I was laughing so hard! Ah the memories…


a guy with a flag that says “Tim, can I sing song with you?” And Tim is like sure why not, get on stage.

Find Your Next YA Mystery: An Interactive Guide

Something suspicious is afoot at the Library! Are your detective skills sharp enough to follow the clues and solve the mystery? There’s only one way to find out! Teens are invited to join us at the Yarborough Branch of the Austin Public Library on Friday, July 31 at 6 PM to solve a library whodunit.

Want to sharpen your detective skills before the event? Take our handy quiz to determine which YA mystery should be next on your to-read pile. Ready? Annnnnnnnd GO!

Do you want something historical or modern?

“I’ll find you, Will!“
Then the wind filled the big, square sail of the wolfship and she heeled away from the shore, moving faster and faster towards the northeast.
For a long time after she’d dropped below the horizon, the sodden figure sat there, his horse chest-deep in the rolling waves, staring after the ship.

And his lips still moved, in a silent promise only he could hear.”

- John Flanagan, The Burning Bridge

A short comic I made this morning :)