jasper is a soldier. born and raised, literally made, for that one sole purpose. which is what rose states in tonights episode. they dont get to grow up and chose who they are. jasper has done some shitty things but that’s literally all she knows to do. when her and lapis fused it was horrible for both of them, not to mention equally mentally scarring. they both contributed to this toxic relationship. yes. both. lapis states that she enjoyed hurting and torturing jasper? (this does not make lapis an abuser but its still bad and not healthy) and in the past she has fought with the gems. this doesnt make her bad tho. because shes had time to look back on her actions and realize what she did wrong and apologize. so far jaspers had very little screen time and the first time we see her shes just there for a quick errand run, which turns into a long ass trip full of traumatic and horrible experiences. shes so different from when we even first saw her. she goes goes from fierce warrior to  knee groveling desperate gem who just wants to be complete and not feel like a weak failure. i’m not excusing her actions because they were wrong. but she needs to learn and figure out why what she did was wrong.

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'U' is For Unsatisfactory || teinesmuirich

Four o'clock. Emery’s flat. Grian knocked on the door hesitantly, dressed in his only dinner suit (which was cleaned just for this occasion). Had he been more of a romantic, he probably would have held a rose and had a limo waiting instead of his old Range Rover. As he waited for the events to unfold, he considered just how well his work had gone in finding everything necessary to make this night work.

A company in Scotland allowed for him to rent a sailboat for a reasonable price and even offered to ensure there was food–good food–in the icebox on deck. They said they understood because of “young love” or something like that (Grian couldn’t quite get through the accent). The day was pleasantly sunny and promised a beautiful sunset. On Thursday, Grian pulled out his Range Rover and drove to the dock and check out the boat.

Of course, he only had a few days worth of absolute research, but he was able to rig it and sail it smoothly with a little help from the workers who asked if he would be proposing that night. He said yes (they wouldn’t quite understand his reluctance anyway), and they were even more overjoyed. 

The name of the ship was Emma III. Emma, as he learned, was the name of the oldest sailor’s deceased wife of twenty three years. A moment of silence was given to her, and Grian hoped that this would go well. Yes, sailing a boat required a massive amount of flexibility, but he could manage (even in the dinner suit).

In fact, it was the same dinner suit he wore in the dream he had with Emery. This thought struck him and made him shudder on her doorstep. But he really didn’t have anything different. His ears burned with embarrassment, but he forced it down in a reasonable amount of time.

Today on Dan and Phil’s meme show..

Phil being a beautiful adorable little cupcake/staring contest:

Oh yeah Dan’s here too, Hey Mr Meme:

“fil da camera is right thar oMG”:

Personal Space Feat. Pan and Dil:

Internet News!!! fil y so serious u ok:


MC Dan returns with some sick gang signs:

Phil is confirmed as Rafiki in the next musical performance of The Lion King:


Cant wait to see Phil in Lion King