Signs as popular songs in the 2000s

aries: rihanna- umbrella

taurus: nelly- hot in here

gemini: snoop dogg- drop it like is hot

cancer: mariah carey- we belong together

leo: britney spears- oops I did it again

virgo: justin timberlake- sexyback

libra: kelis- milkshake

scoprio: rihanna- disturbia

sagittarius: r kelly- ignition

capricorn: beyonce- single ladies

aquarius: jay z- empire state of mind

pisces: terror squad- lean back

Seeing people defend R Kelly is so disgusting, especially when they use the “I’m not going to shun him because black men face police brutality” when:

1. Victims of police brutality are innocent, whereas R Kelly is the predator

2. R Kelly is a known abuser who preys on young girls (he was caught outside of middle schools trying to seduce young girls and married Aaliyah when she was 15)

3. R Kelly is forcing those women into cutting off all contact with their family and threatens to to financially ruin these women if they leave

4. Multiple women who were in his inner circle or were his victims over the years confirmed the allegations and gave more details about his abuse

Excusing an abuser’s behavior because he’s black and other black men are victims of police brutality is not only demeaning to the innocent people who experienced systematic oppression, but also putting the feelings of a predator over the wellbeing of these innocent young black women who are being brainwashed and abused physically, emotionally, and sexually.

The latest R. Kelly allegations are more evidence that black women’s words are never enough

Anytime that I learn that R. Kelly is releasing new music, or that he’ll be appearing at an awards show or that he’s received some other affirmation or distinction in spite of his despicable history, I’m reminded that those who harm black women and girls too often escape accountability, and that our word is rarely enough.

How else to explain Monday’s devastating report at BuzzFeed detailing new allegations of predatory and abusive behavior towards young women by Kelly?

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to many people, but even just judging by the parents of the women whose cases are featured in the story, the implications of years of reports of Kelly’s behavior escaped many people, if they’d heard about it at all . 

After all, unless you are an avid consumer of African-American media or the Chicago Sun-Times, it’s perhaps possible that you’ve missed hearing very much about the decades of rumors, allegations, lawsuits, settlements and criminal charges that define, for some of us, the self-proclaimed “Pied Piper of R&B” far more than any of his famous songs ever could.

Kelly’s alleged abuse of underage girls and women has been covered by the likes of the Village Voice, GQ and New York; his behaviors aren’t some deeply hidden industry secret that managed to evade public speculation for years. Read more (Opinion)

— Jamilah Lemieux

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1. Forbidden Fruit by J. Cole

2. That’s My Shit by The-Dream

3. Can’t Help But Wait by Trey Songz

4. Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar

5. I Luv Your Girl by The-Dream

6. Power Trip by J. Cole

7. Two Weeks by FKA twigs

8. ATLiens by OutKast

9. Love In This Club by Usher

10. Hotel by Cassidy

11. You Know You Like It by DJ Snake

12. Buy The World by Mike Will Made-It

13. It’s Cool by Jhene Aiko

14. 3005 by Childish Gambino

15. Good Lovin by Ludacris

16. Honest by Future

17.Everything Nice by Popcaan

18. Loyal by Chris Brown

19. No Church In The Wild by JAY Z & Kanye West

20. No Love Allowed (Album Version (Explicit)) by Rihanna

21.Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly

22. Got It by Marian Hill

23. Latch (Dj Premier Remix) by Disclosure

24. Sleepless by Flume

25. My 1st Song by JAY Z

26. Faded (Odesza Remix) by Zhu

27. Peso by A$AP Rocky

28. I Luv This Shit by August Alsina

29.Type Of Way by Rich Homie Quan

30. Studio by Schoolboy Q

31. Ride by Ciara

32. Throw Sum Mo by Rae Sremmurd

33. I’m On One by DJ Khaled

34. Numb (Bonus Track) by August Alsina

35. Sweet Serenade by Pusha T

36. IV. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino

37. I’m A Flirt Remix by R. Kelly

38. 2 On by Tinashe

39. Slow Jamz by Kanye West

40. Marvin & Chardonnay (Feat. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash) by Big Sean

41. Pony by Ginuwine

42. Recognize (Feat. Drake) by PARTYNEXTDOOR

43. Body Party by Ciara

44. 2am. by Adrian Marcel

45. No New Friends by DJ Khaled

46. Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake

47. Partition (Explicit Version) by Beyonce

48. Hyfr (Hell Ya Fucking Right) by Drake

49.Ayo Technology by 50 Cent

50. Drunk In Love by Beyonce

51. Na Na by Trey Songz

As a society, we have established a predatory pattern of our own. When powerful men are accused of hurting women, we tend to want to make the accusation go away as quickly as possible. So we ignore them. We accuse the women of lying, or we say that something happened too long ago for anyone to know or remember the details, or we say that the man appears to be genuinely remorseful so why bring up old unpleasantness?

We give the men awards. We buy the art they make. We give them plenty of opportunities to make new art. We do not send them to jail. We hold them up as powerful and important men worth admiring and respecting.

It’s what we did with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, and Johnny Depp and Mel Gibson and Casey Affleck. It’s what we did with Bill Cosby just this June, when a jury was unable to convict him of rape, despite the fact that he said he gave women drugs and then had sex with them: Cosby’s pervasive image as America’s favorite dad seems to have outweighed all of the evidence arrayed against him, including his own testimony.

And it’s what we’ve done year after year with R. Kelly, since 1994.

R Kelly - Being his normal pedophile self, has a sex cult and is brainwashing tons of young girls.

Usher - Has been passing around herpes to different women. (He is also married, so he’s been cheating.)

Kevin Hart - Cheated on his pregnant wife. But hey, he also cheated on his ex wife with his current wife.

Black male celebrities keep taking the biggest career ending Ls.

R. Kelly Is A Pedophile

If you’re man and you claim to love your mother or sister, you’re a fucking clown if you listen to R. Kelly. 

If you’re a woman and you claim to love yourself and you listen to R. Kelly, you’re a fucking clown. 

If you’re a human, and claim to love children and believe every child should be protected from sexual predators, manipulation and lifelong emotional suffering, you should not be supporting, listening to, discussing, praising or making apologies or excuses for a fucking pedophile. 

Pedophile = Child Rapist =  R Kelly

They found 12 photos of a female minor hidden in his house. The female in the photos is the same person in the video that was filmed in his sauna. The guy in the video looks like him! A woman testified to having numerous threesomes with R. Kelly and the child! Before this incident, R. Kelly quietly paid FOUR young minors to never tell anyone about their sexual escapades. Those settlements are on record. Remember what he said when he had his 1st interview after the trial? The interviewer said “do you like teenage girls” R. Kelly replies “when you say teenage, how old are we talking?” - what innocent person says that? 

But somehow, people are on the internet 13 years later discussing R. Kelly upcoming album and tour. sigh. ‘Yall clowns. All day. 

Fuck. And don’t get me started on Woody Allen. Somebody tell jokes or play nasty songs on the piano and ‘yall just pretend you don’t know who the hell they are…