orders, taking hold of any man near her as best she could before she careened into the wall of the swerving truck instead. She remembered seeing fire erupt from the front of the vehicle.

The world went dark immediately after, only coming to light once more when her body made a jarring impact with the sand. Hell itself soon followed.

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–submitted by theload

Ryan and The Vagabond are two different people, and twin brothers.

Ryan is just a normal guy trying to make his way in the city. He’s a tech nerd and completely unassuming. He’s about as threatening as a lost kitten.

His brother, known throughout the city as The Vagabond and The Mad Mercenary, couldn’t be anymore different than his brother. He’s Ramsey’s attack dog and enjoys fires, explosions, and torture. He’s also fiercely protective of his twin, which is why no one knows Ryan exists.

This is an amazing idea, oh my god.

Now I just want the Vagabond to be out of of town on a job or something, and the Fake AH Crew come across Lost Kitten Ryan (as he will forever be referred to in my mind, thank you very much) and they’re all just ‘oh man, you’re back early!  That’s awesome, get in dude we’re heisting.’

And since the FAHC aren’t the sort to lose time talking things out, Ryan gets whisked away on their latest job, more than a little freaked out because he’s suddenly surrounded by men and women in masks with guns, and they are most certainly not obeying basic traffic laws, not one of them is wearing a seatbelt, and oh god is that a rocket launcher?

They reach the target and they all pile out and next thing Ryan knows he’s standing in front of a flaming building wearing a mask and holding a rocket launcher (and goddamn those things are heavier than they look), and this guy in a suit is asking him if he’d like to ‘do the honours’, and this curly haired guy in glasses is pouting at him like he’d just stolen his last cookie.

Ryan just looks at them, then at the building, and then at the very deadly weapon that he’s pretty sure he should have a permit of some sort just to be allowed to breathe on, and promptly freaks the fuck out.

“Who the fuck are you?  What the fuck is going on?  Is this a kidnapping?  Did I just get kidnapped?  And would somebody please take this stupid thing from me before I drop it and blow myself the fuck up?”

The rest of the crew stare at him for a second before Mother Hen Mode activates, because jesus, did he get some sort of head injury or something?  He really has no idea who we are, what the fuck?  And now they have to figure out how to deal with a freaked out and scared Ryan, which quite honestly they didn’t even know was possible.