“Unicorns & Rainbows (Boyfriend) - Daddy Issues

I don’t know when it happens exactly, but at the age of 26 it seems adults, even friends are all to happy to remind me that I’m still single and unmarried. I can’t tell my elders who the eff cares, so instead I have this newest single from Daddy Issues to turn to. It’s everything about I feel about my current state of independence, the backing of guitars, fuzz and drums bolstering the message and the importance of being okay with being alone. “I don’t want a stupid boyfriend…I am full of shit not unicorn and rainbows.” YEAH! Will be repeating this forever until their new tape Can We Still Hang drops on Infinity Cat on 6/30.

5 Unicorns by pandapod featuring unicorn earrings

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Joy is fleeting.

It promises forever

It sends rainbows


And cupcakes too.

If joy comes too fast

And hits someone to the core



It shall say its goodbye

The sooner is better

I do not trust anymore

This thing called joy

Because she takes away 

What she gives

Without word

Without remorse

Without thinking

I will be broken again.