To everyone who I have, am, and will be in love with:

Hi. I have a name, but it’s irrelevant. I’m of a certain height, a certain build, a certain gender, a certain background. I have a certain hair color, my eyes are a certain shade and shape. I have many interests, many hopes, many dreams, all of which are nondescript and ever changing. I will be different people for each of you, as each of you will be different from each other. I have been in love many times, I am in love now, and I will surely be in love in the future. But know this:

My heart wanders, but it is true.

I am honest, and loyal, but much like luck, in that I am often fleeting, returning time and time again, and I favor the beautiful.

I wish only for a heart with which my heart will be free in a way it has never been before. Free to be content, and complete. I hope that I will find the person who will hold this heart soon. I hope it may be one of you.

~~From someone whom some of you will know, some of you will forget, and some of you will never even know exists, O.