the airport fight is not a team accords vs team no-accords fight

tony thinks it is. because nobody in this joint tells him anything. but

but the fight steve is fighting is actually a “steve & co try to get to the quinjet in order to address the siberia situation” fight

steve didn’t gather a rag tag team to argue against tony, he gathered a team of people who were unaffiliated with the accords so that they could act on bucky’s lead on zemo

remember team iron man surprised team cap at the airport


the reason why it seems weird that most of team cap would randomly follow steve into a fist fight against the accords is because that is literally not what they are doing. they were gonna follow steve to siberia fam. that’s what they were doing. they were gonna catch the Main Villain in siberia

this is Something That Tony Stark Himself Did as soon as he got a confirmation on the siberia lead fam