When his younger cousin / nephew / niece text you back (hyung line)

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  • Jungkook: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don't care what humans think is impossible
  • Namjoon: Wow that's really insightful Jungkook
  • Yoongi: It's the beginning of the bee movie
  • Namjoon: How did you-
  • Yoongi: This isn't the first time he's quoted it
Song Pt. 2 {ANGST/FLUFF}

Namjoon’s head was buzzing, from too much booze the other night and for too much noise. He went clubbing with Jackson after a lot of “Please hyung, you need to get out of the studio”, and arrived home almost when was dawn.

He couldn’t lie to himself, he was missing Y/N so much that everything he did was thinking about her: he sleeps thinking about her, he composed thinking about her and he kissed a girl at the club thinking about her.

The lips of the girls were different from Y/N’s. His (ex) girlfriend lips were soft and delicate, always covered in a thin layer of lipstick that tasted like cherry while the other girl’s lips were rough and tasted like alcohol. Everyone that knew they broke up can say that he was a wreck without her.

Y/N was actually doing really well without him - well, at least if she didn’t talk or look at something that reminds her of him -, her song, the very own song she wrote for him, was a hit. She did an all kill and the song was playing everywhere - another reason for Namjoon not coming out of the dorms. She cried the first week of their break up every time she was alone but faked a smile as soon as someone was next to her. No one never knew who was the person from the song as she refused to talk about the matter.

Her song was also on Namjoon’s phone, playing on repeat every time he was alone. Her words were so pure and full of love, that the only thing he could do was being furious at his studio and punching the wall until his hands are hurt and bleeding.

“What the fuck is this?” Suga asked him, entering his studio and seeing Namjoon sitting on the floor, hand bleeding and crying.

“I hate her!” he gulped “I love her…”

“You’re so stupid sometimes, you shouldn’t let her go…” Yoongi said, sitting on the floor in front of Namjoon “…she was really a good girl and I told you many times that she didn’t ruin BTS.”

“I know you did, but… We fought so much, I almost didn’t debut many times, I failed many times for losing all because of a girl.”

“Namjoon, ARMY’s loved Y/N. They all knew she was a good friend and many of them shipped you two together.” he took a tissue and placed at Namjoon’s hands where it was bleeding “BTS will be fine, you two should be fine too.”

“I don’t know… there’s her stupid song, they will all know I broke her heart.”

“Dude, you still can make amends… her heart can be fixed. Also, you’re a rapper, what do we do when we get dissed? We reply! And maybe I can help you with that…”

And so Yoongi did, helping Namjoon to compose their comeback song. It was a beautiful song called I Need U.

“I hope this works.” was all he could think.

She thought a lot if she should answer the door or not, approximately for 30 seconds before running to her door, opening and giving him a hug. He said to her, lips close to her ear: “I’m sorry, I was a fool, I love you and I hate you - yes, that’s part of it -, but I won’t let you go ever again…” he was crying and then kissing her while she was crying too.

“I was a complete mess without you,” she said, giving him a sweet kiss and looking into his eyes.

“Shhh, we’ll be ok. Let’s go public right now if you want you…”

She looked at him, thinking of what he just said.

“There’s no need yet, you were right… let’s enjoy our little secret for a little longer.“

After that, she inspired him in a lot of other songs, a few about fights - yes - but mostly about happy endings.


She’s a dream {FLUFF}

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Sometimes, when he looks at her, Namjoon wonders if he is still dreaming. Lately, he couldn’t even remember when he noticed he fell in love with her for the first time. He thought it was when she first came in to help to produce their album when Band PD was aways for vacations…

“You’re like an owl, you know?” he asked her, making her smile. 

She was locked in the studio for the past two days, producing at night and sleeping during the day. He thought she looked really sexy while being a bad ass producer.  Namjoon even heard an “I like her, she’s just like me” from Yoongi before asking her out, which made him a little worried that she was too much alike his grumpy group member. 

But she wasn’t. Despite being a really good producer - like Yoongi -, his (soon to be) girlfriend has a bright and cute personality, and she is full of aegyo. And when Namjoon needed her the most, she was there for him - taking care of him when he doubted himself as a leader, which made him like her even more. 

Taehyung even said to him once “Y/N remembers me of Hoseok hyung, always taking care of us. She’s really good, hyung.”

Namjoon laughed at the time, thinking “Well, I think I may be dating two of my members at once” smacking a kiss on her forehead while she was asleep into his arms. If she was a dream, he would never want to wake up.