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Just to let you know the term "differently abled" is considered insulting to the disabled community. We aren't differently abled, we are disabled. Disabled isnt a bad word. You shouldn't sugar coat our disability or lives. (If you Google why differently abled is a bad term for the disabled community you'll find plenty of articles explaining it)

Oh dear, so sorry! That makes sense. “Differently abled” has been removed from the Tumblr post and we’ll pass your feedback along to R29 editors. Thanks to everyone who spoke up about our mistake.

Now that all of… That… is over, I finally got around to finishing up that Kagerochi picture! They’re such cute girlfriends…

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V25, V28, RV19, R29, R30, R59, R83, R85, YR14, YR24, Y15, Y17, B000, E0000, E00, E 25, E39, E47, E50, E53, W5, 100

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Not sure if it was you or your sis but I saw you on the R29 snapstory!!!!!!!

it was me! natasha was on their story last week! we filmed a few videos with them in January and they have started posting them:)

“Social media has been a great platform to join the body positive movement by being transparent about my insecurities and talking about how I overcome them every day. Recently, @refinery29 a fashion, style and beauty website based in New York, reached out to me for an article interviewing and photographing 4 differently abled women in all their slayage at the beach & pool….”- Mamacax.com
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