hey guys! talking from personal experience, this time of year can be super scary for anybody looking to move into the job world. whether you’re graduating soon and need to look for full time work, looking for summer internships or placements, or just looking to get a part time job to make some money over the summer, a solid cv is crucial. so i’m gonna share some of my tips below, i work in advertising, i’ve worked most of my career in sales, and even though i’m still fresh to the working world i hope i can give you guys some employment tips! 

basic bits

  • ok, so you need to put your contact details at the top of the page, name, phone number, email address, post code and sometimes nationality are all important to get out of the way first 
  • if you have your degree grade, or expected grade, put education at the top. list your grade and the dates you studied at uni, and the grades, dates and subjects that you studied to a high level when you left school. this is less important for part time jobs so i would probably put it below the next section in those circumstances
  • past experience is next. list everywhere you’ve ever worked, whether it was a proper paid job, helping out at local events, tutoring, anything that can give insight into your skills and your character. put a couple bullet points for each job, explaining the tasks you did and what you learnt from them. the most important thing is to emphasise what skills you have and how you’ve proven them in the past. 
  • i put other experience next, generally just volunteering, if you held a responsibility role in your school you can put that here too
  • skills & interests should be another section, talking about your non work related skills (but still relating these back to working). so for me, i talk about my creative hobbies like writing and music, which are important when applying for creative industries like advertising. i also talk about teaching myself arabic and adobe creative suite because languages are useful, design skills are useful, and most crucially taking initiative and embracing opportunities to learn are essential in any job that wants to see you grow

sales tips 

  • other people applying for the same jobs as you will not be handing in a 100% truthful cv. you don’t have to lie, and you shouldn’t ever ever lie on your cv because it’s not worth getting caught out. however, you’d be smart to jazz it up a bit. 
  • every task you’ve undertaken in your life has taught you something, no matter how small. think about every job related thing you’ve ever done and think of a way to make it sound special. 
  • for instance, i manually alphabetically organised a directors business cards during an internship. it was beyond boring. yet, now i talk about being a crucial support for the team, how i took initiative in collating their contacts into a brand new filing system to increase productivity speed. any dumb task can be chatted up. 
  • sales is all about confidence, confidence, confidence. you have to believe you are a great candidate, it’ll come across in your writing 
  • keep it to one page, max 2 if you’ve had a lot of previous roles. nobody wants to read that much. if it’s looking a bit long try reformatting to keep it all looking neat and succinct. 
  • send it as a pdf, not as a word document. keeps it looking professional. 

cover letters

  • now, cover letters can be a real pain. i would suggest writing different ones for each application, even though making a generic one and editing it is easier. it’s worth it to show that you give a shit. 
  • actually, all that really matters is giving a shit. talk about how great you are, and about how much you have to offer that they need in their company. you can phrase it in a non arrogant fashion, but at the end of the day a job application isn’t the place for humility. 
  • talk about the company, talk about why you like it and why you want to be there. if you’re applying to a small company definitely chat about how great you think the business is, because chances are the people who run the company will actually see it. people who have their own company LOVE to hear people talk about loving their company and their idea. 

all that really matters

  • be genuine, be passionate, be enthusiastic about the role, about the company and about yourself.
  • stay calm and focused on your goals, and believe in yourself and your abilities. don’t be afraid of being great, and don’t be afraid of letting people know it. 

i really hope these could be of use to anybody, if there’s any tips you guys need for job huting let me know, i’ve done a lot of it!

Ẉ̝̺͠E̘̜̝̙L̠̣͜C̛O͔M̦̗̲̬̥̜͞E,̼̯͕ ͔̙̜F͇͙͇̱͉͚ŔḬ͖E̱̥͢Ǹ̲͙̟̰̦D̟̞̬̹̥̕S̩͙̘̞̭̦͔.̼̭

S̸̼E̳̬̝̭͠ͅQU̙̝̜͘E҉̙̠̰͉͕͍̯N͖͔͈̪̘̻̣C̺̫̼̫͝E͓͔̠̜̜͚͟:̦͙̯̜͔̺̟ ̳͇̤̙̬̤̯[̺Ạ̹̜͇U̪̯̺̩T͕͕̹͘O̡͕̤̪̟͕͎-͓̦̠U̕P͙̕Ḽ̮̤͈̮͍̀O͍̥̪̕AD̺̭̘̺]͔̣̮̺

Ẉ̝̺͠E̘̜̝̙L̠̣͜C̛O͔M̦̗̲̬̥̜͞E,̼̯͕ ͔̙̜F͇͙͇̱͉͚ŔḬ͖E̱̥͢Ǹ̲͙̟̰̦D̟̞̬̹̥̕S̩͙̘̞̭̦͔.̼̭

I’m back to my favorite scene: FLOATING VAMPIRE JESUS



Japanese voice actors CV fish

Aquapark Shinagawa recruited popular male voice actors to voice fish in their latest series of commercials, Ikegyo Paradise, aka ”Hot Fish Paradise” (an homage to Hanazakari no Kimitachi e…!)

