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So mid fight Ladybug needs to recharge, either Chat missed the memo or he was forced to follow but he catches the transformation and discovers her identity.

Well, LB ain’t happy about it, but this changes nothing as far as she’s concerned. Professional as always, she expects them to maintain distance to protect their secret identities and gently turns down Chat’s timid offer to reveal himself. Her only request was that he is careful to avoid situations with mind control since what he knows is a liability. 

You’d think Adrien would be happy his Lady was so close, and also that she is a kind, likeable girl that he is already friends with. But he has a hard time reconciling them as the one person. Because to him Ladybug is poised, strong, and cunning; and Marinette is shy, awkward, and sweet. So sweet.
Except for right now.
Right now he’s staring at Ladybug wearing a Marinette suit. And it makes him incredibly uncomfortable. 

That discomfort doesn’t end once she’s back in spots. It doesn’t end once the Akuma is beaten and purified. And it bothers him right through the night, as he lays awake processing everything he knows about his partner and comparing to what he thought he knew about Marinette.

There’s no doubt in his mind that Ladybug is genuine, he’s certain that Ladybug is not a fabricated identity. 

He thinks back to every time he rescued her, and thought of her as small and helpless. And then tells himself, that was Ladybug in his arms, pretending to need his help. That Ladybug literally concocted a secret plan where she faced an Akuma as a civilian. His role was just to be the muscle. In hindsight, a role he failed. If he had managed to keep the Illustrator occupied, Mar- Ladybug would have gotten away with the pen and purified it proper. 

What truly scares him is the idea that sweet Marinette is the one that doesn’t exist.

TL;DR: Chat might put Ladybug on a pedestal, but he puts Marinette in a glass case.

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Random thought but I feel like Gladio would totally insist on carrying his s/o around if they sustained like a leg injury or something and had trouble walking :))

There’s not even an injury any more, just a thin strip of red scarring on your calf where there had been a gaping wound fifteen minutes earlier, torn skin and muscle knit back together under Ignis’ watchful eye and Noct’s careful magic.  But spells cannot mend a body’s memory of being battered and bruised and so the area is still tender, every step making you wince as you bear weight when you probably shouldn’t.

You insist that you’re fine, it’s just a mild discomfort even though you’re limping a little.  It’s not something worth stopping for when a good night’s rest at Lestallum will fix it right up, and it’s really not fair to leave Iris waiting any longer than necessary. Gladio, too, because he’s been anxious as hell to meet up with his little sister and see with his own two eyes that she’s safe and well.  Talking on a phone can only assuage so much worry, you know this, and so you bat aside concerns with a smile and keep on moving.

That is until Gladio picks you up bridal style.

“What are you - Gladio put me down this instant!”

“Not a chance, babe.”

You put up an admirable protest in your opinion, even going so far as to point out that if anyone should be given such treatment it’s Prince Charmless, but he’s having none of it.  Oh no, instead he hefts you up and over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and when that just makes you sputter more, plants his hand high up on your thigh.  Any higher and he’ll be copping a feel of your ass.

And, okay, you only quiet down at that because you just know Gladio’s the kind of guy to give a smack or two just to see if you’ll squeak and squirm.  He knows you know, too, if the chuckle is anything to go by.  Bastard.

“Enjoying the view from up there?”  Prompto asks, all cheeky smiles and flashing camera.  You glower at him, and slowly flip him the universal sign of fuck you.

“Shut it, chocobutt.”


But since you’re up here with likely no chance of getting back down, you might as well enjoy the rather nice view provided with every stride Gladio’s long long legs take.

In fact… why just enjoy the view?  You stretch your arms from where you’d stubbornly dug the elbows into Gladio’s ribs, lean down as far as you can (trusting him to not drop you on your head), flex out your fingers and quite literally grab onto his buttocks none too gently.

Gladiolus Amicitia will swear, until the day he dies, that he never squawked.

He totally did.

hc that bitty is still kind of afraid of the dark (moreso due to childhood trauma than irrational fears) which is why he always leaves his door open when he sleeps, to catch some of the light from the hallway. The more he starts sleeping at Jack’s, who has blackout curtains and likes the room pitch dark, the more he finds he can’t sleep at all. Jack notices but can’t put two and two together. After a few months, when Bitty is a little more brave and a lot more confident in their relationship, he brings a nightlight with him. Jack laughs a little when he sees it, kinda like “what is that??? haha”, but when he sees Bitty’s face he starts to sober up. Bitty tells him it’s his old nightlight, and he understands if Jack wants it off but he’s still afraid of the dark when he knows sounds so childish but he always just thinks of that dumb janitors closet and–

and then Jack’s on him, kissing him softly and holding his hands between his. They make a compromise to leave the curtains open, and looking over at his sleeping boyfriend washed in the pale glow of city lights, Bitty’s never felt more in love.


Alysa: Anyway… whatever happened, today is your prom day. I won’t let you spend it sitting on the concrete. If you want to talk about it, I’m sure not into this prom queen thing, so I can listen to you… I mean- If you want to. 
Dorian: Those are the most beautiful words I heard in the whole night. Not that the standards were high but… that was so impolite. It sounded so rude… I-I’ll explain you soon.
Alysa: Oh, you better.

She laughed softly and helped him to get up. He has been sitting there for so long that his legs hurted, he almost couldn’t feel them anymore. But at least now he found something worth getting up for.

In real life I’m an extrovert with quite a good read on people but sometimes online relationships give me anxiety because it’s so hard to interpret intention with just text on a screen, you know? That’s why I communicate with crack stuff lmao

Anyway haha random post, will get back to working on more stony arts!