Throw your hands in the air. Now your arms. Keep detaching limbs and throwing them in the air. Hopefully, the birds will be sated and leave.
—  Welcome to Nightvale: Episode 31

Friday nights with mom moodboard
My dad is a career musician and when he used to work on Friday nights my mom and I would usually go somewhere. Sometimes we’d go to the mall and she would shop at Famous Barr and we’d either get chick fil a at the food court or go to this other place in the mall that sold big soft pretzels with cheese and cherry coke. The cherry flavor came from a fountain pump. Other times we would go to target or a home decor store that used to be called garden ridge and then we’d get McDonald’s or go home and eat Campbell’s soup (usually chicken & stars). Then we’d watch tv together until she wanted to go to bed and id fall asleep watching tv on my dad’s side of the bed. My dad always carried me to my own bed when he got home.
The reason the rose in the clear plastic thing is there is bc my mom had a keychain kinda like it on her car keys


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Spooky Sounds from Across the Solar System

Soaring to the depths of our universe, gallant spacecraft roam the cosmos, snapping images of celestial wonders. Some spacecraft have instruments capable of capturing radio emissions. When scientists convert these to sound waves, the results are eerie to hear.

In time for Halloween, we’ve put together a compilation of elusive “sounds” of howling planets and whistling helium that is sure to make your skin crawl.

Listen to a few here and visit our Soundcloud for more spooky sounds. 

Cassini Ring Crossing

This eerie audio represents data collected by our Cassini spacecraft, as it crossed through the gap between Saturn and its rings on April 26, 2017, during the first dive of the mission’s Grand Finale. The instrument is able to record ring particles striking the spacecraft in its data. In the data from this dive, there is virtually no detectable peak in pops and cracks that represent ring particles striking the spacecraft. The lack of discernible pops and cracks indicates the region is largely free of small particles. 

Voyager Tsunami Waves in Interstellar Space 

Listen to this howling audio from our Voyager 1 spacecraft. Voyager 1 has experienced three “tsunami waves” in interstellar space. This kind of wave occurs as a result of a coronal mass ejection erupting from the Sun. The most recent tsunami wave that Voyager experienced began in February 2014, and may still be going. Listen to how these waves cause surrounding ionized matter to ring like a bell.

Voyager Sounds of Interstellar Space

Our Voyager 1 spacecraft captured these high-pitched, spooky sounds of interstellar space from October to November 2012 and April to May 2013.

The soundtrack reproduces the amplitude and frequency of the plasma waves as “heard” by Voyager 1. The waves detected by the instrument antennas can be simply amplified and played through a speaker. These frequencies are within the range heard by human ears.

When scientists extrapolated this line even further back in time (not shown), they deduced that Voyager 1 first encountered interstellar plasma in August 2012.

Plasma Sounds at Jupiter

Ominous sounds of plasma! Our Juno spacecraft has observed plasma wave signals from Jupiter’s ionosphere. The results in this video show an increasing plasma density as Juno descended into Jupiter’s ionosphere during its close pass by Jupiter on February 2, 2017.  

Roar of Jupiter

Juno’s Waves instrument recorded this supernatural sounding encounter with the bow shock over the course of about two hours on June 24, 2016. “Bow shock” is where the supersonic solar wind is heated and slowed by Jupiter’s magnetosphere. It is analogous to a sonic boom on Earth. The next day, June 25, 2016, the Waves instrument witnessed the crossing of the magnetopause. “Trapped continuum radiation” refers to waves trapped in a low-density cavity in Jupiter’s magnetosphere.

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Y necesito a una persona que me quiera aún sabiendo que algunas veces no me encontraré en mi mejor estado de ánimo, me gustaría conocer a una persona que me permita ser yo misma y no limitarme. Necesito a alguien que me tranquilice en todas las veces que me encuentro muy molesta por algún motivo. Quiero a una persona que me ayude crecer, que me motive, y me ayude a cumplir cada una de mis metas, una con la que pueda cumplir las metas de los dos juntos. Necesito a una persona que comprenda mi extraña manera de bailar todas las canciones que me gustan, aunque mi fuerte no sea el baile. Una persona que comprenda el gran amor que le tengo a los pequeños detalles, una que soporte escucharme cantar todas las canciones que pasen en la radio. Me encantaría conocer a una persona que quiera tener algo lindo y serio en estos tiempos, y cuando la encuentre, no la dejaré ir por nada del mundo.

Valery Soza