I love the idea of Grantaire being a sappy romantic. He doesn’t do too many romantic gestures, but when he does, he goes all out. 

He’s serenaded Enjolras. His fingers plucked at his guitar strings as his voice glided through a song.

He’s enlisted Courfeyrac and the rest of the Amis to help him organize a flash mob, just because he though it’d be funny.

For their anniversary, Grantaire dedicates a section of his art gallery to Enjolras.

An Undelivered Letter Inspired by A Lack of Color by Death Cab for Cutie

Here’s to the brown-eyed boy I fell so madly in love with.

Dear R,

And how is it that after all of these months you’ve been able to remain with an untroubled soul? I’ve come to learn that the more I try to wrap my head around the reason as to why you left, the less any of it begins to make sense. And in the end, all I’m ever left with is a constant burning desire for your presence.

There are days where I wish you had given me a reason to hate you. A reason to never look back. It sure as hell would’ve made things a lot easier for me and it sure as hell would’ve given me a reason to move on forward. For a while, I even tried to convince myself that I became too much for you and I don’t know if that was the case, but I certainly didn’t bother to ask the moment I became too drowned in my sorrows. I think deep down, I always knew that whatever we had was never meant to be permanent. There had to be a day where it would all end, although I had never expected it to happen all so quickly and in the end, I became just as selfish as you the moment you left without a goodbye.

And if you find that you are troubled as much as I am, I hope the universe finds a way to bring us back together for a final heartfelt moment full of the unspoken words we would never dare to say.


Steve Jobs

Rated R || 2hr 4min || 2015

Michael Fassbender delivers an electrifying, Oscar-nominated performance as Steve Jobs in this compelling portrait of the enigmatic Apple co-founder. Grounded around three massive product launches for which he became famous, the film delves inside the mercurial genius whose passion, arrogance and focus brought the company to the forefront of the technology industry.

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