On August 3rd, Brian “B.Dot” Miller and Elliott Wilson of the TIDAL-exclusive Rap Radar podcast flew out to Los Angeles to achieve what no one else has before: secure a JAY-Z 4:44 podcast interview. They recorded it at the members-only Little Beach House in Malibu. 

This is his first interview for the 4:44 project; and I don’t see many more occurring. So jump on TIDAL now and watch/listen to the great piece. Part two will follow soon.

Jay Z, photographed by We The Best/Roc Nation photographer Ivan Berrios in July 2016.

The photograph was taken as Hov stood in the $45 million, 20,000 sq ft Holmby Hills mansion he and Beyoncé had started renting in October 2015, at a cost of $150,000 a month. In his interview with the Rap Radar podcast in August 2017, he revealed that a mold problem in one of the homes they rented in Los Angeles lead him to getting very sick from exposure to the fungus. This occurred during the 4:44 recording process: “One of these houses I had out here had some mold in the wall and we didn’t know. I’m rarely sick, so I go to New York and I’m like, ‘I been sick for two, three weeks.’ I’d been recording, so if you listen to ‘Moonlight’ and if you listen to the vocals on ‘Smile,’ [you can hear it]. That gave it a sense of vulnerability on its own.”

BTS Reaction To Thinking That You Don’t Speak Korean So They Compliment You Between Themselves And You Reply in Korean

[EXO Version]


*Nudges Jimin*
“Woah, look how pretty she is! Her smile is really cute!”
*You turn their way*
Y/N: “Thank you, I don’t usually get random compliments”
*J-Hope in disbelief and Jimin walks away*


“Hey Jungkook! Look at her! She looks like a doll, that’s so cute!”
Y/N: “I do? This is a little surprising”
*Jimin gets startled and begins stuttering*
“Oh w… Well that was embarrassing”


*Talks about your body quite boldly to Rap Monster*
*You stare at them with a bit of disgust and walk away giving them a startled look*
“You think she understood?”
Rapmon: “Yup.”


*Giggles like a little girl*
“She’s so cute!”
Y/N: “That’s so sweet, you’re cute too”
*Looks at You, then at Hobi with confusion*

Rap Monster

*Rap Mon’s Pretty Girl-radar went off so he started talking about you to the first member he saw*
Y/N: “I’m really not that pretty, but thank you for exaggerating”
*Flirt Monster*
Rap Mon: “I’m not, I mean it”


*Suga isn’t the type to openly do that in front of the girl, but thinking she won’t understand he took the chance to talk about you with V as he was passing by*
“She’s kind of my type, what do you say?”
*You turned to look at them and smiled awkwardly*
Y/N: “That’s nice to hear.”
Suga: “Goddamnit, I’m never safe to say anything”


“She looks so adorable, I bet she likes bubbles!”
*You laughed*
Y/N: “That’s a funny statement”
“You speak Korean…?”

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“The theme song to The Sopranos plays in the key of life on my mental piano, got a strange way of seeing life, like I’m Stevie Wonder with beads under the du-rag, intuition is there even when my vision’s impaired, yeah…”

Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder, photographed at Universal Music Group’s pre-show reception for the 46th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8, 2004.

In part two of his interview with the Rap Radar podcast Hov revealed that Wonder rang him after the release of 4:44 and sang its praises, comparing it to his monumental 1976 album Songs in the Key of Life. The album’s first track—“Love’s in Need of Love Today”—was sampled by Hov and No I.D. on “Smile.” Bringing the situation full circle, “Smile” featured a guest appearance from Jay’s mother Gloria Carter, and one of her favorite artists of all time is Stevie Wonder. A young Shawn Carter grew up on Wonder’s music thanks to her extensive record collection: “I grew up in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, and my mom and pop had an extensive record collection, so Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and all of those sounds and souls of Motown filled the house.”

In January 2012 Hov took a page from Wonder’s book and recorded “Glory” as a dedication to his newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Songs in the Key of Life had featured “Isn’t She Lovely”—a dedication to Wonder’s daughter Aisha. Jay and Pharrell had imagined the track before Blue’s birth, and intended it as a homage to Stevie.