A lot of comparison has been made between “Awaken, My Love!” and Maggot Brain. Donald has stated that Maggot Brain was his father’s most played album when he was growing up. Maggot Brain is a funk album by the group Funkadelic, lead by George Clinton, who also appeared on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. If you are a fan of funk, check it out. 

here are some phrases to tweet bts rather than sending death threats: EDIT** the admin of kaipics has told me that calloutyouridol is the original source!

“어두운 피부색깔있는 팬들도 많은데 피부색깔대해서 장난치지말아요” = “There are a lot of fans with dark/darker skin so don’t joke around with skin color”

“외모대해서 상처 주는말하지마세요” = Do not say hurtful things about appearance/ Do not say things about appearance that are hurtful 

“피부색대해서 놀리지마세요” = Do not joke/tease about skin color

“가만피부가 나쁘지 않아요” = “Dark skin color is not bad” EDIT** it should actually be  “까만피부가 나쁘지 않아요” = “Dark skin color is not bad”

“ 그런 행동은 무례합니다” = Such behavior is disrespectful

and please dont send death threats. as a dark skinned poc with namjoon as my ult i am definitely hurt by this but the only way we can try to assure that something like this wont happen again is if we try to educate him.


[trans] I didn’t want to show it at first but it’s a pity looking at it alone. Cute Joonie 2 #JIMIN #Joonie

that look on hansol’s face after realizing that he couldn’t drink water because his rap is coming up.


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

[3rd Muster] Musterlist

get it ;)? Masterlist -> Musterlist okay haha.. no

anyway I wanted to compile all these videos together so that I can have it all in one place ^^

edit: Added Day 2 performances ~


2,3 Official Army Song

2,3 Official Army Song V.2

2,3 Official Army Song v.3

2,3 Official Army Song Close up

Fire ft. new dance

Fire ft. new dance 2

Blood Sweat Tears

Attack on Bangtan

Cute version of Fire

Jin, JH, V cute perf

Jin, JH, V cute perf V.2

Jin, JH, V cute perf v.3

Jin, JH, V cute perf [JH cam]

I Know - JK & RM

Muster Ending

Kookie Rapping - Attack on Bangtan

24/7 Heaven - BTS on hoverboards

Kookie singing and running MUTE

Don’t watch this if you don’t want to cry ;A:

Tae’s message

Tae’s message V.2

Closeup of Jimin going to hug Tae

Kook’s message

Kook’s message 2

Jin’s ment

Bangtan tears

House of Army 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


JK speaking English

Jimin trying to get to V but Jin cockblocking

Jimin flirting with Jin the Banana

RM & JH - Mother Daughter moment

RM & JH - Mother Daughter 2

Yoonmin dance battle

Behind The Scenes Pt 1

Behind The Scenes Pt 2

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Okay, all memes aside, Verbal Jint is actually really cool:

Kim Jin-tae (Verbal Jint) studied at Seoul National University, majoring in Economics, before making the transition to music. He is a a talented rapper who has shaped the hip hop and rap scene of Korean music for the past decade. (x)

He was the first to create actual rhyme schemes in Korean and his method is now the standard for Korean rapping within the hip hop scene. The rhymework and flow of his music have been considered revolutionary within the Korean entertainment industry as they have rapidly changed the construction of Korean hip hop music and thus its style and lyrical qualities. (x)

Check out some of his music:

You Look Good

Good Morning (Feat. 10cm)

You Deserve Better (Feat. Sanchez)

Walking in the Rain (Feat. Bumkey)



I Smell Autumn (Feat. Eddy Kim)


If It Ain’t Love (Feat. Ailee)

Good Start (Feat. 강민희 of MISS $)

Rare Breed (Feat. YDG)