Istanbul Pride 2015
Istanbul, Turkey | June 28, 2015

Pictures by my great friend boslukluucnokta who attended the pride, stayed there despite the police violence and managed to take some great pictures during the event. I want to thank her for these amazing pictures, as I wasn’t able to attend the pride but she was there and attended, and also took these pictures for the blog. 

I will be sharing more pictures from the event tomorrow, though I doubt they will be as colorful and joyful as these ones.

Remember folks, there is still a long way to go all around the world, love must win, discrimination must end, equality must be achieved.

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Biri de çıksın mantıklı açıklama yapsın ! Bu video'yu açsın bana kare kare anlatsın, desin ki “polis savunmasız kaldığı için yapmak zorundaydı..” Desin ki “o elinde tuttuğu rengarenk bayrak aslında bir silahtı; ateş ediyordu..” Çıkıp bana savunmasız, barış için bulunan ve su ile yere çakılan(!) şu insanı haksız çıkartın lütfen !! Yoksa ben beddua etmeden duramıyorum.. Ben sinirlenmeden duramıyorum..
Siz görmeseniz de görmek istemeseniz de onlar varlar ve hep te olucaklar!! 🌈💗💙💜💚💛
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28 June 2015 - Turkish riot police attacked the Istanbul Pride celebrations with water cannon, rubber bullets and pepperball guns. In 2013 during the Gezi park protests a man was killed by the Istanbul police with a water cannon in the exact way as it is used in the first gif of this set. [video]

Rainbow and Cracked “Fairy Chimney”

The region of Cappadocia (Capadokya) is located in central Turkey, and is the setting for one of the strangest landscapes in the world. The deep valleys and soaring rock formations are volcanic rock formations, slowing eroding away to create the strange “Fairy Chimneys” (so called because locals thought they were so magical and extraordinary that only fairies could have created them). Many of these fairy chimneys have been hollowed out by industrious ancient people, who created homes, chapels, tombs and pigeon houses from the soft, carve-able rock. They also tunnelled below, creating underground cities, some 8 stories down. x

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