ok New Jersey is the butt of just about everyone’s jokes, and so it honestly shocks me that no one ever talks about pork roll. Because it is frankly the most hilarious thing about New Jersey.

Pork roll is a pork-based processed meat that’s served as a patty. It’s essentially a hotdog shaped like a hamburger, and it’s exactly as disgusting and horrifying as it sounds.

Except everyone in New Jersey loves pork roll. We fucking love it. Every deli offers it as part of a sandwich, and some people just order it as a side and eat it with a fork and knife. The capital of our state literally has a yearly pork roll festival. Even the McDonald’s in New Jersey will make you a pork roll egg and cheese (called a “Jersey breakfast” around here). We are fucking serious about our pork roll.

I forgot to mention the best part, which is that only half of us call it pork roll. The other half calls it Taylor ham. North Jersey says Taylor ham and south jersey says pork roll, and central jersey is our Switzerland because they say both. Multiple New Jersey newspapers have done studies to try to figure out where the line between the two names is, and they’ve come out with tons of different maps trying to show exactly where the border between Taylor ham and pork roll is.

And this isn’t a friendly debate: people in New Jersey are ready to go to war and die over what the correct name for this lunch meat is. I went to college in central jersey, and I witnessed people get into legit FIGHTS over what it’s called.

The most hilarious part, though, is that a couple years back, state legislators thought it would be fun and easy to make it the official state sandwich. Except then they DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT, and the politicians we elected to represent us literally spent our tax dollars debating the name of this lunch meat on the fucking senate floor. And the best part? They never made a decision and dropped the bill altogether. The debate between pork roll and Taylor ham rages on, and probably will forever.

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I just feel like in 2017 justin would be back to being a kickass protest artist because of trump and brian would secretly (or not secretly) make or finance snarky and witty and thought provoking ads against him. Idk this just makes me smile a little during this gloomy political landscape we are in

HELL YES HE ABSOLUTELY WOULD BE!!!! Seriously, everything Justin did to take down Stockwell would seem like child’s play compared to him in 2017. Justin would be very publicly protesting, but then also roping Brian into some stealth action from within. (Because, yes, Brian would probably still be apathetic at first, but when push comes to shove, he would be ALL IN taking the bastards down.) And since they’d both be even more powerful and influential than they were during the show, you know they’d be able to do it.


Why can’t they be real?


Happy Birthday George Sanders 3rd July 1906 - 25th April 1972

“Oh George,” I would say to him in a jocular manner, “you really are a dreadful man!” And he would always take it with a chuckle. - Brian Aherne

George has been the kindest and most gentle man who brought me out of the depths of despair, made me laugh and helped me to start living again.  - Benita Hume

But whether the picture business is worth getting into or not is another matter. The amount of intrigue involved in the social life out here is often so tiresome, and the amount of restraint, diplomacy and bum-sucking that has to be done so nauseating that there are times when one asks oneself the question “Is success worth the price you pay for it?” - George Sanders, writing to his dad in 1937


Branded as wanted fugitives, tensions arise when Rage (Elvin Haliday) and Night Thrasher II (Donyell Taylor) squabble among themselves as they don’t get along. Gauntlet (Joseph Green) breaks up the squabble and watches the news sadly when he hears his wife denounce him on live TV for not being with her and the kids. Knowing that it was too hard for him, Gauntlet explains to Justice (Vance Astrovik) and the others that he told her to say that to protect his family. Gauntlet may be a jerk to Justice and the New Warriors but sometimes you might feel sorry for him. 

- Avengers: the Initiative v1 #26, 2009

Worm, a long summary
  • Taylor: I'm so tired of bullies
  • Lung: hello small child I shall kill you now
  • Armsmaster: hey join the wards
  • Undersiders: yo bug, come with
  • Armsmaster: fuck you
  • Glory Hole: fuck you
  • Bakuda: mwahahahaha bombs ;)
  • Lung: fucking die already
  • Taylor: dude Brian is hot
  • Coil: hey guys
  • Taylor: fuck yeah Undersiders
  • Purity: give back my kid or die pls
  • Dinah: pls help me
  • Leviathan: hello all of you time to die horribly
  • Armsmaster: here let me fuck you over
  • Taylor: why does everyone hate me
  • Undersiders: wait you're back?
  • Undersiders: let's take over this city
  • S9: hello chillins die now
  • Bonesaw: mwahahaha I'm evil
  • Jack: bye guys
  • Brian: imma kiss skitter
  • Tattletale: fuck I was wrong
  • Dragon: guys pls leave
  • Taylor: good thing my costume is bulletproof, bye Coil
  • Trickster: fuck I've made my gf into a monster
  • Echidna: just fucking die, Undersiders. ily Krouse
  • Panacea: hey skitter have this giant beetle
  • Tattletale: let's break a hole in realities guys
  • Defiant: hey guys skitter is Taylor what a good person I am
  • Emma: here's how I became a bitch
  • Taylor: mom help I miss you
  • Taylor: *surrenders before offing Tagg and Alexandria*
  • Danny: wtf kiddo
  • Behemoth: hello everybody it's still time to die
  • Regent: bye guys
  • Taylor: butterflies are dumb
  • Khonsu: hey bitches I can teleport ;)
  • Grue: I got a new gf
  • Parian: I got a new gf
  • Riley: hello friends
  • Saint: the dragon is slain
  • Theo: jack's gonna kill me
  • Jack: hey scion kill em all
  • Scion: ooooh lemme destroy things
  • Everyone: shit
  • Tattletale: let's control the Endbringers. best idea ever
  • Scion: *rages on*
  • Taylor: Bonesaw cut me open, or Panacea do something
  • Taylor: oH SHIT
  • Taylor: lemme just... control literally everyone aight
  • Scion: *emotionally broken*
  • Everyone: Taylor should probably die
  • Grue: *is dead*
  • Taylor: *is stripped of powers and sent to Earth Aleph*

Last year, I fell for the one who wouldn’t stay - and the experience taught me a thing or two - mostly that our hearts and minds are like caged wild animals - some are feral while some are not. That one thought stayed with me, so I wrote this song called “Cages”.  

Taylor got me through all the feeling not good enough, feeling lost  - she taught me that I should never feel ashamed of feeling betrayed and sad when I was the one who was deceived, mistreated, laughed at -

She taught me that those who are true are those who still stand by you throughout your hearts fits and rages.