Takahiro Sakurai part 1part 2  (Osomatsu-san, Arataka Reigen, Suzaku Kururugi, Shogo Makishima, Kyouya Sata,etc.)

Kaito Ishikawa part 1part 2  (Tobio Kageyama, Nine/Arata Kokonoe, Shiho Kimizuki, Tenya Iida, etc.)

Kenjiro Tsuda part 1part 2  (Sadaharu Inui, Nathan Seymour/Fire Emblem, Fango, Seijurou Mikobashi, etc.)

Daiki Yamashita part 1part 2  (Izuku Midoriya, Sakamichi Onoda, Yoshio Kobayashi, etc.)

Yuuki Ono part 1part 2  (Taiga Kagami, Josuke Higashitaka, Masayuki Hori, Kaname Tsukahara, etc.)

After 48 hours of searching and translating all kinds of Japanese websites and blogs I finally found Toma’s voice actor!!!!!!

His name is 中島  ヨシキ (Nakajima Yoshiki) but I can’t find if he has done anything else. It seems he has done some otome games.

I’m trying to find if he has done any cd dramas hehehehe

In case anyone wants this is his twitter account: @ Yoshiki_N_00

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Why does Dick sound British in your voiceovers?

Because he is, but don’t worry - he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

Dick Grayson was born in Leeds to Mihai and Rahela Grayson (previously Gabor). There was a time (and still is in certain communities) where Gabor was slang for G*psy (pejorative, I know, but it plays a huge part in some backstory shaping) [and would often draw an incredibly negative response] - Mihai and Rahela grew tired of this, feeling it was holding them back as performers (and rather incredible performers at that). They changed their names, and within a year they were offered a spot with The Gallivants - a travelling circus based in Manchester (Mihai believed the luck to come from the name change, Rahela knew it was just a fluke).

Together, the Amazing Graysons performed exceptional high wire acts and trapeze stunts - even while pregnant with Dick, Rahela walked the tight-rope, shocking hundreds when she completed it without the aid of a net.

Eventually, the circus reached Leeds, where Mihai and Rahela decided to leave the big top to raise their bouncing baby boy, Richard Mihai Grayson. Mihai wanted the best schools for Dick (a luxury he was never afforded), and in time, he would choose his own path. However, much to a combination of delight and dismay, Dick showed an incredible acrobatic skill at a young age, and after finding clippings of his parents’ amazing stunts, he demanded that they become a trio. Reluctantly, Mihai agreed - insisting that studies were to be done first.

(Dick was also fascinated by his family’s history - The Gabors, while being known as impressive tradesmen, had also been performing acrobatic stunts since the 1700′s)

At only eight years old, Dick was performing with his parents as The Flying Graysons. They were adored - people would come from all over Europe to see their death-defying stunts. Their feats caught the eye of Bartram & Topps, another travelling circus from the US who offered a great deal of money for them to join them for their tour of the US. They agreed, after managing to transfer Dick to a school in Gotham City.

While with B&T, Dick met Waylon Jones (”The Crocodile Man”) and the two became fast friends. Dick helped Croc learn his ABC’s (saving Edward Nygma a great deal of work later in life), and would often sit with him just to talk. He didn’t care about Waylon’s appearance - he used to swing off Waylon’s arm and that was WAY MORE interesting.

Sadly, Dick’s world came crashing to a halt on the eve of his 10th birthday.

“It’ll do ya no good t’see y’folks like that.”

TL:DR - Romanian parents, born in Leeds, moved to Gotham City at 8, orphaned at 10.

Tutors were English, visits Leeds when he gets the chance to try and hold on to the accent, it’s not easy.

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When Music Meister makes his debut (which I know will be amazing and brilliant) will he be doing his own cover of "I'm the Music Meister" or "World is Mine" or "Death Trap"?

If it goes exactly how I see it, when Music Meister makes his debut, it will be a wonderful combination of entertainment and horror, and we will see just how dangerous Music Meister can be.

I hope the general reaction will be, “Oh yeah… Oh yeah! Oh no… no! NO! Ohhhh man….”


New trailer including characters’ voices.