Guys: *Good pick-up line*

Me: Aw sorry…  (/*Sexuality doesn’t match)

*A girl stopped me in Target*

Me: I CAN’T- (/*Trips over my own feet, stumbles over my words, and scrambles away*) I CAN’T-

Kids, get your social skill from your family as young as possible. 

Don’t be like me. I have zero social skill.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) Tuafw every time you try to bring up possibly being autistic your mother says "it's probably mild if you do", "a diagnosis wouldn't help because you get the accommodations you need already", "those are just symptoms of your ADHD/sensory processing disorder", or "you don't do the same things as your (autistic) brother so you couldn't possibly be autistic" and you can't explain why this is so important to you and why you're 100% sure you're autistic

(2/2) and then after invalidating you being autistic and other identities of yours (refusing to call you by your preferred name) she then wonders why you don’t come to talk to her about things -3.14