Comedian Busted For Marijuana After Petting Drug Dogs

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Comedian Ralphie May described himself as an “idiot” after he got caught carrying marijuana through customs in Guam after he approached and petted a drug-sniffing dog because he thought it was cute.

May was busted in the incident last week, but only had to pay a small fine because he was carrying less than an ounce, reports TMZ.
The comedian, who has a California medical marijuana card, said he didn’t realize the pot was in his bag when, on his way through customs, he went up to the dog and started petting it.
“When I got to baggage claim, I actually walked up to the dog,” May said. “I love dogs and petted Nickey, the beautiful shepherd mix, and she sat down. That indicates to the handler that I had marijuana on me.”
“I didn’t know that; I just thought that dog loved me,” May said. “Then another dog came over and it sat down as well and I petted that dog, too. I was thinking, ‘These dogs love me! They can tell I’m a dog person.’ ”
May said he dealt with some “very nice” customs agents and he explained the marijuana.
“The customs agents said they knew I didn’t mean to smuggle drugs into Guam, 'cause no drug smuggler would be stupid enough to walk up to the dogs and pet them,” May said.
May paid a small fine and went on to do a series of performances on the island. The comedian said he loved his time in Guam, and can’t wait to return.
By Steve Elliott

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These Navy Seals that did their job that are amazing individuals, would you feel any different about those men on Seal Team Six who brought Bin Laden to justice if you found out they had slept with a couple of dudes in their life before? Hell no.

perfect person, comedian Ralphie May.

“Hell no, you’d be like ‘Homo, you’re a hero.’”

If we, as Americans, if we don’t say anything when they come for one group it makes it incredibly easier when they come for another group, and when they come for you there won’t be anybody left to say anything. We have to stand up as a country.

Ralphie May

(I think it’d be amazing if we had a TumblrCon and we helped America have a revolution of education, love, equality, and just plain happiness.)