This goes to two people whose lives were taken far too soon. R just turning 15 and A who was 16 and just getting his license.


I still remember getting on Facebook that morning and reading the heart breaking news. It was January 1st when you had attempted to take your life. No one said that though. They just said you were in the hospital. When school resumed a few days after we were told. I still remember seeing Mr. Sanford walking into the classroom… his words broke everyone’s heart. Even then no one wanted to believe it. I just wish I could tell you that things get better. I wish I could tell you that so many people cared for you. I wish I could tell you that your classmates are STILL, after 7 months, heartbroken. Your brother will never be the same. I cannot imagine being him. I wish I could have told you that yes, people are assholes but you will get through this. You are greatly missed R. I didn’t even know you that well and I can’t tell you how much I cried when I found out you were gone. Rest easy.


I got a text from one of my friends asking if I knew about you today. I was confused and I went to your profile, and when I read the news I felt my heart break. I’ve known you for years. You didn’t deserve to go. You were so intelligent and kind. You made class fun. You were in band with me for 4 years and you always made band so much fun. When we got to highschool, we got sat next to in Advisory. It was the best hearing your sarcastic comments, or what you were reading, or what random fact you had that day. It was always nice watching you bringing a smile to Ryan’s face. I can’t believe your gone though. I just hit me. Class will not be the same with you gone. And I’m super worried right now for Ryan because he’s not processing it very well. You were his best friend and I can’t imagine what he’s going though. But rest easy my friend.

When they told me that they saw a lot of deaths in highschool or just school in general, I didn’t want to believe it. But we’ve had 2 this year alone. I’ve had 5 total and it’s heartbreaking because I don’t ever think it’s going to happen. I always think ‘It can’t happen to me right?’ and some how it does.

To the both of you, you will be/are missed greatly and will always be in my heart,


Of Names and Relations

The entire MI6 were up on their feet, running around Headquarters and doing everything they could to get their Quartermaster back.

He was kidnapped.

And the abductor sent them a video, in which he demanded unreasonable high amount of money for his safe return, every twenty minutes. They were expecting one any second now, if the pattern remained the same.

Nothing looked safe though; Q was strapped to an old chair with a wiggly leg by thick sisal rope, had a gag in his mouth and his glasses were missing, replaced with few nasty bruises round his eyes and a bleeding lip. God help it what they had done to him.

M, Moneypenny, Tanner and half the agents and Q-Branch staff occupied M’s office and replayed the videos on and on to search for every detail that might help them in eliciting his position. They were closer and closer to revealing, from where exactly was the signal transmitted, with every broadcast.

Everyone was worried as never before, the boss the most. She valued the Quartermaster and his superior skills sorely and couldn’t let something happen to him. MI6 would break.

She was rather nervous, pacing round the tiny space in her office and speaking to someone via phone, the Prime Minister in the least.  

To everyone’s surprise, Bond was the one to stand in front of the screen and constantly bark orders at the minions. M did not know why 007 was so determined to rescue Q and frankly did not understand why him of all people. For all she knew, they only argued over equipment and orders that were not obeyed and bantered all the time.

But now, when Q was gone and facing imminent danger in form of an ultimatum and hope for money being the only trammel between his head and a bullet, deep worry and fear reflected in his eyes.

R claimed she was only one video away from locating his position and everyone wished it were true. They needed to get to him before it was too late, for although they were closer within every other transmittal, Q was also closer to death. If they did not get him during the next one, it could as well be too late with another.  

Beeping and tapping of fingers on keyboards and tablets filled the silence in the room, alongside with M’s humming, until the crucial relay finally broke it and blackness filled the huge screen.

Few seconds later, a face in a heinous skull mask appeared in the centre of it and gave the minions the time they needed.

It was a one-way channel, so no one could say anything to hold up the transmission for as long as possible, but from all they have learnt, he would give them one minute and forty-two seconds precisely. That was time sufficient for the hackers to reach the transmission point.

The man in the mask started to talk, using a voice modulator to sound more terrifying and rough. This time he tightened up the conditions, but also gave them more information, “You have exactly one hour to bring the money to this address.”

The image switched to white-on-black sign, one simple sentence. Name of a street at the Thames, a meeting point. But everyone knew Q won’t be there, only one of the abductor’s men. They still needed the video itself to pinpoint the place where Q was held.

