How absolutely bored shitless and how little do you need to value the sack of human skin and blood that is your fucking conscious life to go here?  Seriously, the Dominos and Pizza Hut CEOs are presently sitting at a bar in some Polynesian shithole tax haven country, pissed as fuck and putting your use of ROFL to shame with hysterical laughter as they play literal limbo with the human race: “How low will they go?? Ah hah hah we have so much fucking money thanks to all our fuckhead customers” they’d say and just start passionately kissing because they’ve made such a beautiful infallible business model they’d have no choice not to. “2 tomato sauce squeezies included” 😐 did everyone in Australia just turn 4 years old?  Flaccid pastry encrusted [and I hope I go down in history for the use of not two but four quotations marks here] ““meat pies”” as a crust for what I refuse to call a pizza?  That’s like an AIDs dick ejaculating several smaller AIDs dicks - but you’re all giggling now aren’t you, isn’t it funny?  He he he what a fun treat, like that vegemite/Cadbury bullshit that came out a few weeks ago, fuck you all. And all the fucking local radio station/gen y media Facebook pages are sharing it and everyone is having a right old laugh and we all think it’s just a bit of fun but it isn’t - this is reality and you will all die one day and on your death bed I want you to fucking remember the day you and your little dickhead mates with their clothing purchased from parasitic companies like H&M/Zara and your stupid fucking Macklemore haircuts bought this horseshit on your high interest rate credit cards and sat around and watched Q&A and shared your ludicrous and unreasonable political opinions on twitter, begging for retweets from irritating and irrational left wing twitter personalities.  Not so fucking carefree and #yolo now are we?  In that public health system hospital; that agonising bowel cancer that is tearing your soul from your body - was it worth it?? All those 😂 😂 😂 emoji comments and the instagram likes from people you don’t even know? Not such a big old joke now, is it, you dying, debt ridden piece of shit.