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That one strip of skin that shows when a person reaches up for something, or tongues battling for dominance (or they smelled like x and x and something else that was undefinably them)

did I ever tell you guys about the time I almost broke all the bones in my hand in college because I was hammering a nail and the Object of My Affections stretched and exposed that strip of skin and I lost my goddamn mind and also my grip on the hammer.

I think an extremely weathered sailor would have been impressed with the width of my vocabulary in that moment. There was a deep purple bruise on my index finger for weeks.

so like. that’s a real thing.

A list of stuff BLM related for future reference.

Also contains items from Baltimore and Ferguson so perhaps from before BLM “officially” started and went downhill.

Like, not even down a slope, it just dropped straight down a right angle into

>advocating all kinds of rioting, arson and other sorts of destruction of property (including to other minorities), and things such as pharmacies despite all  sense and potential loss of black lives they’d encourage


>breaking into businesses and looting,

>setting shit on fire and then cutting the hoses,

>advocating murder (particularly of cops, regardless if they actually abuse authority or even if they’re BLACK)

>Celebrating and praising criminals who are black

>blocking highways keeping people from reaching their jobs and ambulances from hospitals,

>Spreading misinformation, lies, and just flat out nonsense

>throwing a damn fit every single goddamn fucking time the spotlight wasn’t constantly on them for even a moment,

>and just flat out harassing and assaulting people minding their own damn business.

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And then wondering why nobody takes them seriously, even when they had began to fight a very legitimate problem.

At least they had the decency to apologize to Bernie.

do you know why naruhina and sasusaku becoming canon is so goddamned amazing for me and a ton of people? why we’ve shipped them for so long?

because every single one of them deserved love; unconditional and strong love that would never fade.

hinata and sakura at first may have just been lovestruck sensitive young girls but they matured into strong and capable women. and throughout all those years, neither of them lost their love for naruto or sasuke. whether or not they believed their feelings would ever be returned, they waited patiently and showed the complicated boys endless affection.

and after all this time, their feelings finally reached them.