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SOrry. Actors fear for their jobs and can't even talk about story. But, Ron spoils this news? Complete and utter bullshit!

That’s RDM for you. I feel like he’s done this before with other big spoilers. He’s just out of touch with the fandom and wants to come in and win everyone over by dropping spoilers.


Fantastic commission by @runescratch of Traven and Fenris
@fenrisataashi-ffxiv :D

Permission given to post. Please check out their work!

A fun note: This was ordered before the release of Stormblood or even benchmark, so they did amazing work portraying the jobs as we were going to play them! Included an in-game screenshot for fun.

Fullview recommended. Thanks again, Rune!


good to know

don’t go more-than thirty over

aero/thunder = +11

fire/stone = +9

bonus reasoning at level 68/70:

& always spend dualcast on thunder/aero if it’s easy (if you’re gonna die, may as well spend it on vercure)

that’s why i made my thunder/aero easy to cast, and my hardcast stone/fire tougher to cast