“Only one of you, alone. One hour, or your precious Quartermaster dies.” He turned the camera to the chair and a man pointing a gun at Q’s head. “So I advise you do what I say if you want Andrew Bond back.”

With that sentence, the image had switched off, centred.

“We’ve got him!” R shouted and swiftly pulled the chair she was sitting in back so she could victoriously get up and exclaim the good news once again. But then she and everyone else realised what they had heard.

“Did he really mistake the Quartermaster for a dead man or am I old enough to be hard of hearing already?” M said, but looked at Bond suspiciously, in a way that suggested M surmised what he had said wasn’t a complete mistake.

When she had employed him as the Quartermaster, she read all his files and remembered his given name was Andrew, just as Bond’s father’s, but the surname was different. She also was sure there was nothing between Q and 007, or at least until now. Spies were extremely good at keeping and covering secrets after all.

Bond outdrew his Walther from behind the waistband of his trousers and got ready to go and save the Quartermaster from the hell they had held him in.

“I’m afraid he made no mistake, M. What you had heard was correct, that is Q’s name,” he replied matter-of-factly. “I am going to retrieve my husband at once and no one can stop me. R, coordinates?”

“Of course, sir,” the young woman assured him, making no protests or saying anything on that big surprise.

Bond made his way to her, she scribbled a line of letters and numbers on a paper and shoved it to the Double-Oh. He looked at it, memorised it and strode out of the office.

And that was how the Quartermaster’s name and the relationship between him and Bond came to light and no longer was a mystery.

Based on a dream, there was a post about it. I remembered it well enough to write it, for which I’m glad, because it was an awesome dream.  
For @spectergirl, since you asked if it really were there somewhere – well, it is now. I hope it measures up to what you expected at least a bit ;)

*sorry for any grammatical mistakes, this is rather different from my usual writing style and I’m not sure about everything*


I fell for you when I first saw you. You’ll never know that. I tried so much to get close to you that I ended up away from me. You’ll never know that either. I did so much for you that now all I can do is stop and leave you. It’s not like I’m giving up, it’s just that determination is diferent from desperation.

I’ll never forget that day when you warmed me. I’ll never forget the feeling of your arms around me, my head against your chest and our hands tangled. I’ll never know if that day meant to you what it meant to me.

Thank you for letting me feel something again. Thank you for showing up in my life when I needed to know if I was still able to like someone. Mostly, thank you for warming my heart and my body. But now I’m cold again and you’re not here. You don’t want to be here.

We never really began, but now we’re over. How it’s that possible? Just know that I would have done anything for you. You should have given me a chance. You should have given us a chance. Now we’ll never know.

Not waiting for you anymore,


My birthday is in 22 minutes and it makes me sad that you won’t be here to celebrate it with me. You know birthdays are my favorite. I know this was my choice, in order to give us time and space to figure out if being together for the rest of our lives is the thing that is best for both of us.

I do believe that time away has given me so much clarity, even though its only been about a month since we parted ways. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, without a doubt. Do I regret it? I couldn’t tell you.

I like being single and finding myself, until I lay down at night and all I can think about are the nights we spent talking on the phone until 5 am and all of the promises that we made to each other. I’m sorry for breaking them.

Do I think we’ll find our way back to each other? Eventually I do, whether it’s as friends or as something that we’ve both dreamt of. I do know that I miss you being in my life. I’ve thought about my birthday and how I would spend it for months now, and you were always in the picture. Now that you aren’t, I’m not so sure I want to graduate from the whole year (and a few months) that we were together. I miss you. I still love you. But I need this.


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Exactly a week away from the dreadful blepp.

What to do? What to fucking do?

Whatever it is that I allot my effort on, seem irrelevant.

Read notes? No bitch, you don’t understand a thing.

Re-check Long Quizzes and Mock Board Exams? No bitch, you’re fucking stupid, you barely got average on the tests. You answered wrong even on the easiest items.

Rely on PDFs on difficult topics? Bitch no. PDFs will only explain enough. Your poor imbecile brain still won’t understand.

Watch lectures on Youtube? Fucking no. You won’t find accurate videos, and won’t find credible lecturers.

So what’s the best thing to do?

Sad. All love.

Here’s to my hopes and dreams of becoming a RPM.