Fire Emblem Heroes - Brave Heroes Origins

Ike: Wearing the same armor as his father, Greil. Complete with his father’s personal axe, Urvan. Ike also gains the ability to wield axes in Radiant Dawn upon promotion to Vanguard.

Lyn: Likely inspired by the Nomad class, which appears in Binding Blade and Blazing Blade. Nomads are mounted units with the ability to wield bows. Nomads are native to the nation of Sacae, which Lyn is from. Lyn also gains the ability to wield bows upon promotion to Blade Lord in Blazing Blade.

Roy: Similar to Ike, Roy wears armor inspired by his father, Eliwood. Complete with his father’s signature weapon in Blazing Blade, (Blazing) Durandal. Appears to be a Knight Lord, Eliwood’s personal promoted class.

Lucina: Appears to be in her promoted class from Awakening, Great Lord. Although the Great Lord class is also available to her father, Chrom, Lucina has a unique outfit when promoted. Upon promotion, Lucina gains the ability to wield lances as reflected in Heroes.


Sooo keeen for Holly Blacks new faerie series(The Cruel Prince) coming out next year,and so jealous of all them peeps with arcs! Got me reminising about my old fave, and putting Kaye in actual clothes I own because I’m a dork. The top picture was also sort of me using them as an excuse to practice drawing hands (inspired by these cool as hands).


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