Marilyn Monroe In Disguise - “I Use A Wig Sometimes”

Rare photo of a casual Marilyn Monroe in a wig to disguise herself in public along with a rare radio interview where Marilyn mentions wearing a wig in public to disguise herself when she didn’t want to be noticed


‘‘I’m from New York City, born and raised. And my friends and I were able to self-proclaim our own fame as artists. I guess you could say that I became fascinated with the space in between people like us and celebrities. What really makes us different - if anything? Because when I walk down the street, people would say: “I don’t know who she is, but I want to know who she is.” I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a fame Robin Hood. I want young people to know that they can be exactly who they want to be. There is an art to fame.’’

Rare joj videos

OK so I’m in this group chat right? and I’m talking to these people and one of them finds out about George’s old band and he starts sending us links and I don’t think he has a Tumblr so I might as well post them because someone’s gonna it might as well be me. Apparently George was in this old band called Beats and baby miso. They’re actually pretty good but the camera quality shit because it was like 2010, but trust me that’s definitely George.
(he takes off his shirt :^) )