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Never underestimate the power of your smile. It may give the best hope for someone who is totally devastated at the moment. Never underestimate the power of your simple “Hi!” or “Hello!” because it may lead to a great conversation for the person who needs someone to lean on. And never underestimate the power of your random acts of kindness. It may change someone’s whole life.

I wonder how the skating world in Yuri!!! on ICE sees “Yuri Katsuki - representative of Japan.”

Even if he’s not the most famous skater or the one everyone is keeping an eye on to steal the gold, he has to have some attention simply by the fact that he’s been competing for a while and winning (or placing well enough) to get to the GPF. Since he’s apparently known more for his skating skills rather than jumps, do judges recognize him as a skater who normally gets high PCS? (oh, there’s that competitor again. I really enjoy his artistic footwork) Is he one of those skaters that commentators say:
“he has the skill, but tends to crack under pressure” 
“he lacks consistency, but darn when he’s on it’s something wonderful to see”
“if he’s on, then we could be seeing an upset in this competition”
“he really deserves so much more but it’s been rough for him in recent competitions”
“he has the potential to be a really amazing skater but there’s always something small that has him place off the podium”
“we’ve been looking forward to a clean skate this season, but his recurrent ankle/knee/whatever injury has flared up again”

I’m just remembering a couple of skaters who were underrated in the past - who no one would expect to win Worlds, or get Bronze in the Olympics, or who do win national titles but seem perpetually cursed in the Four Continents and Worlds. 
Skaters who - while there were other young skaters rising up - didn’t really get the spotlight until they were in their 20′s. Who were growing in other skating areas and, when they finally mastered that pesky second quad, suddenly posed a threat to other skaters who are all technique and not as refined elsewhere. Skaters who had the wrong coach for them, and when they switched coaches things clicked and stuff started falling into place better.

Just as there a many different types of people, there are many different types of noteworthy skaters. So I wonder who “Yuri Katsuki” is in the media prior to this season…
Just musing because we’re about to be introduced to a few more skaters in YOI next episode. 

If people ask me what’s more important to me (Family/Friends), I’ll always answer family.

That’s because in German we have this… idk what it is, but it basically means “friends are the family you can chose”.
So if you wonder why I value family more, that’s because my friends are family to me.

I consider all of you my rad family and I love all of you.

Honestly, I’m that one weirdo in the Mikayuu/ Yuumika community. I don’t know but like, everyone either likes top Mika or power bottom Mika. And I’m over here like, “Top Yuu and power bottom Yuu~”

Walking down a lonely path… :’) I’m also a fan of Mika being that awkward child trying to score the hottie – aka Yuu – that works at the coffee shop. I know it’s suppose to be vice versa but like… Awkward embarrassed Mika gives me life.

I totally don’t follow popular headcanons omg. Mikayuu/ Yuumika army deserves better.